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The Air Dragon Pump Review of 2023

When it comes to inflating tires there are thousands of options available. You may have seen The Air Hawk and the Air dragon tire inflators. But what are the Air Hawk and the Air Dragon and which one will be better for you?

Top 5 Air Dragon Pump: Editor’s Recommended

How do they compare and what features do they have? In this piece we take a look at what the differences are between these air compressors or tire inflators. We will take a look at their features and give our verdict on these tire inflators.

The Air Dragon

The Air Dragon

The air dragon is also a portable 12 Volt air compressor. It works with a piston action to compress air, but it is still compact and relatively lightweight. The Air Dragon is designed to be versatile and to be used with a variety of tires, but it is not a heavy duty compressor.

It has a pressure gauge included and it can be used with your car’s 12V cigarette outlet. It has a nickel-cadmium battery, where most other 12 V air compressors use lithium-ion batteries. It also has 3 different nozzles for different types of valves. Unlike the Air Hawk the Air Dragon needs to be plugged in to the cigarette outlet to have power.


On the positive side, this inflator has a nice ergonomic design that resembles a drill, so it is very easy to hold and use. It works well with lighter things, especially sporting goods.

It really is ideal for bicycle tires, road and mountain bike tires can be filled with no problems. It has a Psi display so you can monitor the pressure of the item while you are inflating it.


On the negative side, the Air dragon can’t handle multitasking well. So you will need it to complete charging before using it with the power cord. It won’t work well if you use it while charging it at the same time.

It also doesn’t hold the charge too well either. When you use it for heavier things like car tires the charge doesn’t last and it will quickly run out of juice (clearly it needs to work on its fitness a little).

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The Air Hawk

The Air Hawk

The Air Hawk is a light handheld air compressor. It is cordless and has a digital LED display. It has an automatic shut-off function when it reaches the pressure you selected and can inflate a variety of things.

Tires are on the list of course, but you can also inflate toys or sporting goods like soccer balls. It is compact and easy to store and easier to use than a traditional hand pump. It comes with 3 different nozzles, and a carrying case. It comes with an AC charger but also a DC charger for your car.


It works well for light use, like bicycle tires, sports equipment and so on. It works better if you run it with the power connected than if you rely on the battery only. It is lightweight and is easy to handle.

It is comfortable to hold and easy to stow in your car trunk.  The digital display is easy to read and is lit with LED’s. You can use the Air Hawk as a cordless inflator.


Keep in mind that this inflator is a lightweight model and that means that the air hawk is not the fastest tire inflator or air compressor available. It will take some time to fill something and it might test your patience.

The attachment tube is also a little short, so you might have trouble reaching the tire you want to inflate. Unfortunately, it is not very user friendly and it can take some time to get used to the settings.

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Our Verdict

The ergonomic design of these products is a great concept. If you need something to inflate your bicycle tires and sporting equipment, the lightweight air hawk or even the Air Dragon is a good choice. But it won’t be able to handle heavier work like filling large tires, a standard car tire might also be a bit much for it.

The Air dragon is designed to do heavier work, but also performs better with lighter filling jobs like bicycles or basketballs.

Both of these products seem to have issues with durability and the quality of the batteries, so you will need to weigh up how reliable you need an inflator to be in terms of its price. As small lightweight air pumps they will perform well, but as tire inflators neither of the two really lives up to their names.

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