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10 Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer of 2022

Top 10 Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer: Editor Recommended

The 10 Best Air Compressor Filter Dryer Review:



This filter regulator with in line dryer is the most economical option for removing water, water vapor and oil from your compressed air lines, then drying the air before hitting your pneumatic tools downstream. The only thing better would be a non cycling refrigerated air dryer with water separator, which we do carry.

Just search ” ads refrigerated air dryer ” The absolute best way to separate water from your compressed air lines starts with the compressed air lines themselves. Always force air to climb vertically while pooling water is carried downwards by gravity. Usually into some sort of drain or ball valve that is drained out periodically.

Compressed air dryers reduce the quantity of water vapor, liquid water, hydrocarbon, and hydrocarbon vapor in compressed air. Moisture in compressed air is harmful. Water damages a compressed air system several ways. The result is lower productivity, increased maintenance, and higher operating costs. You can minimize the damage wet compressed air can inflict on your system by drying it.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3/4″ npt, industrial rated 3 stage combo water filter/ pressure regulator/ coalescing filter/ desiccant dryer system, with wall mounting bracket and manual drain stage 1
  • This unit will regulator your incoming and outgoing air pressure while removing moisture water, moisture vapor and oil from your compressed air lines, then finally drying out the super clean air with an in-line desiccant air dryer
  • Water trap filter / pressure regulator. Equipped with 5 micron element to remove 95% of the initial moisture and debris from your compressed air line. Regulator adjusts pressure from 7 to 215 psi. 5oz metal bowl with visible sight glass.
  • Coalescing filter also known as oil removing filter armed with a 0.01 micron element that removes 99.98% of moisture, moisture vapor and oil that made its way past your stage 1 filter. 5oz metal bowl with visible sight glass. Red indicator pops up when time for filter change.
  • Desiccant air dryer, dries out your super clean air before going downstream to your air tools. Uses 5oz desiccant beads in the bowl. Beads turn from blue to pink when time to change. Comes with 2 bags of desiccant beads.

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2. DeVilbiss 130525 QC3 Air Filter and Dryer

QC3 Air Filter and Dryer

A perfect solution for restoration shops, customizing shops, and hobbyist High performance filtration with only 2 PSI pressure drop Three-stage filtering with 0. 1 micron rating produces clean air resulting in outstanding paint finishes by removing water and particulates, oil, and humidity Quick change filter cartridge is easy to maintain Larger filter media and longer life desiccant than disposable dryers 4x more filter area and 16x more desiccants Complete air control enabling better color match and coating thickness Includes: Inlet Shut Off Valve Regulator and Gauge Humidity Indicator Bowl Drain Patents Pending

Highlighted Features:

  • Complete air control
  • Fit type: Universal Fit
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Package Dimensions: 11.684 L x 33.782 H x 23.368 W (centimeters)

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3. NANPU DFR-03 3/8″ NPT Air Drying System – Double Air Filters

NPT Air Drying System

Double air filters is designed to remove most liquid and solid particles from the air supply, more cleaner than ordinary single filter. The Self-Relieving Pressure Regulator is used to adjust the outlet pressure.

The first installation may have an excretion reaction ( Not leakage, for the first time the internal pressure is different from the outside, it is necessary to discharge the excess air first ) In this case, please patiently wait for a while and it will work well.

Highlighted Features:

  • 3/8″ NPT Piggyback Air Filter/Regulator Combo
  • Double 5 Micron Brass Filter Element, Excellent Filtering Performance, Much Longer Life and Reuse Feasibility
  • Temperature Range: 41-140℉ (5-60℃);Flow Rate: 70 SCFM (2000 L /Minute)@ 90 PSI
  • Max Supply Pressure:145 psi; Operating Pressure: 0-145 psi
  • Includes Semi-Auto Drain & Polycarbonate Bowl with Metal Guard, 0-150 Gauge & Bracket,a pair of Air Coupler& Plug Kit, 2 x 3/8″ NPT Fittings, 1 x Thread Seal Tape

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4. Ingersoll-Rand Compressed Air Dryer Refrigerated Type D42IN Scfm 25

Air Dryer Refrigerated Type D42IN Scfm 25

Non-cycling refrigerated dryers deliver reliability with virtually No maintenance. Each Dryer features a refrigeration system and heat exchanger that combines Cool compressed air as it passes through it. These dryers integrate a unique combination of components and features that ensure maximum productivity and longest service life at an affordable cost.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reduced energy use: efficient heat exchangers, a built-in stainless steel demister that removes all moisture and a fully adjustable programmable electronic drain valve reduce energy use and minimize air loss
  • Built-in Reliability: corrosion-resistant heat exchangers, an enhanced control-system and high-efficiency moisture-separation ensure a steady long-term supply of dry air
  • Smart control: easy to use, Advanced microprocessor control that lets you easily adjust and manage system parameters
  • Equipment protection: built-in coalescing filter stops contamination by separating water and oil from the compressed air
  • Consistent clean, dry air: variable-speed fans reduce power consumption when units operate at less than maximum cooling capacity, while ensuring a consistent Dew point

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5. NANPU 3/4″ NPT Industrial Grade 3 Stage Air Drying System

Industrial Grade 3 Stage Air Drying System

Pay attention to the direction of air flow and the arrow pointing on the product body if correct, minding port and thread size if match. Stop turning after reaching the required index and lock down the knob, forget this step you may face a leakage problem.

Make sure that the pressure gauge is tightly installed on the main body, and pay attention to whether the reading rises and falls smoothly while adjusting pressure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works Perfectly in the Pressure Environment of 7-215 psi; Excellent Metal Bowl w/ Visible Sight Glass in Every Stage Protect You and the System throughout the Entire Process.
  • Compressed Air Water Trap Filter Equipped with 5 Micron Brass Element, which has Excellent Filtering Performance, Much Longer Life and Reuse Feasibility, Remove Most of Moisture and Particles in the Air Line; Pressure Regulator Accurately Adjust and Stabilize the Air Pressure.
  • The Coalescing Filter is Equipped with a 0.01 Micron Element that can Remove 99.9% of Moisture, Smaller Particles and Oil, which Pass Through Stage 1 Combo. When the Filter Element needs to be Replaced, the Red Indicator will Pop Up.
  • The Desiccant Air Dryer allows the Air to be Thoroughly Dried and Cleaned before it Enters your Pneumatic Tools. The Desiccant Beads need to be Added to the Metal Bowl. When it needs to be Replaced, the Beads will Change from Blue to Pink.
  • 2 x 5 Micron Brass Element(One of Them is Installed in the Product), 2 x 0.01 Micron Element (Same as Above), 4x 3.5oz (100g) Desiccant Beads Bag. 2 x 3/4″ NPT Fittings, 1 x Thread Seal Tape.

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6. 1/2″ NPT MID FLOW Filter Regulator Coalescing Desiccant Dryer System

Filter Regulator Coalescing Desiccant Dryer System

Particulate Filter Replacement Amazon ASIN B06Y1RDPHJ. STAGE 2: Coalescing Filter Replacement Amazon ASIN B06Y2KXNYG. STAGE 3: Dessicant Beads Replacement Amazon ASIN B083C4SLHV>> This Filter Regulator With In Line Dryer Is The Most Economical Option For Removing Water, Water Vapor And Oil From Your Compressed Air Lines, Then Drying The Air Before Hitting Your Pneumatic Tools Downstream.

The Absolute Best Way To Separate Water From Your Compressed Air Lines Starts With The Compressed Air Lines Themselves. Always Force Air To Climb Vertically While Pooling Water Is Carried Downwards By Gravity. Usually Into Some Sort Of Drain Or Ball Valve That Is Drained Out Periodically.

Compressed Air Dryers Reduce The Quantity Of Water Vapor, Liquid Water, Hydrocarbon, And Hydrocarbon Vapor In Compressed Air. Moisture In Compressed Air Is Harmful. Water Damages A Compressed Air System Several Ways. The Result Is Lower Productivity, Increased Maintenance, And Higher Operating Costs. You Can Minimize The Damage Wet Compressed Air Can Inflict On Your System By Drying It.

Highlighted Features:

  • 1/2″ NPT MEASURES 0.850″ OUTSIDE THREAD DIAMETER IN INCHES. 1/2″ NPT, Industrial Rated 3 Stage Combo Water Filter/ Pressure Regulator/ Coalescing Filter/ Desiccant Dryer System, With Wall Mounting Bracket And Internal Float Drain (MANUAL DRAIN) STAGE 1
  • This Unit Will Regulator Your Incoming And Outgoing Air Pressure While Removing Moisture Water, Moisture Vapor And Oil From Your Compressed Air Lines, Then Finally Drying Out The Super Clean Air With An In-Line Desiccant Air Dryer
  • Water Trap Filter / Pressure Regulator. Equipped With 5 Micron Element To Remove 95% Of The Initial Moisture And Debris From Your Compressed Air Line. Regulator Adjusts Pressure From 7 To 150 PSI. 5oz Poly Bowl With Visible Sight Glass.
  • Coalescing Filter Also Known As Oil Removing Filter Armed With A 0.01 Micron Element That Removes 99.98% Of Moisture, Moisture Vapor And Oil That Made Its Way Past Your Stage 1 Filter. 5oz Poly Bowl With Visible Sight Glass. Red Indicator Pops Up When Time For Filter Change.
  • Desiccant Air Dryer, Dries Out Your Super Clean Air Before Going Downstream To Your Air Tools. Uses 5oz Desiccant Beads In The Bowl. Beads Turn From Blue To Pink When Time To Change. Unit Comes With 2 Bags Desiccant Beads.

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7. PneumaticPlus PPC3C-N02G 3 Stage Air Drying System

Stage Air Drying System

Highlighted Features:

  • Max Supply Pressure: 250 PSI, Max Operating Pressure: 140 PSI, 16 SCFM @ 90PSI
  • Particulate Filter: 5 Micron Element, Coalescing Filter: 0.3 Micron Element, Port Size:1/4″ NPT
  • Manual Drain & Poly Bowl with Guard, Includes 0-140 PSI Embedded Pressure Gauge
  • Use metal bowl in pressure exceeding 150PSI or when solvents harmful to polycarbonate is present
  • Manufactured in Korea

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8. INDUSTRIAL RATED Three Stage Air Drying System

Three Stage Air Drying System

This unit DOES NOT include a desiccant air dryer) STAGE 1: Particulate filter has 5 micron element and designed to remove 95% of moisture and debris. Equipped with 5oz Metal bowl with Visible sight glass to view moisture levels at a glance.

Highlighted Features:

  • New 3 Stage air drying system. (Particulate Filter, Coalescing Filter, Pressure Regulator) Does NOT include Desiccant air dryer
  • Particulate Filter / Water Trap .
  • Coalescing Filter removes 99.98% of remaining moisture vapor, oil and oil vapor from compressed air lines
  • Replacement Filter Stage 1 ASIN, B01MUDUXU6 .. Replacement Filter Stage 2 ASIN, B01NCZ7452

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9. PneumaticPlus SAU430-N04DG-MEP Three Stage Air Drying System Particulate Air Filter

Three Stage Air Drying System Particulate Air Filter

PneumaticPlus SAU Multi-Stage Air Systems provide quality air filtration for compressed air applications with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your system. Its modular design allows for quick, simple connect or disconnect of units to customize your unit to your specific needs, requiring only a screwdriver or hex key.

Units can be installed in any location on a single plane without requiring changes to existing piping. SAR Regulators can be mounted either up or down, and the pressure is controlled using the adjustable locking knob. SAF Air Filters remove harmful debris and moisture from your air supply. SAFM Coalescing Filters remove oil vapor and/or mist up to 0.1 microns.

They are often used with Piston type compressors where downstream oil carryover is excessive and when longer element life and low pressure drops are a concern. Units are designed to fit National Pipe Thread (NPT) sizing. How It Works: First Stage, the air enters the particulate filter, which utilizes a10 micron cleanable Polyethylene element.

In this stage, corrosive moisture, pipe scale, dirt and rust are removed from the air- line protecting the precision parts in the regulator. Second Stage, the fine filtration process removes from the air supply 99.7 percentage of oil aerosols and microscopic particles down to 0.1 micron absolute. Third Stage, the air enters a high-performance regulator, which reduces primary pressure to a desired pressure setting. Installation: Install units so the airflow is in the direction “IN-OUT” as indicated by arrow on the head of the units.

Highlighted Features:

  • Max. Supply Pressure: 250 PSI/ Max. Operating Pressure: 0-150 PSI
  • SAF: 10 Micron Particulate Element, SAFM: 0.1 Micron Coalescing Element / Flow Rate: 37 SCFM @ 90 PSI
  • Auto Drain, Metal Bowl w/ Sight Glass, Port Size: 1/2″ NPT
  • Use Metal bowl in pressure exceeding 150 PSI or when solvents harmful to polycarbonate is present
  • Pressure Gauge, Bracket Included

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10. Campbell Hausfeld Air Cleaner/Air Dryer for Air Tools

Air Dryer for Air Tools

The Campbell Hausfeld air cleaner/dryer system (PA208503AV) cleans air and removes water vapor at the point of use to help support applications that require oil-free, moisture-free air, like spray painting. Two separate systems condition the air: An oil-removal filter traps 99.9 percent of all oil aerosols, and a desiccant system removes water vapor.

An outlet screen keeps desiccant particles from entering the airstream, protecting air tools. The desiccant changes color when it needs to be changed or recharged, providing an easily visible reminder. The cleaner/dryer system includes a quick-release bowl for easily viewing the fluid level and is protected against impact by metal guards. A quarter-turn drain makes maintenance easier. Finish your projects faster and easier with Campbell Hausfeld.

Highlighted Features:

  • Oil-removal filter traps 99.9% of all oil aerosols and a desiccant system removes water vapor, protecting air tools
  • The desiccant changes color when it needs to be changed or recharged, providing an easily visible reminder
  • Item Package Dimension: 12.3″ L x 7.1″ W x 3.9″ H
  • Item Package Weight: 4.9 lb

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