Best Car Subwoofers of 2019 – Review Buying Guide


New cars come with already pre-installed subwoofers for your music experience. Unfortunately, these factory installed subwoofers usually have low-quality sound, and if you love listening to music, this can be a challenge. Buying your next quality sound system will be determined by different dynamics.

Here are some of the typical dynamics:

Budget – how much you are willing to spend is crucial because car subwoofers can go up to six figures. Although a small budget may limit your options, you can still get one that will suit your needs.

Size of your car in comparison to the size of the subwoofer – subwoofers sizes range from 8” up to even 24”, and as such, some may be too big for your car. The weight of the subwoofer is also significant because if it’s too heavy, it might strain your vehicle. Keep that in consideration before buying so that you don’t get disappointed. This is important especially if you are buying online. Get all the details.

Power – too much power and you might damage your subwoofer, too little the same result. When matching a subwoofer with an amplifier, you need to look at the RMS power rating of the two. The numbers should either match or have a slight difference. Also, the higher the RMS value, the higher the bass.

Personal preferences – what’s important to you? Bass, how loud it is, or just quality sound? Every subwoofer in the market is manufactured to suit the needs of the consumer regarding price, space, music preferences etcetera. Keep that in consideration so that your needs are met.

Box – each subwoofer has a different box which determines the sound of the stereo. There are four boxes available; bandpass, sealed, aperiodic box, and ported. Each box has its advantages and disadvantages. What is essential is your needs.

The number of coils – subwoofers has a dual or single coil. A dual coil will offer more options when wiring the system.

Frequency – a low-frequency sound requires a high-frequency speaker and vice versa.

Sensitivity (SPL) – for loud sounds and big bass, you will need a subwoofer that has higher sensitivity.

Let’s look at some of the best subwoofers in the market in 2019

Best Car Subwoofers Reviews:

1. T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer

Best subwoofers over, 5,000 watts – T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer
Manufactured by TMX, it is one of the best in the market for people who are obsessed with bass and loud music. If you want to get unwanted attention and annoy your neighbours with loud music, then you should buy several of these. Otherwise, one is okay and will still give you the vibrations and bass that you seek. If you are not careful, T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer can break your windows in seconds. So you need to moderate the sound to avoid such incidences.

Product specifications
• Size – 22”
• Total weight – 160 Kgs
• Total height – 58cm
• Depth – 21-1/16
• Voice coil – 6.5”
• Frequency response – 20Hz – 150
• RMS power – 6,000 watts
• Dimensions – 12×22.4×14.5”
• Available colour – black

Pros of T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer

-Has big power capacity (6,000 watts) hence you only need to buy one to have very high quality sound and bass.
-Very easy to install.
-Comes with a free drop kit.
-Due to its ability to vibrate, you can use it for shows and parties.
-It is suitable for hip hop, Tecno, and Electric music as this kind of music depends on loud pounding bass.

You only need to buy one of these to enjoy your music, unlike smaller subwoofers where you may be forced to buy a few to enhance the audio bass.

Cons of T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer

22” may be too big for some cars. It is also tricky to positions the MTX jackhammer in your vehicle if you are low on space. Most people ought to put it at the back.
160kgs is high regarding weight. You might need help from friends or families to move it around. 160kg may be equal to two or three people’s weight. The weight might also strain your car if it cannot handle heavy weight.

If you install several of these jackhammers, you might shatter your windshield. That’s how loud the bass of T99922-22MTX Jackhammer Subwoofer is.
You will need to install nuclear reactors to power with your amplifiers.
It is also costly to buy a new one. An average price of a new one is $9,999. It is a massive investment that should only be undertaken if you can afford one.

You will need to buy new speakers to accommodate the additional power produced by the gigantic T99922-22MTX Jackhammer subwoofer.

Due to its large size, you can put it in your trunk. The problem with putting subwoofers in the trunk is that the sound is propelled outside the car rather than inside.

2. JBL GT-BassPro Subwoofer

JBL has been in the industry of manufacturing sound systems for homes, entertainment joints, sports grounds for more than 60 years. The company uses advanced technology to produce high-quality sound systems within reasonable budgets. The JBL GT-BassPro is one of their products that is efficient in providing deep bass.

Product specifications
• Size – 12”
• Depth – 3025 mm
• Height – 14.5”
• Width – 570 mm
• Built-in amplifier
• Sensitivity – 50mV(line-level input) and 0.4V-16V (speaker-level input)
• RMS power – 150 watts
• Peak power 450 watts
• Total weight – 17.5kg
• Crossover Frequency – 70Hz – 120Hz
• Maximum current draw – 13.5A
• Slipstream port
• Dual-stacked magnets
• Remote control
• Protection bars for the speakers
• Vented polepiece
• Type – enclosed subwoofer

Pros of JBL GT-BassPro

With its slipstream port, you are free from turbulence and noise while listening to loud music.
Its small size means that you can fit it anywhere you want in the car.
The remote control enables you to adjust bass level when driving, thus you do not need to stop to change the bass level.

The built-in amplifier means that you don’t have to buy another one to power your subwoofer.
The vented polepiece is designed to cool the subwoofer preventing possible damage from overheating.
The subwoofer has line-level inputs and speaker level connections making it easy to connect with different audio systems.

The JBL GT-BassPro has an automatic on and off technology that senses when the speaker is turned on and will sense when the speaker level input stops and turn itself off.
The protection bars are suitable for keeping the subwoofer sage.
It is very easy to install since the amplifier and subwoofers are in the same box. You only need to find a good position for it in the car.
The price range is also pocket-friendly.

Cons of JBL GT-BassPro 12

When turned out too loud, it vibrates the mirrors in your car.
For the people obsessed with very deep bass and annoying neighbours friends with loud music this may not suit your needs.
A 12” subwoofer is best placed away from passengers so that the sound can be louder. Putting it under a seat will not maximise the sound quality. Because all vehicles are different, you can experiment with different distances to find one that will suit your preferences.

3.Rockford Fosgate P3SD2-8

Rockford Fosgate is a manufacturer of audio systems used by vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. The company has been on the market for more than forty years producing sound systems. Rockford Fosgate P3SD2 dual 2-Ohm Punch Series Shallow Mount Car Subwoofer is suitable for the cars that don’t have enough space for a deep subwoofer. It is among the best shallow woofers in the market.
To enjoy the sound from Rockford Fosgate P3SD2, you can place the subwoofer in the speaker deck. The speaker deck is usually at the back of the last seats of your car while connecting it to the amplifier in the trunk.

Product specifications
• Size – 8”
• Depth – 2.5 inches
• RMS power handling – 150 watts
• Peak power – 300 watts
• Weight – 3.99 kg
• Dimensions – 9.8 by 9.8 by 5.3 inches
• Batteries – 1 12V battery
• Voice coil – dual
• Sensitivity – 82 dB
• Frequency – 38Hz – 250 Hz
• Type – non-enclosed subwoofer
• Tinsel leads – 16 AWG
• Impedance – 1 or 4 ohms
• Spider venting
• Cone material – Anodized aluminium
• Surround material – Santoprene

Pros of Rockford Fosgate P3SD2

Fits perfectly with most factory installed amplifiers.
Spider venting allows air circulation, thus preventing thermal breakdown and overheating which can damage your subwoofer.

Dual 2-ohm enables you to connect multiple subwoofers from your amplifier.
Use of anodised aluminium on the cone makes it light but rigid enough to withstand maximum load.
Built with shallow motor assembly, Rockford Fosgate P3SD2 reduces the depth of the subwoofer enabling it to fit in unexpected areas of your car.

It is lighter, and that means that it won’t strain your car. it is also easy to install the subwoofer and remove it when not in use or when replacing it.
Enclosure compatibility – the company recommends either sealed or ported box enclosures. The sealed box can handle more power and reproduce quality sounds hence suitable for different types of music. The ported box uses less power to produce bass at lower frequencies.

Cons of Rockford Fosgate P3SD2

Does not offer deep bass.
You will need to build your enclosure or buy a custom box for the subwoofer.
As it does not come with an amplifier, you will also need to purchase one that should be in the range of 100 to 225 watts.

4.Rockford Fosgate P300-12

Rockford Fosgate P300-12 subwoofer is an all in one system with both a subwoofer and an amplifier. It is suitable for those who want more bass but are restricted on space.

Product specifications

• Size – 12 inches
• Weight – 13.4 Kgs
• Dimensions – 11 by 19.8 by 15 inches
• Batteries – one 12V battery
• RMS power handling – 300 watts
• Input terminals – 12 AWG
• Frequency – 35Hz – 150Hz
• Closs loop design
• A built-in 12dB/octave Butterworth
• Separate speaker level and low-level inputs
• Detachable power connector
• Automatic on and off
• Type – sealed enclosure

Pros of Rockford Fosgate P300-12

As it comes in one package plus an easy to read manual, installation is straightforward. All you need is to get the necessary tools to connect it to the power source and position it in your desired location, and you are good to go. This saves you money and time for finding an amplifier.
It is built with industrial vinyl on the exterior to ensure that it can withstand scrapes or bumps when you put it in the trunk of the car.
It is suitable for someone who wants to enjoy quality music without annoying friends or neighbours
Thermal and voltage protection – there is a green light on the subwoofer that will turn red when it senses any electrical or input problems enabling the amplifier to turn off automatically.
Low frequency enables you to enjoy the right bass when listening to music.
It comes with a cable that looks like that of headphones that lets you plug in the remote punch. Luckily, the cable is long enough to reach the driver enabling you to adjust bass level while driving.
Sealed enclosure produces excellent sound quality. The Rockford Fosgate enclosure is made from MDF which is used to trap sound enabling the subwoofer to create good quality bass.
The power connection is in one place which makes it easy to install the wires. You can easily power and input signals on the connection plate.
The Rockford Fosgate can fit in the trunks of both sports cars, SUVs and below seats in trucks.

Cons of Rockford Fosgate P300-12

It produces standard base note hence not suitable for deep bass enthusiasts.
Low sensitivity level means that Rockford Fosgate P300-12 will need more power to produce quality sound.
To prevent it from sliding off, you will need to buy a few straps as it does not come with one.

5. Skar Audio IX-12 D2 12″

Skar Audio is a manufacturer of subwoofers, speakers and audio amplifiers for outdoors activities and vehicles.
The company offers a wide range of its products in pocket-friendly prices for consumers. The Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual 2 Ω 500W Max Power Car Subwoofer is an affordable electronic that will enhance the sound quality of music while driving.

Product specification of Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer
• Size – 12”
• Dual 2 ohm voice coil.
• RMS power – 250 watts
• Maximum power – 500 watts
• magnet weight – 44 oz
• sensitivity – 88.3dB
• frequency – 30Hz to 60oHz
• 2” BASV high-temperature copper voice coil
• Advanced air cooling system
• Pressed paper cone

Pros of Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer

It is cheap. The price ranges from $44 onwards depending on the seller. Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer can fit anywhere in your vehicle. If the bass does reach your expectations, you can add an extra subwoofer.
It is suitable for songs such as jazz or classical music because the bass is moderate.
It is robust and reliable for many consumers seeking enhanced audio quality from their car stereo system.

It can also perform adequately in both sealed and vented environments.
The Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer has an advanced cooling system preventing the subwoofer from overheating
If you already have small speakers, then you do not need to purchase new ones with Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer. It does not produce too much power that may damage the speakers.

Cons of Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer

You have to purchase an amplifier to provide power to the Skar audio IX-12 Dual subwoofer.
You will also have to design an enclosure to fit Skar Audio IX-12 D2 Dual Subwoofer. You can design the enclosure yourself or buy one from suppliers.
It is not suitable for listening to hip-hop because of the low bass.

6. Pioneer GM-D8601

Pioneer Electronics is a renowned company that manufactures digital amplifiers that enable reproduction of quality audio sounds. Pioneer, GM-D8601 Class D Mono Amplifier with Wired Bass Boost Remote, is an improved version of the other GM-series.

Product specifications

• Model_Number – GM-D8601
• Depth – 13.40
• Height – 4.90
• Width – 10.90
• 1 ohms stable
• Speaker level input
• Balanced isolator input circuit
• Protection control system
• Maximum power – 1,600 Watts
• MOSFET output selection
• RCA Outputs
• Speaker line input turn-on sensor
• Bass boost remote
• Compact Design for Versatile Installation Options
• Wired Bass Boost Remote and Variable Bass Control
• 1 ohms Stable
• Class D

Pros of Pioneer GM-D8601

Easy installation.
Its efficient Class-D modern amplifiers are much smaller than the other GM series and have improved power output.
Speaker Level Inputs – The subwoofer enables you to use your OEM unit without necessarily going back to the shop to purchase extra adapters, thus saving you money and time.
High Bass – the amplifier has remote control level for adjusting the bass according to your preferences.
Low Pass Filter – the variable LPF gives you more flexibility to adjust the subwoofer according to the kind of music you are listening. You can change as from 40Hz up to 240Hz.
Circuit design – the amplifier has an improved ‘Protection Control System’ that control the input level per the temperature of the car.

Cons of the Pioneer GM-D8601

You need to install it in a place where you can control the knob with your finger as the remote may not be useful to turn

Final Verdict: 
It is not advisable to put your subwoofers where everyone can see it to prevent theft. Exposing the speakers is not a problem, but the subwoofer may make you a target considering the high cost of quality subwoofers. You also need to ensure that the items placed in the trunk of your car with your subwoofers have no possibility of damaging it. Sudden stops and turns can cause a collision between your objects and subwoofers in the trunk. Also, use the recommended tools and wires while connecting your subwoofers with amplifiers to avoid going back to the same job after a few weeks. Quality wires will also prevent blowouts. If connecting them is too complicated, you can opt for a professional auto company.

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