Best Drag Radials on Streets

8 Best Drag Radials on Streets of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Drivers can testify that the best set of drag radials is the answer to exemplary performance on streets. Moreover, the best drag radial tires enhances awesome ride experiences while on tracks and streets.

But what are the best drag radials worthy to purchase? How do you go about selecting good street tires for drag racing? People who lack ideas about selecting street drag tires are on the appropriate platform to learn about these items.

Top 5 Drag Radials on Streets: Editor Recommended

This review provides the best drag radial for street drag racing enthusiasts should consider if they need the best performance while on tracks. We also have a detailed shoppers’ guide that narrowed the long lists prospective buyers make. Continue reading and you won’t regret your next purchase.

The 8 Best Drag Radials on Streets Reviews:

If you are still stuck selecting the best drag radial for street, worry less. We are here to provide readers and prospective buyers with a hint of top-notch models that are worthy to purchase. We shall also provide a buying guide to narrow down your selection to settle for your perfect fit.

1. Shinko Hook-Up Drag Rear Tire (180/55ZR17)

Drag Rear Tire
  • New from Shinko, the Hook-Up Drag Radial; the ultimate DOT drag tire!
  • All new light weight carcass
  • Softest compound available from Shinko
  • Tread pattern and profile designed specifically for the demands of drag racing
  • Aramid belted, DOT approved, recommended for drag race use only

We start our drag radial for street Review by presenting Shinko Hook-Up Drag Tires at the top due to their excellent performance on the streets. Shinko manufacturers design their products using Aramid belted carcass to offer excellent strength of the entire vehicle load.

Construction of these drag radials undergoes strict DOT guidelines to make them ultimate options for use on streets. Even if they are lightweight, their 6.3 pounds’ weights receive approval by DOT as good weight on the streets.

Their tread pattern stages them different from others, and they offer excellent grip while driving in the streets. Also, Shinko Hook-Up Drag Rear Tires’ profile design dictates they are specifically constructed for drag racing demands.

Highlighted Features

  • DOT approval
  • Tread pattern for excellent grip
  • Aramid belted carcass material for construction

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2. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 275/40R17 0R

Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire— 275/40R17 0R
  • Made in Japan
  • Package Height: 10.9"
  • Package Length: 25.7"
  • Package Width: 25.7"

Most people love multi-purpose drag radials since they tend to withstand all possible abuse on streets that pure options. If this is also what you are looking for, Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 275/40R17 0R are worth it.

Made in Japan, manufacturers design them with specialized race compounds to ensure the tread receives equal pressure distribution. What makes Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 275/40R17 0R models exemplary are their large center ribs.

This not only provides excellent contact with the track also provides excellent dry traction required while on the streets. Give them a try and testify your experience to other prospective buyers out there.  Another greatness about these drag radials is their enhanced sidewall construction and large shoulder blocks.

Features that provide longitudinal launch traction as well as straight-line stability throughout. Designed in Japan, these drag radial are DOT certified making them perfect options for enjoyable drives in streets.

Highlighted Features

  • Specialized race compound for pressure distribution
  • Large center ribs for added traction
  • Enhanced sidewall construction for stability
  • DOT approval

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3. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 315/35R17 0R

Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire— 315/35R17 0R
  • The Package Height of the Product is 12.4 inches
  • The Package Length of the Product is 25.7 inches
  • The Package Width of the Product is 25.7 inches
  • The Package Weight of the Product is 30.6 pounds

You need radials that not only withstand all street abuses but also the ones providing excellent grip overall. Apart from this, versatility also comes in as a great aspect when looking for drag radials to purchase.

Considering all these aspects, the Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 315/35R17 0R makes the perfect models worthy of the value. One thing that makes them choices of many people is their DOT certification that proves they are safe for use.

With 25.7 × 25.7 × 12.4 inches of dimensions and 30.6 pounds weight, they make the perfect option for dry competitions. Moreover, they feature specialized race compounds engineered to provide maximum traction and even tread pressure distribution.

Like other nitto street drag radials, Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 315/35R17 0R feature large center ribs. For an excellent drag radial, large center ribs is a mean of continuous patch contact with the track. A combination of the specialized race compound and large center ribs provides excellent dry traction to the ground.

Highlighted Features

  • DOT certification
  • Large center ribs for perfect track contact
  • Specialized race compound for even pressure distribution

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4. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 345/30R19 0R

Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 345/30R19 0R
  • This product is not for sale in the state of Arkansas

Here comes another excellent drag radial from Nitto experts who have tested and proved they are worthy of the value. Their features are almost similar to other Nitto drag radials, but they tend to be bigger than the rest. Nitto NT05R Drag Radial Tire — 345/30R19 0R measures 27.2 × 27.2 × 13.6 inches, and they weigh 34.4 pounds.

Like other Nitto drag radials, these models feature increased sidewall construction to provide maximum traction at start lines. Moreover, increased sidewall construction provides more stability while driving on the streets and strips.

Nitto 345/30R19 0R drag radials provide excellent traction when driving in dry conditions. Furthermore, they are a great representation of the safest drag radials since they have the DOT approval certification.

Another excellent feature they boast is large and solid center ribs to attain a continuous contact patch to the ground. Lastly, they feature the special race component to ensure there is even pressure distribution as well as even wear.

Highlighted Features

  • Enhanced sidewall construction for added traction and stability
  • DOT approval for safety driving
  • Large center ribs for increased stability
  • Special race compound for even pressure distribution

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5. Mickey Thompson Street Legal Drag Tire

Street Legal Drag Tire
  • Product Type :Vehicle Tire
  • Package Dimensions :33.02 Cm L X71.12 Cm W X71.12 Cm H
  • Country Of Origin :United States
  • Package Weight :35.0Lbs

Now, if the Nitto products don’t seem the best options for you, Mickey Thompson manufacturers have you covered. These manufacturers have been in this industry for a couple of years focused to produce the best street tires for grip ever.

Why can’t you try the Mickey Thompson products and provide other prospective buyers a testimony? Made in the USA, Mickey Thompson 90000031237 drag radials provide incredible traction that is ideal for occasional street and competition.

Provided the DOT certification, these models make the safest options for enjoyable drag racing experiences. Moreover, they employ proven race compounds that not only enhance even pressure distribution on the tread.

Like other competitive models, the Mickey Thompson 90000031237 ET drag radials boast increased sidewall construction and large center ribs. Increased flexibility of sidewalls enables them lower distortion and provide excellent stability. Also, their large center ribs ensure there is a continuous perfect contact patch to the street or track.

Highlighted Features

  • DOT certification for safety purposes
  • Special race compound for added traction and even pressure distribution
  • Enhanced sidewall construction for added stability
  • Large center ribs for increased contact patch

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6. Mickey Thompson ET Street R — Radial Drag Tire — P255/60R15

Street R — Radial Drag Tire — P255/60R15
  • Proven R2 compound provides superior performance at the strip with little...
  • Tubeless “Radial Pro” technology to provide the ultimate traction
  • Minimal tread void for the ultimate dry traction
  • 8 popular 15- to 18-inch radial sizes

Searching for the best drag radial in this saturated market is hectic as well as time taking. However, there are several drag radials around experts and other customers who have tested and ascertained they are worth their value.

Mickey Thompson Radial — P255/60R15 is the best examples of a phantom supercharger as they prove excellent being excellent performers on streets. As advanced models around, they employ the tubeless Radial Pro mechanism to provide incredible traction.

These models make the perfect options in occasional streets and for competitions. Moreover, they have minimal tread void to increase their dry traction and provide an excellent drive experience.

Nevertheless, Mickey Thompson Radial — P255/60R15 stands out provides both quiet street rides and perfect straight-line traction. They employ the proven R2 compound that not only provides excellent performance but also ensures there is even pressure distribution. Manufacturer advice customers not to use these drag radials on DYNO.

Highlighted Features

  • Tubeless radial pro mechanism for added traction
  • Minimal tread void for excellent traction
  • ProvenR2 compound for even pressure distribution

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7. Mickey Thompson Radial Tire Drag Racing

Radial Tire Drag Racing
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Package quantity: 1
  • Product type: Vehicle_Tire
  • Package dimensions: 30.48 cmsLx72.39 cmsWx73.66 cmsH

Here is another Mickey Thompson model that exhibits excellent value-added features worthy to consider when shopping for these items. Made in the USA, they measure 12 × 12 × 11 inches, and weigh 36.8 pounds. Customer packages arrive on time containing a pack of 1 drag radial tire.

Like other market radials, Mickey Thompson 90000031236 ET Street R are DOT certified as safe models for use on streets. Experts have tested them and ascertained they are excellent, reliable, and convenient performers.

Moreover, they use proven race compounds for enhanced traction on streets and even pressure distribution on the tread. That isn’t all about the Mickey Thompson 90000031236 ET Street radials. They boast large and solid center ribs to provide continuous and excellent contact patches on tracks.

Likewise, their increased sidewall construction also in their construction to increase stability and provide an enjoyable drive experience. Mickey Thompson produces excellent products worthy of investing to get perfect rides all through.

Highlighted Features

  • DOT certification for safety purposes
  • Proven race compounds for added traction and even pressure distribution
  • Large solid center ribs for continuous contact patch
  • Enhanced sidewall construction to provide excellent stability

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8. Mickey Thompson Pro Drag Rad Racing Radial Tire — 29.5/9.0R15

Drag Rad Racing Radial Tire
  • Radial construction for less rolling resistance
  • Zero growth for predictable gear ratios
  • Compounded for maximum traction
  • Excellent for Heads-Up/Class Racing
  • Works best with auto trans applications

Lastly, we present another Mickey Thompson model, the Mickey Thompson Pro — 29.5/9.0R15 that has proved worthwhile in the market. Even if they get constructed from Mickey Thompsons, these models are quite different from the rest in their body design.

However, experts and several users have testified the best user experiences with them. They tend to provide faster drives since their radial design provides minimal rolling resistance than their counterparts.

Moreover, their radial slicks provide an edge over other drag cooper drag radials in the market. However, manufacturers design Mickey Thompson Pro — 29.5/9.0R15 best for auto Trans applications.

Like other drag radials in the market, these models use proven race compounds to provide incredible traction. Nevertheless, they experience zero growth to provide out predictable gear ratios. If you need radials for class/heads-up racing, these are your best bet.

Highlighted Features

  • Radial design for minimal rolling resistance
  • Proven race compound for added traction
  • Radial slicks for excellent performance

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Drag Radials on Streets

Due to market saturation, it’s not a simple task to choose the best drag radial for street from the several market models. But should we just pick any option around to satisfy ourselves?

Drag Radials on Streets

No, we need to enlighten ourselves on how to make formidable choices we avoid regrets afterward. Below are factors prospective buyers should mind to make appropriate decisions while in the market for these items.

a) DOT Rated

Like other products presented for sale, there are strict guidelines manufacturers need to follow when constructing these items. This is a similar thing to drag radial manufacturers; they need to construct these items to strict DOT regulations.

Authorities set strict guidelines that ensure producers create drag radials that have excellent traction. Such a measure provides maximum safety to the users while enjoying drives on the street.

Now, in the market, you will find both DOT certified and those that lack such certification patches. Apart from safety concerns, those with the DOT patch or stamp are proof of approved strength and durability.

Ensure you check this certification if you really need something that will stay to provide you best experience. Otherwise, some states don’t permit using unapproved drag radials on the streets and tracks.

b) Weight

Here is another excellent aspect drag radial buyers should consider choosing the best street tires for drag racing models. The weight is a deterministic factor of the overall strength of the drag radial.

Usually, there is a recommended weight that drag radial should boast to ascertain their perfectness on the road. However, since they are 10% lighter compared to conventional tires, they don’t require testing to ascertain their effectiveness.

Mind that you won’t just drive in smooth areas, there are pothole points where you will need to penetrate. Here, there is a need for a much greater load rating to the wheel to pass through these curbs successfully.

Usually, the drag-only radials get tested through SFI standards since the DOT regulations are tougher. As a buyer, ensure you choose drag radials that boast good weights to provide you best experience.

c) Read the Sidewall

At times, you might find a certain store selling only the DOT-regulated drag radials vs street tires. However, this doesn’t mean that they are perfect, and they can serve your intended needs.

There are several features and specifications you also require considering depending on where you plan to use them. For instance for street and strip tires, you need to inspect the sidewall construction before paying for the radial.

The best street legal drag tires have sturdy sidewalls for excellent riding as well as for cornering purposes. Most people usually go for flexible options since they offer excellent track traction on the streets.

However, the flexible options don’t make perfect models since they don’t do it perfectly when turning corners. Consider drag radials with enhanced sidewall construction to get perfect rides wherever you drive.

d) Air Pressure

We all need perfect, and excellent performing drag radials both on the road and highway. Apart from the general build and design of the drag radial, pressure matters also.

The drag radial pressure determines its performance as well as its general lifespan. Insufficient pressure can possibly reduce the lifespan of drag radials by 50%. Manufacturers recommend customers maintain the set standard pressures to maintain their drag radials perfect conditions longer.

Usually, the set pressure limit for smaller options ranges between 11 and 14 psi. Larger drag radials need a pressure of between 12 and 16 psi for them to provide you effective service. Otherwise, below the 11 psi set rate, your drag radial will survive for the shortest period.

e) Warranty

Apart from the above factors, the warranty aspect is also important when choosing the best drag radial for daily driver. Usually, warranties are a deterministic factor of the quality of products.

Manufacturers mostly back their products with different warranty periods to differentiate themselves from their counterparts. Some provide even a month warranty and others have theirs for life.

Now, when purchasing drag radials, be careful with this aspect since it states the construction quality. Mind about taking the longest warranties since that is a sign of quality construction. Such a consideration places you in the best position whenever your radials develop problems.

f) Compounds

When designing the drag radials, manufacturers construct them bearing in mind the drag racing demands. All compounds employed to construct them should meet the demands of the best drag radial on highways or streets.

Usually, manufacturers design the drag radials using a special soft race compound that ensures to ensure they fit lightweight vehicles. But what’s the big deal here?

Only the harder drag radials make the perfect options on the streets. Harder drag radials also contribute greatly to the general lifespan as well as the price aspect alike.

In such cases, it’s important to mind the special compounds employed to construct your intended models. Otherwise, softer compounds don’t make perfect models on streets and highways alike.

g) Budget

Lastly, we can’t ignore the cost aspect since this is overall when purchasing any product. Before going to the market, buyers should have in mind the lowest amount they wish to spend. However, you always need to stay ready for little adjustment to your set budget.

Your selection should entail comparing them against their features and specifications. Afterward, make a list of about five drag radials that can fit your needs. Complete the selection by choosing the relatively affordable option from your favorite pick.

Storing Drag Radials Effectively

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We need our drag radials to provide us best experiences for an extended period. Achieving this isn’t an easy thing and it will only come true if we maintain them the best way. Maintaining drag radials starts by storing them effectively in the best places. But where should you store these items and how should you do that?

Now, drag radial manufacturers recommend storing these items in cool and dry places after use. By these, we mean in rooms that have surface temperatures of between 50 and 90 degrees F. This temperature prevents any form of buildup that can damage the radial.

Moreover, you can still find carrier bags large enough to place your drag radials for storage. However, you will require to inspect them regularly to ascertain they are in their appropriate conditions. Also, always ensure to store the drag radials off from direct sunlight.

That’s not all about proper storage of the drag radials. Before storing these items, ensure you deflate them and prevent them from freezing. Nevertheless, your drag radials should remain dry and never come into contact with solvents that might damage the rubber.

Drag Radial Lifespan

Like other items around, drag radial lifespan depends on several factors. Mostly, the extent to which your drag radials can stay depends on how you maintain, where, and how you use them. Apart from this, drag radial lifespan also depends on your vehicle and the average burnout the radial receives.

Construction of drug radials incorporates softer compounds for excellent performance by this provides them reduced lifespan. Usually, manufacturers recommend using these items on dry roads, however, the advanced options can work perfectly anywhere. But what’s the average lifespan of these items?

Averagely, these items can last for up to 3,000 miles when used for dual purposes. However, they can still go up to 5,000 miles if well maintained before you replace them. Signs on worn-out drag radials include tread grooves fading off as when the carcass breakdown.

However, this will depend greatly on how these radials will run and how you maintain them. Ensure you clean them all gunk on the surface before storage to prevent buildup. In addition, regular inspections can add up to the general lifespan of your drag radial.


Several manufacturers have indulged in the market producing different drag radial models to compete for space in the industry. Selecting drag radials isn’t something to run over and fall regretting afterward. You need to do research and take time to settle on the perfect model that stays to give the best service.

However, with our detailed drag radial for street Review, prospective buyers can now enjoy the hassle-free selection. Our review provides an idea about the best drag radial for street worthy to purchase in the market.

They form the perfect options buyers should consider when they intend to go for these products. Alongside, the shopper’s guide will enlighten you on how to make the brightest decision to settle for the best overall. Read through our review and you will enjoy the selection process.

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