Best CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler

10 Best CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Without a doubt, there have been instances when you’ve seen those horrifying thriller movies, and it made you think, “Why don’t they carry a proper CB radio?”.

For conveniences on the road, you need a great CB radio, and the best attachment for it is a CB antenna which will help you reach much further!

Top 5 CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler: Editor’s Pick

Therefore, we will find you the best  antenna for 18 wheeler to help you transmit much better and efficiently. Each of these products is great at what they do, and you have the flexibility to use them in any situation you want.

The 10 Best CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler Reviews:

We have a few great picks for you; all of these products are our best picks. So, let’s find you something unique for your 18-wheeler, shall we?

1. LUITON Portable CB Antenna

Portable CB Antenna
  • LONG ANTENNA - Taller Antennas = Better Range! 28 Inch long for ultimate range &...
  • FULL KIT - includes magnet mount with pre-intalled 10ft of coaxial cable, coil...
  • Magnetic base - Improve reception by harnessing large metal surfaces.
  • Weather Channel Capable, Covers all CB frequencies.
  • Warranty would be valid for 12 months against manufacturing defect.

Among many antennas, the best type to go with are the longer ones. The longer they tend to be, the clearer their range and connectivity. Among long range cb antennas, this can receive even the slightest of connection that comes in handy when you’re in a dire situation.

The length of the antenna is about 28 inches, which includes all the attachments required to help it connect with any radio system and vehicle. In the case of mounting, the magnet mount is useful since it will help you get better stability wherever you connect it.

It is also pre-installed with the best cb coax cable, which is capable of flawless connection, and you have the flexibility to attach it anywhere.

Moreover, the coil load is also significant for highly increasing the device’s conductivity, making the transmission much clearer and stronger.

Since it’s already quite likely that your vehicle might go through various situations where the antenna might come in contact with water, the stainless-steel construction influences protection.

It is entirely rust and corrosion-proof, so you will have fantastic performance and longevity using this product.

Additionally, the antenna can connect with any weather channels and all frequencies, so you won’t have to think about only specific connections.


  • Long-range connectivity
  • Stainless-steel build
  • 10 ft coaxial cable
  • Great load coil conductivity
  • Compatible with all frequencies


  • The base magnet could be a little stronger
  • Tuning can be slightly complicated

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2. Midland 18-258 40-Channel Glass-Mount CB Antenna

Glass-Mount CB Antenna
  • Auto & Truck Maintenance
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • Manufacturer: MIDLAND RADIO
  • 40 channels
  • Ideal for placement on glass, no holes necessary

When you are looking for something affordable and great to use in various predicaments, you should check this one out from Midland. The unique thing about this product is the glass mount system, which comes in handy when you want something right at the front.

Moreover, this is designated as one of the best performing mobile cb antenna among all the cb antenna for 18 wheeler review due to its flawless transmission mechanism.

Also, this truck cb antenna doesn’t require any holes to set up. You can just easily set up the mount and connect the antenna there. In the case of power distribution, this product only requires 10 watts of power, and it will use that to operate without interruption.

Channel’s compatibility is also quite essential to consider. This product is compatible with 40 channels giving you better access to various frequencies.

Also, the long-range length is excellent for extending the connectivity, so everything you say reaches the required connections, making your travels safer. That is also great for receiving signals so you won’t miss anything while on the road since it is essential to stay connected.

When you’re powering the device, you don’t need much. It can be fully powered using 2 AA batteries, and it is also capable of having wireless connections.


  • No hole mounting system
  • Compatible with any glass surface
  • Flawless connectivity
  • Wireless design
  • High-quality strong build


  • Initial tuning can be corruptive
  • The packaging could be slightly better

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3. AntennaMastsRus – Rubber Ducky 15 Inch Antenna Kit

Rubber Ducky 15 Inch Antenna Kit
  • FITS: ALL MARINE APPLICATIONS, Boat, Yacht, Sailboat, RV, Motorhome, Trailer,...
  • 15" Tall Black Rubber Antenna - 55" Long Reception Wire, with a Standard...
  • Shallow 1" Mounting Space Needed - 180 Degree Swivel Base, adjusts 90 degrees in...
  • Ships from Wisconsin!!

In the case of flexible construction and great design, this is the best-performing mobile cb antenna. The rubber build of the product is excellent when you want to get something with high resistance to bending and cracking on impact.

Also, the rubber body is great to look at since it gives the device more premium texture and construction which has better compatibility with different vehicles.

Moreover, the length of the product is 15 inches, which is more than enough to transmit appropriately without any interruptions. It is typically on the shorter side of antennas; therefore, this is the perfect pick as the low profile cb antenna for car since it won’t look too overbearing.

Another perfect feature of this unit is the 55-inch-long reception wire. It is efficient since you can easily set it up anywhere and still get a great connection.

Among many cb antenna for 18 wheeler review, this is known for its 180° swivel base that allows you to position your antenna in your preferred direction. Due to the flexible neck rotating system, you can focus on the correct signal position, making it the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler.

Moreover, before using the antenna, you should try to calibrate it properly. It is also fully compatible with various channels.


  • Flexible rubber body
  • 180° rotational base
  • Perfect for various vehicles
  • 15-inch compact design
  • Includes a standard Motorola connector


  • The mounting screw can be quite inefficient
  • Installation can be slightly tedious

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4. TRAM NH-4-HC Heavy Steel 4 foot CB Antenna

Heavy Steel 4 foot CB Antenna
  • Heavy-duty fiberglass construction
  • Freq: 26-29 MHz
  • Covers complete CB band
  • 1,500W
  • 3/8-Inch x 24 thread mounting

Among several products available in the market, this is undoubtedly one of the best cb radio antenna for truckers. For every long haul, it is essential to have something which will make sure you’re always in constant connection with the outside world.

This high power cb antenna is fully capable of maintaining consistent transmission and reception no matter the situation of the device or position.

Another thing about this product is its flexibility in case of connection. You can easily use this product for the various radio system. Among many other products on this list, this is one of the most heavy-duty devices. It will withstand high wind pressure during travel.

It is also made of stainless steel, which is excellent at keeping stains and rust at bay, so it doesn’t get damaged too easily or cause interruptions in connections. Due to the heavy-duty classification, it can be set up for any larger vehicles and even smaller ones available in the market.

Another interesting factor about this device is the bottom coil which is included with a stainless-steel whip. For that, it can withstand 400W of power easily!

Mounting is essential for products like this since it will make sure these are getting the right sort of stability for stronger and better efficiency during usage.


  • Excellent 24 thread mounting system
  • Far-reaching connectivity rate
  • Highly conductive bottom loading coil
  • 400W power rating of the device
  • Efficient frequency ranges


  • The tuning functionality doesn’t include proper instructions
  • Adjustments can be hard to handle

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5. Nagoya CB-72 28″ CB Center Coil-Loaded Heavy Duty Spring

Coil-Loaded Heavy Duty Spring
  • Easy To Install, Omni-Directional, Measures ~28.5 inches, Stainless Steel...
  • Extra Long 18' of Premium RG-58A/U Coax, the CB-72 Covers all CB frequencies, No...
  • Includes a PL-259 connector (for connection right to common CB radio connections...
  • Pairs Great with CB radios such as the Uniden PRO505XL or Bearcat 980SSB / 880,...
  • Heavy Duty Magnetic Mount (3.5"); Note the antenna must be magnetically mounted...

If you’re looking for a product that is the closest to being the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler, then you should check this product out for its fantastic performance. When it comes down to connectivity, this fantastic 28.5-inch antenna is the right choice for you.

Some products are quite hard to install; it requires a lot of extra work and instructions. This product is relatively easy to install on any vehicle. It has all the proper instructions to guide you through the points you need to follow to get the best response, making it the best cb radio antenna for pickup.

Another important thing for this product is the Omni-directional construction. It is great when it comes down to making sure you can move in different directions.

Moreover, since you might set up the antenna in any location you want, you need to have a long enough wire to get the right amount of power. The high-quality coaxial cable can maintain the flow of frequencies properly so you can communicate without interruptions in any location you are in.

As far as tuning is concerned, you don’t need to do any since this product is pre-tuned adequately for any radio frequencies. Additionally, it has a beautiful satin finish that will plunge into the surface for better stability when it comes down to the product base.


  • Plunging base functionality
  • PL-259 connectors included
  • Magnetic mounting system
  • All frequency coverage
  • Omni-directional design


  • Slightly high SWR in some instances
  • Packaging can cause damages to the device

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6. LUITON CB Antenna 14 Inch

CB Antenna 14 Inch
  • 【New Version CB Radio Antenna】The length is shorter and the signal is...
  • 【Compatible with】Compatible with CB radios from many brands,such as...
  • 【Heavy Duty Magnetic Base】Heavy duty magnetic mounting, it can easy to be...
  • 【Further Information】Working Frequency: 27MHz , Max Input Power: 30W , Cable...
  • 【Warranty】Simple and convenient return process. 100% satisfaction...

This is another terrific addition to the compact antenna designs. Everything from LUITON has proven to be some of the best available in the market currently. One of the most important classifications for every cb antenna is that they need to be flexible in their connections; the PL-259 connector makes this happen.

The item has a magnetic base with a 13 feet RG-58/U cable, which gives you enough clearance to maintain proper connections with your radio kit. It is also equipped with several other flexible options, like the BNC to SO-239 adapter, which allows this antenna to be used handheld.

Therefore, you have the flexibility to use the product with radios of different classifications based on your needs. Moreover, another important thing to mention is excellent connectivity and base flexibility, making it the perfect item for truck cb antenna mount.

You can just easily set it up on the roof of your vehicle, and the sufficient wiring will help you get a connection without any data loss. Another thing to mention, due to the easy-to-install procedures, you can detach it from the roof and use it on any handheld device.

So, you won’t have to worry about reattaching it since you can just take it off any time you want and use it.


  • Compact 14-inch antenna
  • 13 feet cable for better positioning
  • Easily convertible into a handheld
  • Magnetic base for flexibility
  • Equipped with great adapters


  • The rubber protector is prone to coming loose
  • The range is apt to be affected by terrain

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7. Francis 300-CB26B Hot Rod CB Antenna

Hot Rod CB Antenna
  • 3/8" - 24 Chromed Brass Ferrule
  • Black Double Quarter Wave Fiberglass CB Antenna Whip
  • Threaded Base Accepts All Standard Antenna Mounts
  • Exclusive Double Helical Winding
  • Made In the USA

In design and functionality, this product is one of the best available in the market right now. It is the best cb antenna for semi truck since you can easily set it up, and you won’t have to do anything more to get the performance you’re hoping to get.

Another thing to mention about this product is that there isn’t much flexibility on the body of the antenna, and it comes in handy when you’re at high speed. You can easily maintain the form of the product even when in contact with air at high speed. You won’t have to fix its position.

Moreover, the design is quite sleek; therefore, it doesn’t stand out too much, which gives you the flexibility to fix it in any location. But even though it has a very sleek body, it doesn’t mean it’s flimsy. The structural build of the product is one of the best in the market.

Now, you might be wondering about the mounting of the product. The threaded mount of the product has perfect stability. You can easily set it up, and it stays there.

The mount is also quite compatible with bases of all kinds; you won’t have to opt for something definite for this product. After the easy setup, you can start using it anywhere, communicating on any terrain without interruptions.


  • High-quality fiberglass whip
  • Compatible with any external mounts
  • Resistant to bending
  • Sleek design
  • Strong connections


  • The packaging needs to improve substantially
  • Threaded mount

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8. RoadPro RPPS-24KB Mirror Mount CB Antenna Kit

Mirror Mount CB Antenna Kit
  • 16 Gauge Copper Wire for Handling 1000 Watts
  • Computer Measured Copper Wire for Maximum Output and Reception
  • Hermetically Sealed Coax Cable for Extra Protection
  • 100 percent Non-Corrosive Clear Anodized Mounts with Stainless Steel Hardware

If you’re someone who prefers a mirror-mounted antenna more than others, then this one is for you. The fascinating thing about this unit is that it includes all the right connections and protection systems which will help it stick to the mirrors much better.

In the case of power, this is undoubtedly one of the best antennas available in the market right now since it utilizes about 1000 Watts of power. Now for such power, you need a robust wiring system. The 16-gauge copper wire is the perfect platform that will ensure the device gets enough power.

The wiring will ensure you get enough connectivity and reception strength. It will make your transmission much easier and smoother. Moreover, the coax cable is coated with extra protection, which protects it from damages and reduces the occurrences of connection issues.

Additionally, you might be worried about the coating, but it won’t be an issue since it is made from high-quality, non-corrosive materials. When it comes down to the mounts, this product uses a stainless-steel mount that is perfect for stability. As a result, traveling at high speeds will not be a problem.

The packaging will have everything needed to use the device straight out of the box, and you can set it up in any position you want.


  • Dual mirror mount
  • Complete kit included
  • Sealed coax cable protection
  • Free from corrosive materials
  • Stainless steel for durability


  • Tuning of the device can be difficult
  • The reception of the device is a little faulty

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9. FireStik II FS2BB CB Antenna Easy Tune

CB Antenna Easy Tune
  • Easy-tune 'bare-hands tunable tip'
  • High-performance coil design
  • Rugged solid- fiberglass core
  • High power handling

In the case of antennas, it’s quite important to have access to the tuning tool. This product from FireStick will establish exactly that. Most of the antennas available in the market right now have some complicated methods for tuning.

But for this product, the whole tuning is much simpler, and you will be able to tune it using your bare hands without any risks. The tip of the antenna is the tuning component which you can adjust to get the right frequency and receptions.

In the case of connectivity, there are no questions about it either. Due to the longer structure of the device, you can easily get clearer connections without getting interrupted. Now when it comes down to compatibility, this is compatible with any radio. It is also the best cb antenna for cobra 29 ltd.

The body of the product is made from fiberglass, which is known to have outstanding conductivity and better reception, enabling people to make better transmissions. Also, that makes for better control to handle a higher power supply which is great for flawless signal transmission and reception of signals.

Moreover, this is great for a high-speed run, so it won’t have any issues with bending and cracking. Therefore, this product will last much longer.


  • More extended structure for better reception
  • Innovative design
  • Easy tuning mechanism
  • The coiling system allows better conductivity
  • Compatible with different radio systems


  • Lacks flexibility in positioning
  • The mounting can be slightly problematic

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10. Rugged Ridge 17212.20 Antenna Mount Kit

17212.20 Antenna Mount Kit
  • ANTENNA FOR JEEP: The Rugged Ridge CB/AM/FM Antenna Mount Kits ingenious new...
  • JEEP WRANGLER ANTENNA: The after market antenna system includes the mounting...
  • OFFROAD ACCESSORIES: Get serious about the drive with a variety of off road Jeep...
  • RUGGED RIDGE JEEP PARTS: Count on Rugged Ridge to provide you with proven Jeep...
  • FIVE YEAR WARRANTY: Our Rugged Ridge products are covered by industry leading 5...

Among all the other products on this list, this is undoubtedly one of the unique ones.  In the packaging of this product, there’s everything you’ll need to get started.

The best thing about the design is the flexibility; you can set it up on any vehicle and use it as much as you need. You will receive a crystal-clear connection and great clearance so you can position it to get the reception properly.

When it comes down to the packaging and the whole kit, it has everything you might need to set it up. It will include a mounting bracket that will help you setting it on your vehicle without needing to buy any extra tools.

In the kit, all the necessary coaxial cable and connectors are present, which help setting up the data transmission to be smooth and allow the radio to transmit with better accuracy.

Due to the presence of extra connectors, you will be able to make extensive connections without needing to keep the antenna at an undesired location.

Moreover, the mounting is made from steel, so for that reason, it will not have any damages even when it is used for an extended amount of time and at high speed.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a great product for all your transmission and communication needs, this is the product you should go for since it is one of the best.


  • Multiple coaxial cables included
  • High-quality steel mount
  • Easy to install
  • Includes all the necessary equipment
  • High compatibility rate


  • The internal copper wire is prone to damages
  • Unplugging the factory antenna is difficult

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler

CB Antenna for 18 Wheeler

Before buying this product, there are few things you need to look over, and we will guide you through all of those things –

a) Cable

Cable plays one of the more prominent roles when it comes to having better connection strength.

Therefore, before going for a product, you need to look over the quality of the cables since it will help transmit signals much better.

Many things will be disrupted if the cable you’re using is not up to the mark; it will only make things problematic for you and ruin the range of the device.

So, always make sure the quality of the cable used is particularly good if you want to get flawless transmission throughout the usage.

Another thing to ensure about the cable is the length; you need a better cable length to connect with the radio much better.

b) Mounting System

The mounting system is one of the essential parts of the device since it will ensure you have the flexibility of positioning the product on your vehicle better.

It is also vital for the antenna to be positioned higher on the vehicle; otherwise, signal transmission may be inadequate.

In such cases, some mounting systems are problematic since they only allow mounting on lower positions. That won’t be useful since it will only weaken the connectivity.

Therefore, you should try using a device that has the flexibility to be positioned anywhere you want. Some with glass mounts are also great choices to go.

The glass mounts are strong, and they are much better when handling higher air strength.

c) Flexibility

Flexibility is important since it will make sure you can position the device in locations that will strengthen the connection.

Some products will not have the luxury to be positioned in various directions. The direction-setting sometimes helps the device to receive connection much better and quicker.

So, having a mechanism like a magnet base or other spring-like function will help you position and utilize that position much better.

Therefore, go for something which will make sure you can do that, and you won’t regret your purchase for even one second!

d) Compatibility

Another thing that most people tend to get in trouble with is the compatibility of the device; you want to go for a device that will have all the right settings to get the performance you want.

Without being compatible with your CB radio, you won’t get the connectivity you need. So, to find the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler, you need to keep track of the compatibility.

e) Installation

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One of the deciding factors of an easily installed antenna is the packaging it comes with; you need something that will have all the necessary items to help you set up.

Therefore, go for something with the necessary tools and kit to make sure you are installing the antenna properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do longer antennas have a better connection?

The antennas which are slightly larger in length tend to have better connection and transmission range since they have a much better reception rate due to their significant length. But there are also cases where that’s not exactly the strongest point.

2. Where should I position my antenna?

It’s always a better idea to position your antenna a little higher up. Since the higher, it is, the better clearance it has regarding connectivity. So, when you’re going for a position on your vehicle, go for somewhere higher if you want better performance.

3. Can I use the glass mount on the back window?

The glass mounts are designed to make sure you can use them in any way you want on any glass surface. The mounts are designed in such a way that you have the flexibility to use them in any way possible. So, yes, you can set it on the back window.

4. Can these be used for handheld radios?

Some of the antennas have extension cables that can be used to make sure you can connect them to other handheld radios for boosted connections. Therefore, before buying the antenna, you need to make sure it has that functionality since you can’t use the device handheld without it.

5. Do I need to buy another mounting system for these products?

You won’t need to buy anything extra to get these products to work; most of the products already have a mounting system included in the packaging that will help you set the device in position without needing anything external to get it done.

6. Do I need to make a hole in my glass for glass mounting?

Various products have different classifications, but some require you to make a hole on the glass, while others don’t require you to make any hole. Therefore, it’s better to check beforehand whether you need a hole or not.

Final Words

All of these products are designed with the hopes that you find the best cb antenna for 18 wheeler. As far as our recommendation goes, we would like you to check out the LUITON 28-inch since it’s best for long ranges and flawless transmissions.

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