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10 Best Car Competition Subwoofer of 2023 – Review Buying Guide

New cars come with already pre-installed subwoofers for your music experience. Unfortunately, these factory installed subwoofers usually have low-quality sound, and if you love listening to music, this can be a challenge.

Equipment which optimal sound that will encourage you to take the car while listening to your favorite music with an audio that will make you appreciate each note in a superior way.

Why the industry has taken great pains in the manufacture of equipment that renews it by increasing the power and reproducing the lowest frequencies from speakers that maximize fidelity, making you enjoy the sound.

Top 5 Best Car Competition Subwoofer: Editor’s Pick

While others settle for native car audio, others see a subwoofer as a necessary investment because the difference is merely representative in terms of quality. Still, it is just before investing that doubts arise about which is the most suitable car model.

If you are study this article, you are most probably in this situation and guide you towards a good purchase. Specific points will be analyzed, such as the types, dimensions and characteristics to consider, which will clarify the idea about which is the ideal equipment for you.

What is the Best Car Subwoofer?

The variety in the market is, but choosing between so many available models can cause you to be indecisive when buying; So to help you in the task we did some tests and comparisons on the quality and price among the most popular speakers to come up with a list where you will surely find the most appropriate for you:

Types of Car Subwoofer

Among so many models and features, they can be classified into four categories:

  • The custom ones

It is a system with a dedicated construction, precisely tailored to the vehicle’s own acoustic needs and is made up of variable parts and subparts with different specifications to satisfy all kinds of details.

  • The prefabricated

These already come with boxes and average functional measurements for almost any car. In most cases, it should be supplemented with an amplifier, but you could save time and money by purchasing it for your car.

  • Active Subwoofer

It is a whole system integrated by the subwoofer speaker, the amplifier, and the previously built box. In this model, the speaker is integrated into the housing and as they are generally small, the little space it occupies is an advantage, apart from being easy to install.

  • Dedicated subwoofer

It is built with the exact measurements to match the intended space. Some go further and sound, they care about lighting to give it a decorative touch. This model brings together the best characteristics of the three previous types and although the sound quality is excellent, they do not take up too much space in the trunk.

How to Choose The Best Car Competition Subwoofer

a) Money

 Some car subwoofer is budget-friendly and priced at under $ 200 and less, while others may go a bit higher but rather provide more quality and power. How many you have saved will help determine which direction to go.

b) Woofer size

The most popular car subwoofer sizes are by far 10 “or 12 – like: “Woah, you have two twelves in there? Down the street “). The contrariety between a 10 “and 12” subwoofer is not very perceptible.

However, the bigger it is, the more power you will eventually get. We finally moved to a 10 ″ and it still sounded great. Assured to check if the woofer actually fits your trunk – most will fit 12 ”,

c) Watts of power

Well, bigger is not always better. If you are getting a subwoofer for your car, you are already getting a lot of power and volume, so there is a then it comes to “too much.

We recommend sticking with 150 RMS (300 peak) per subwoofer. We include most subs with that average but others that go on top of it and give you some options.

d) Do you need it attached

Some come without an enclosure when it comes to the car subwoofers, while others are just the bare sub. The advantage of buying them naked is making or buying your square to fit (especially if you are looking at adding two subwoofers to your system, you may find a section that includes two very well next to each other).

We found some that are already locked in for you, while others are the nude version to give you options.

The 10 Best Car Competition Subwoofer Reviews:

1. Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure


P300-12 Inch Subwoofer Enclosure

The Rockford Fosgate P300 is considered one of the best subwoofers for your car for a few reasons – it’s relatively affordable, brings you some impressive power, and is already included to aid convenience and installation.

Its 12 ”, has a 300 watt internal amplifier, a built-in 0-180 degree phase switch, some adjustable bass boost EQ, voltage and thermal security.

The vinyl coating adds the defense you need and there’s just about everything from the bass to the phase switch – everything that can lead to the best experience while listening to the music you love the most. The inputs are very diverse and can be connected to another system if necessary.

The bass potency can be assured, so this car competition subwoofer can play it as loud or easy as you like (we always messed with ours depending on a genre we were in the mood for). If you need a simple, 12 ″ car subwoofer to add to your car right away, check this out.

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2. Kicker Single Voice Coil Subwoofer


Single Voice Coil Subwoofer

The Kicker brand is one of the best car subwoofer names on the market, not only because of their quality equipment but also because of the decently affordable price tags they offer.

This is one of their best 12 ″ subs and it has a considerable amount of bass for its voice. If your budget-conscious, you can still increase the sound of music in your car with this sub.

It’s a 4 ohm sub, has one of the best builds out there with an injection-molded polypropylene cone and foam surrounded, 600 watts of peak power handling (150-300 watts RMS), and an excellent frequency response up to the end at 27 Hz.

Just keep in mind that it comes alone without an enclosure, so you will have to buy separately (especially if you want two – try to find a pair for sale at a lower price). Other than that, the sub works excellent, especially when compared to other brands with similar specs. Ratings don’t lie either.

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3. Kenwood KSC-SW1 Subwoofer Remote Control

KSC-SW1 Subwoofer Remote Control


Kenwood KSC-SW11 has the credibility of creating great sound systems and does the same with this model as can be seen from all the user reviews.

This is a one-of-a-kind sub to take a look at, and before scrolling down, since it doesn’t have the typical appearance of the best car subs are usually like, check out the features.

The Kenwood KSC-SW11 a high-quality aluminum housing (8 1/4 “by 5 1/8”), a built-in amplifier to deliver 150 watts of peak power, a convenient remote control (you’ll use it, trust us), and a low low frequency down to 35 Hz.

It elegancy very small, but the sound quality is very well founded. It’s so compact, but the sound is amazingly great. On the structure, it is relatively rigid and there are grounding brackets included in the purchase. Therefore, it is effectively a complete package.

This subwoofer is impressive of many music lovers who want to save a lot of space and have the money to invest in a top-of-the-line sub for their car.

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4. Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 Subwoofer Loaded Enclosure


Subwoofer Loaded Enclosure

Remember when we said we would add some closed subs for your car to give you options? Here is a solution that may be right for you. I think the Kicker Dual 43DCWR122 is an excellent subwoofer for any car if it can fit in, especially if you are looking for some extreme power (as it has two large 12 ″ subs in the box).

Wattage and total power start to go up there as soon as you’re getting a 2-in-1: 2000 watt peak (1000 RMS), 2 ohm impedance, 25 to 500 Hz frequency response, its beautiful kicker construction, Polypropylene cone and spring loaded push terminals), and of course some reinforcements in the box to help with installation.

It has full features and it took me time to read the reviews, most of them said good, especially for those looking for bass boost. Not to mention, the chassis is robust and emits an intense sound. For a final volume this offers magnificent quality with a simple design.

The dynamic shape adds a umbilical point to this subwoofer and there is an additional stand and stand that lends an aesthetic feature. It’s worth the money to make sure – just make sure it fits in that trunk.

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5. Electronics BP1204 Dual Car Subwoofers


BP1204 Dual Car Subwoofers

If you’re into aesthetics and wanted a budget-friendly, closed-off subwoofer for your car with two of them there for power, check this one out. Great sound is pumped out of music with a beautiful lighting system.

It has an impedance of 4 ohms, a frequency response of up to 25 Hz, 1,100 watts of peak power (100-600 RMS) and polypropylene woofers like the other popular models within its class.

The switch allows the user to change the control and there is a built-in circuit for safety protection. The chrome finish gives the submarine a classy look (with a carpet finish that helps slip).

The baskets are made of quality steel plus foam which produces a great sound – it is quite efficient. We have to say, we like blue neon. It is recommended if the previous already closed pair of subs was too much – this one is a bit cheaper and offers great power at the same time.

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6. Pyle 10″ 2000W Car Audio Subwoofers


Car Audio Subwoofers

This car subwoofer produces clear sound at a reasonably cheap price (the cheapest we could find that was worth looking at). If you weren’t getting the old Pioneer model and wanted to save even more money, here is your pick.

It features a 10 “size and black steel basket structure (with a non-press paper cone and a dual 4-layer voice coil). The wattage is amazingly high at 500 watts RMS (1000 max), while it also weighs slightly at 5 1/2 pounds.

It is sturdy and rigid with head-turning characteristics. Bounce off the bass as it delivers powerful clean-cut output. This is ideal for those who can be around some water, but who want to save some money along with it.

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7. Kicker 10C104 10″ 300W Car Audio Subwoofer Box


Car Audio Subwoofer Box

As another of the best subwoofers in the car, this Kicker 10C104 Comp is attractive and comes highly choice if you have the cash for some of them. Its components come together to deliver great design, and it’s sure to make your daily routine that much more exciting.

It has an impedance of 10 “in size, 4 ohms, its solid surround of ribbed foam and injection molded cone, as well as an RMS of 150 watts (300 watts peak) and a mounting depth of 5”.

The price thinks good, and for some it might be worth the investment. The round shape and seamless design are intriguing and stylish. If you have a pair, we think it is comparable to Kenwood or Dual. You will love the added bass feel in the car. It’s something that pumps you up without leaving a hole in your wallet.

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8. Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

Pioneer TS-SWX2502 10 inch Shallow-Mount...

we have another subwoofer for your car that provides a great size for those who need to save space. As one of Pioneer TS-SWX2502 best car subwoofers, it delivers high-quality sound and has the fidelity and power to produce impressive, accurate bass.

The versatile and layer less design can be installed in any corner of your vehicle without much effort. It’s a 10 ”sub, gives us a little tight sound, has a MICA and ribbed injected-molded resin, non-slip structure, and 300 watts RMS of power.

The inductance is 4 ohms if you needed to know. For someone who doesn’t quite understand how to install subs, it provides a less complicated procedure.

The manual is categorically easy to read and you may have some of these in your car to make the bass hit. Check it out if you think it will be great for what you are looking for.

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9. Pioneer TS-W254R 10-Inch Subwoofer Component

10-Inch Subwoofer Component

This is extensive for a small budget. The Pioneer TS-W254R is one of the best car subwoofers in the budget-friendly realm and has great performance.

This is a new Pioneer TS-W254R model and the power appears to be improved from the previous generation. There is a cone woofer function that delivers accurate bass sound and by carrying the subwoofer you will notice that it is lightweight.

It offers great sound quality and high susceptibility that is certainly an impressive collection to any car. The car competition subwoofer is still impressive when the volume is at the maximum level, probably due to the high-quality foam.

Be entertained during your daily routine for sure. With 1,100 watts of peak power, a 6-layer copper coil, and a composite IMPP cone make the price scratch its head.

It’s not necessarily the quality of a popular Kicker model or their other higher priced subs though, but this one will get the job done if you weren’t looking for the most strong and wanted something that would simply complement your tunes.

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10. PIONEER TS-A3000LB 12″ Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure


Shallow-Mount Pre-Loaded Enclosure

The subwoofer from Pioneer TS-A3000LB has a prosperous sound from the other models in their cherished TS series. The wood speaker and the resulting sound quality produced are spectacular. The best car subwoofer and it is value giving a shot if you were in need of a smaller at 12 ″.

The highlighted specs also characteristic lower frequency response down to 20 Hz, dual 2 Ohms impedance, 1500 watts max and a polite build with their MICA inoculation-molded resin to help with solidity and total exactitude portrayal of bass.

The cone structure is also MICA and what is great about this is the shallow build, so if you needed to save a little space, it might be the perfect solution.

The sub delivers deep bass, which is easy to notice when you turn up the volume. We think this is a great investment, especially if you grab two you’ll be good to go for a long time.

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Car Competition Subwoofer

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They have several characteristics, but the most important factors to take into account are the following:

a) Size

It varies regularly from 8 inches to 15 inches, but it is important not to confuse the subwoofer’s size with power or sound quality. For cars, the 10 “and 12” ones are used since they reach a frequency of 20Hz which are appropriate for the human ear.

b) Power

The first characteristic mentioned by the manufacturers is expressed in Watts RMS, and it depends on how hard the equipment will sound.

c) Sensitivity

It means the internal effort necessary for the sound to reach the output; the more sensitive it has, the less energy is used to project sound.

d) Frequency range

It refers to the response in terms of volume and although this is modified by several factors, the one that most influences is the size of the box.

e) Type of box

Very important! If we talk about drawers for cars, both the size and the shape. It must be considered, since the space that will be allocated depends on this, and the use of sealed enclosures is recommended as they provide better audio with precise bass frequencies.

The box is so decisive that no matter how powerful the subwoofer is, it can be totally useless if the box is not perfectly assembled.

f) Number of coils

They are distributed through the subwoofer, increasing the power of the equipment and each one has its connection for better impedance management.


Among the myriad of options on the market, we have filtered out the 10 best car competition subwoofers, taking into account their quality, brand endorsement, and budget.

As you may have noticed, the quality of the bass and the power of the sound are highly dependent on the size and configuration of the subwoofer. However, with the list above, you will have no problem choosing one that perfectly suits your tastes and budget.

Your next quality sound system will be determined by different dynamics.

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