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10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports of 2022 – Reviews By

In response to consumer demand, multifunctional models such as the combination air fryer toaster oven have entered the market. If you want your food to be golden brown and crisp without using any oil, an air fryer may be the best option. Toast, air fry, bagel, pizza, bake, convection bake, slow cook, roast, broil, cookies, reheat, warm, proof, and dehydrate are just some of the many tasks that can be completed in these multi-use appliances.

Rotisserie attachments are available for some models, allowing you to cook rotisserie chicken (and other foods) in the comfort of your own home. All the models we looked at could toast, air fry, and bake, though their precise capabilities varied from one to the next. Some models are made to cook full meals, while others are compact and take up as much room as a toaster oven.

Top 10 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports: Editor Recommended

The 10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven Consumer Reports Review:

1. Cuisinart TOA-65 Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven

Digital AirFryer Toaster Oven
  • ENDLESS FUNCTIONS: This premium 1800 watt toaster oven and AirFryer, is equipped...
  • CAPACITY: Large enough to airfry up to 3-pounds, toast 6 bagel halves, roast a...
  • SUPERIOR OPERATION: Equipped with a low temperature setting to slow cook, braise...
  • INCLUDES: An oven light, oven rack, dishwasher safe baking pan, AirFry basket...
  • LIMITED 3-YEAR WARRANTY: Refer to user manual for troubleshooting steps and...

You don’t need any preheating time for this air fryer toaster oven to achieve the crispiest air-fried results. In just 20 minutes, the wings and the fries were perfectly crispy. The power it possesses is impressive, standing up to even the best countertop air fryers. The key to avoiding burnt food when experimenting for the first time is to keep a close eye on the food. For air frying, it utilizes a basket that rests atop the broiling pan; this design keeps grease from dripping onto the elements and facilitates easy cleanup (all accessories are also dishwasher-safe).

Both the bread and the cake toasted nicely and uniformly, and the cake baked quickly with only a tiny dome that needed trimming. Even frozen pizza and steak cooked quickly under the broiler. The oven has more than ten predetermined settings, including five that are tailored to air frying, and comes with a user guide packed with cooking charts and recipes. To crisp up the skin and finish cooking on the inside, you can start foods at a high temperature and program the oven for two different times and temperatures at once.


  • Great air frying capability
  • Cooks quickly and powerfully
  • Loaded with pre-set cooking temps and times


  • Cooks quicker than you’d expect
  • Control panel can be a little tricky to use

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2. Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven with Large Capacity

Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven
  • PLENTY OF COOKING SPACE AND 2 RACK POSITIONS: This toaster oven has plenty of...

This under-$100 option comes with a broil rack, a baking tray, and a metal mesh basket for air frying, all of which can accommodate a 12-inch frozen pizza. The oven has a 30-minute timer, a stay-on setting, and an auto-shutoff feature, but unlike our other recommended models, this one does not have digital controls.


  • Small and compact
  • Great price


  • Mechanical dials are not as precise as digital controls

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3. COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Air Fryer Toaster Oven
  • 12 FUNCTIONS: Choose the preset that’s best for you without needing to set a...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Cook for 5-7 people with the 32-quart/30-litre air fryer toaster...
  • CONVECTION FUNCTION: Reduce your cooking time by using the Smart Air Fryer...
  • RECIPES & ACCESSORIES: Check out the included 100 recipe book and 6 accessories...
  • LESS OIL: Air fry your food with up to 85% less oil than traditional deep-fried...

The Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo performed admirably in every single test we put it through, whether we were air frying or baking. It cooked chicken wings and fries to a golden crisp, toasted bread thoroughly and uniformly, and produced a perfectly browned and level cake.

We were particularly impressed by how well the steak turned out after being cooked using the broil setting. High-quality additions like a rotisserie spit for roasting chicken and other meats, an air fryer rack, and an extra-large baking/broiling pan are included. However, it did take about 20 minutes longer to cook wings than in other tested air fryer toasters, and an additional six minutes to preheat. However, the outcomes justified the effort: To the point, juicy, and crisp.


  • Large, yet sleek design
  • Intuitive controls
  • Tested well across the board, from air fry to bake and broil


  • Air frying and some other functions required pre-heating

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4. Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro

Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro
  • The Breville Smart Oven Air with Element iQ System is a versatile countertop...
  • ELEMENT iQ SYSTEM: Using 6 independent quartz elements, smart algorithms steer...
  • AIR FRY & DEHYDRATE SETTINGS: Air fry French fries and other family favorites;...
  • SUPER CONVECTION TECHNOLOGY: 2 speed convection fan (super & regular) offers...
  • 13 COOKING FUNCTIONS: Super versatile countertop oven and air fryer with 13...

Air frying and dehydrating on all four racks at once are possible in the Breville Smart Oven Air (additional racks sold separately). It can hold a 14-pound turkey and has the option of coming with two racks (most models only come with one). There is no need to have the manual close to hand because the control panel is so intuitive. It toasted, cooked, and roasted rapidly and uniformly in our tests.


  • Can air fry on multiple racks at once
  • Easy to use and program


  • Air fried wings did not come out as crisp as others we tested

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5. Geek Chef 6 Slice 24.5QT Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo
  • 【 Family size&Space saving design】 24.5QT, 3 rack levels allow you to...
  • 【Healthy,Fast,Powerful】ETL listed for safety, 1700W strong Power makes super...
  • 【 Offers Multiple 7 Modes Menu Options】It has 5 preset cooking...
  • 【 Come with 4 extra accessories 】1 Baking pan to bake the chicken or roast,1...
  • 【Best Customer Service】Geek Chef provides 30 days money-back guarantee, 1...

This compact air fryer toaster oven can accommodate a full-sized chicken, making it ideal for those who live in smaller spaces. In our tests, it cooked frozen pizzas in minutes, toasted bread uniformly, and baked a cake without creating a dome or cracks. We’re big fans of the sleek design and sophisticated touches, like the rose gold edging on the handle and the silky smooth buttons and LCD screen.


  • Small footprint, but big enough to fit a chicken
  • Powerful and fast


  • Rack does not have rimmed edges
  • Heating elements get very hot

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6. Ninja SP101 Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven with 8-in-1 Functionality

Digital Air Fry Countertop Oven
  • DIGITAL CRISP CONTROL TECHNOLOGY: Precision-controlled temperature, heat source,...
  • 8-IN-1 VERSATILITY: The ultimate meal-making machine with 8-in-1 functionality:...
  • LESS FAT: Eat all of your air fried favorites guilt-free with up to 75% less fat...
  • FASTER COOKING: Cooks up to 60% faster than a traditional oven on Air Roast;...
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 45% larger usable pan cooking area vs. the flat surface area of...

More food can be air-fried at once without requiring as much tossing when using a rack that’s 13 inches by 13 inches. This is a massive and cumbersome appliance, but it folds up for easier storage.

This air fryer toaster oven can be stowed vertically when not in use, making it suitable for even the tiniest of kitchens. The bottom detaches for simple wiping, further simplifying cleanup. The interface is clear and straightforward; we scarcely needed the manual for initial setup.


  • Large air fry rack allows for cooking in large batches
  • Easy to use
  • Folds up for storage and makes it easier to clean


  • Can’t fit a whole chicken or other large roasts

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7. PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1 Roast

Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1 Roast
  • PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 12.5” x 10” with 8 Piece deluxe accessory set....
  • 450° nonstick grill pan gives you authentic char grill marks & flavor on your...
  • Crispier air frying up to 40% faster vs. a conventional oven. Superheated...
  • Cook an entire 10 lb chicken, grill six huge burgers, rotisserie kebabs, bake...
  • Dishwasher safe parts. Easy to clean nonstick grill and griddle pans, stainless...

While we haven’t tried the 8-in-1 air fryer grill toaster oven, we enjoy that its size allows you to cook many foods in the oven at once, making the Power XL a consistent top performer in our air fryer oven tests. Furthermore, this set’s many included extras provide limitless customization options: The rotisserie spit is perfect for small chickens or roasts, while the nonstick grill plate is ideal for searing fish and grilling steaks. To get a good sear on meats and veggies, the grill can get up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Large cooking capacity
  • Versatile functionality
  • Useful accessories for cooking different foods


  • Pricey

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8. Ninja DT251 Foodi 10-in-1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven

Smart XL Air Fry Oven
  • TRUE SURROUND CONVECTION: Up to 10X the convection power vs. a traditional...
  • 10 VERSATILE FUNCTIONS: Air Fry, Air Roast, Bake, Whole Roast, Broil, Toast,...
  • SMART COOK SYSTEM: Achieve the perfect doneness from rare to well done at the...
  • QUICK FAMILY MEALS: 90-second oven preheat time and up to 30% faster cooking...
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: 2-level even cooking, no rotating required—fit a 5-lb...

We had the most success with the Ninja Air Fryer Max XL, although all of their models fared well in our tests. This multifunctional oven can be used for air frying, baking, whole-animal roasting, dehydrating, and more. Although we haven’t put this specific model through its paces, we have every confidence that it will perform admirably because it will be based on the same principles as our other tested models.

By using the air fryer rack and one of the additional baking pans, the XL smart oven can cook enough food for a family of four in a single cooking cycle. One extra pan with a broiling accessory that can also be used as a second frying rack is included, as are five other accessories. The oven’s huge fan at the back is great for airflow and uniform heating. There’s a probe right there on the control panel, along with a timer, so you can get your food cooked to the exact degree of doneness you prefer.


  • Multi-level cooking
  • Multiple cooking settings


  • Reviewers noted it can run loud

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9. Instant Omni Plus 19 QT/18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

18L Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo
  • 10-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, broil, bake, roast, dehydrate, reheat,...
  • EvenCrisp TECHNOLOGY: Advanced technology that drives air flow top down for a...
  • EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY: Easily fits a 12” pizza, 6 slices of bread, a whole...
  • ROTISSERIE FEATURE: Perfect for self-basting and tumble-frying. Top heating...
  • FAST PREHEATING: Little to no preheating time, from frozen to golden in minutes!...

With its double-paned glass door, this air fryer toaster oven has enough capacity to cook for a family of four. Chicken can be roasted most well by air-frying, baking, toasting, or turning on a spit-and-lift rotisserie.

Using the digital display, you can see how far along the cooking process your meal is at any given moment; after setting the time and temperature, all you have to do is push start. The computerized display will tell you how long to preheat, cook, and cool your food for optimal eating conditions.


  • Progress display for cooking
  • Versatile


  • Pricey

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10. June Oven Plus Bundle (3rd Gen); Countertop convection smart oven

The June Oven Premium has the most features and is a good choice for any cook. It can be used to air fry, grill, stone-fire, roast, dehydrate, convection bake, keep warm, toast, broil, reheat, and slow cook, and it comes with three air fryer baskets, a grill/griddle, a pizza peel, and a food thermometer.

Whew! The test samples of the wings, fries, cake, bread, and steak all passed with flying colors. The big 28 L capacity accommodates baking sheets measuring 9 by 13 inches and all three air fryer racks.


  • Large capacity
  • Smart controls offer a unique cooking experience for cooks of all levels


  • Expensive

Buying Guide: What to look When Select Air Fryer Toaster Oven

You want to be sure that the one machine you’re considering putting all your eggs in can do a few things very well. I focused on four primary cooking tasks for the sake of this list: Toasted foods, air frying, broiling, and baking are all possible. These are the two most common uses of the oven in the normal home. Even though some of these ovens include specialized settings for dehydrating food, proofing it, making pizza, and other such tasks, I limited my testing to the more universally applicable features of hybrid ovens.

a) Air frying

This fashionable method achieves the same crispy outside and juicy interior as deep-fried meals without actually frying anything. The inclusion of an air fry function was a minimum requirement for inclusion on this list. Lots of foods are suitable for air frying, however I used chicken wings and french fries as representative examples.

b) Broiling

My favorite way to cook fish, as well as mac & cheese, certain chicken recipes, and anything else I want to have a crispy crust on top of, is under the broiler. Since the broiling abilities of ovens can vary greatly, I was curious to discover which of these models performed the best.

c) Baking

Although there is a wide range of meanings for “baking,” uniformity is especially important when making baked goods like cookies and cupcakes. A good oven is easily identifiable by its ability to reach the temperature you set it at and maintain that temperature uniformly throughout the baking process.

d) Toasting

I wanted to test how well, evenly, and exactly (according to the oven presets) these machines could toast because, like many others, I do a good lot of toasting (bagels, bread, and the occasional Eggo).

e) “What about roasting?”

That’s a fair query, but in essence, roasting is just baking at a higher temperature, and the term is typically reserved for designating the preparation of meat and vegetables. If an oven heats up and maintains a consistent temperature, we may infer it will roast well, too, just like the tests I conducted for baking.

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