Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports

5 Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Those who suffer from cold nights, are concerned about their energy bills, or simply appreciate a more comfortable bed will find that an electric blanket is a great investment.

Electrical Safety Foundation International Program Manager Daniel Majano suggests seeking for certification of safety when purchasing an electric blanket and only purchasing from trustworthy retailers. “This aids in avoiding fakes that may not have the same level of safety features as the genuine article, such as those that have been examined and approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

To ensure that electrical equipment and other products are safe when used as intended, NRTLs put them through rigorous testing and certification “His generosity is unmatched. After hearing this, we made sure that all of the electric blankets we included in our roundup had been tested and certified by either UL or ETL, both of which are NRTLs in the United States.

We spent countless hours looking into and testing a wide variety of electric blankets before settling on our top picks. The Micro Flannel Reverse to Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket, available in a wide range of sizes and colors and featuring an automatic shutoff after 10 hours, dual controls, and a plush microfleece surface, is our top selection.

Top 10 Electric Blanket Consumer Reports: Editor Recommended

The 5 Best Electric Blanket Consumer Reports Review:

1. Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket with Sherpa Back

Micro Flannel Electric Blanket
  • BACKLIT CONTROLLER AND SAFETY FEATURES: Electric Blanket controller With auto...
  • EASY CARE, MACHINE WASH & DRY: Wash and dry as you would any blanket, won't...
  • TRADITION OF QUALITY: Shavel is a family owned company focused on home textiles...

Choose this selection from Bed, Bath & Beyond if you’re looking for something that’s great in every way and has enough of space for your essentials. The sherpa lining keeps you toasty without making you too hot. “When I go to bed, I like a cooler mattress and sheets so that I can bundle up. After a while, I just start to feel too heated. On a low setting, this blanket wouldn’t be too hot for me to comfortably use “asserts our testing. It was also noted that when under this covering, neither wires nor the weather could be felt. A lot of people have compared it to “cloud sleeping.”

This Micro Flannel blanket eliminates the common problem of shedding associated with sherpa. This seven-layer fabric is hypoallergenic since it is packed with a down substitute. The fact that the queen and king sizes come with two controllers means that you and your partner can set different temperatures for up to 12 hours, which is a wonderful feature. With the memory function, the blanket can keep track of your preferences.

Furthermore, we appreciate that after 10 hours of use, the blanket will turn off automatically. Don’t fret over an early shutoff or any electrical danger; you may sleep comfortably all night long with this heater.

While our inspector found that coffee and other liquids could potentially leave behind minor stains that required spot cleaning, the blanket is also machine washable.


  • Machine washable
  • Comes in eight colors
  • Dual controllers for larger sizes
  • Five-year warranty


  • Can be hard to remove stains

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2. CURECURE Electric Throws Lightweight Soft Double-Layer Warming Flannel Plush Blanket

Warming Flannel Plush Blanket
  • 【Soft】The electric blanket is flannel material, the multi-layer flannel...
  • 【Machine Washable】The product structure is easy to maintain. Before...
  • 【Adjustable Temperature】The heating blanket has 4 heating settings with just...
  • 【Timerable】The quality and safety of the electric blanket has passed the ETL...
  • 【Multifunctional】This heating blanket is unisex, light weight and easy to...

The CURECURE heated blanket is an excellent choice for individuals looking to save money, as it costs roughly half as much as the typical electric blanket. The supple velour fabric ensures a pleasant wear without any obtrusive wires. Our reviewer reported feeling consistently warm when using the blanket, despite its limited range of temperature options (just four).

The blanket comes in five different colors and four different sizes, and it can be machine-washed on a cold cycle but should be air-dried instead. Although our reviewer wished it had more settings options, this product is nonetheless highly recommended due to its low price. It may be cleaned on the spot and is very simple to use.


  • Affordable
  • Long power chord
  • Machine-washable


  • No advanced controls

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3. Soft Plush Electric Heated Blanket Throw

Electric Heated Blanket Throw
  • PROTECTED AND SAFE: We engineered our heating blankets to heat up while emitting...
  • SUPER SIMPLE TO WASH: Just disconnect the controller and power cables and simply...

Frozen toes? Grab the Degrees of Comfort Micro-Plush Heated Blanket. It’s machine-washable, dryer-safe construction and lengthy guarantee of five years helped it receive a perfect score in both effectiveness and durability categories. Our reviewer didn’t feel any cords or discomfort while cuddling because to the generous length of the power cord.

What sets this electric throw apart is its convenient foot pocket, perfect for tucking your feet into while you relax in front of the TV or work at your computer. Even though our reviewer noticed a few loose threads right out of the package, they still found this blanket to be quite comfortable and just the right amount of toasty.


  • Affordable
  • Foot pocket
  • UL-certified
  • Five-year warranty


  • Shuts off after two hours

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4. Shavel Home Products Micro Flannel Solid Electric Heated Blanket

Micro Flannel Solid Electric Heated Blanket
  • Warmth & Comfort: Luxuriously soft and warm with innovative 7 layers of quilted...
  • Updated Controller: New for 2020, a redesigned large-number controller with...
  • Anti-Shrink & Anti-Pill: Designed to never fade, shrink, or pill, Micro Flannel...
  • Machine washable: Crafted from double-brushed, smooth, and wrinkle-free...
  • Your bedding needs: Discover the full line of Shavel Home Products including...

To some people’s dismay, electric blankets are often cumbersome and unsightly when not in use. The good news is that this recommendation from Shavel is available in a wide variety of eye-catching designs and hues, so you may liven up your lounge area without having to leave your chair. The fact that this option’s attractive design is not at the expense of its sturdy build or useful features is greatly appreciated.

The blanket heated up as advertised, and when I slept down under it, I didn’t even see the wires. The dual heat setting is great for couples who share a bed, adds our reviewer. There are eight different temperature settings and an automated shutoff timer that you may set. The flannel is substantial and extremely plush, with no wires being particularly obvious. Even though it’s a touch pricey, we’re big fans of this blanket because of its stylish functionality.


  • Attractive color and pattern options
  • Thick, soft flannel material
  • Dual controls


  • A bit pricey

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5. Beautyrest Reversible Sherpa to Fleece Electric Wrap Poncho Blanket

Fleece Electric Wrap Poncho Blanket
  • Evenly spaced heating elements deliver even heat distribution throughout. 100%...
  • Luxuriously reversible cozy sherpa to fleece electric wrap for extra warmth in...
  • Features 3 Heat settings to help you find the perfect temperature. And 2 hours...
  • 1 Heated Wrap: 50 inx64 in; power cord 6ft; controller cord 3ft
  • Conveniently machine washable, simply unplug it and toss it into the wash....

One of our favorite electric blankets is the Beautyrest Heated Shawl because it doesn’t require any hand manipulation at all. All three heat settings will keep you toasty without drawing attention to the wiring. The blanket can be worn around the shoulders like a shawl, keeping you toasty while you relax on the couch or take a stroll through the home.

This is a wonderful choice for youngsters and teenagers because of the low price and wide range of available colors. In addition, it has been certified as being free of dangerous emissions by UL, so you know it is safe to use. Although our reviewer found the Beautyrest wearable blanket’s cord and control panel to be rather cumbersome, she praised the blanket’s uniform heating and user-friendliness.


  • Can use hands-free
  • Evenly distributed heat
  • Affordable


  • Plug and control panel can be bulky

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Buying Guide: What to Look for in an Electric Blanket

a) Material

You might not like using a heated blanket as much if it’s toasty yet itchy. Thankfully, many of the heated blankets available now are crafted from ultra-cozy microfiber fabrics or sherpa-style blankets that are both fluffy and warm to the touch. The convenience of being machine-washable is an additional perk of most polyester microfiber blankets.

b) Size

Think about where you’ll be using the electric blanket — in bed or on the couch. Though convenient for sleeping, an electric blanket the size of a comforter is likely to take up too much room on your couch or chair, in addition to being inefficient. You may get several of heated blankets that are about the size of a throw. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an electric blanket to keep you toasty all night long, you can find one in any size from twin to king.

c) With timer-controlled off

The vast majority of electric blankets sold today include a safety feature that turns them off after a certain amount of time. This means that it will shut off after a certain amount of time even if you neglect to do so. The typical sleep-specific electric blanket has a 10-hour auto-shutoff timer, however some may have a 2- or 3-hour limit.

Program Manager for the Electrical Safety Foundation International, Daniel Majano, advises, “Heating appliances should never be left unattended or utilized while sleeping.” Your blanket will be protected all night thanks to the automatic shutoff feature.

d) Warning symbols

H. Landis “Lanny” Floyd is a professional engineer, certified safety professional, and adjunct professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham. He recommends looking for labeling from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or another recognized national testing laboratory. “The label guarantees the blanket meets all applicable safety regulations. Changing the temperature and turning off the blanket without removing the cord is a typical safety feature.”


i) Can you wash an electric blanket?

The majority of modern electric blankets may be washed in the machine; simply unplug the cord first. Not all of them are meant to be air-dried, and some can be dried in a dryer. Before cleaning an electric blanket, make sure you read and understand the manufacturer’s care instructions.

ii) Are electric blankets safe?

Floyd assures The Spruce that using an electric blanket in the house is risk-free, but notes that “an electric blanket is an electrical appliance.” Because of this, he stresses the importance of carefully reading the handbook before putting it to use, as it will detail how to spot damage and avoid dangers.

Floyd cautions against secondhand purchases of electric blankets as well. “There could be unseen harm to the blanket since you have no idea how it has been handled. Current product safety requirements necessitate that new products have certain safety features, and an old blanket may not have such.”

Also, according to Majano, electric blankets are risk-free when used appropriately. “While using an electric blanket or heating pad, never place anything on top of it. Having anything on top of an electric blanket increases the risk of overheating. Electric blankets can overheat and start a fire if plugged into an extension cable or power strip. Electric blankets and space heaters are examples of heat-generating gadgets that must be plugged directly into an electrical outlet “This is what he has to say, she explains.

Furthermore, he suggests that electric blankets not be folded while in use. He reveals that electric blankets older than ten years are particularly risky. “Maintain the electric blanket and its cord in good condition. You should inspect the electrical cord for cracks and frayed or blackened areas. Renew any electric blanket or heating pad that has seen better days, “These are his suggestions.

iii) How much energy does an electric blanket use?

Unlike conventional blankets, electrified ones are relatively energy efficient. On average, they draw 100 watts, which translates to around $0.011 in electrical costs every hour. 2 When the temperature outside drops, many people turn to electric blankets to remain warm without running up their electricity bill. According to Majano, the wattage is typically listed on the package of your electric blanket.


The Micro Flannel Reverse to Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket was rated as the best because to its high comfort level, adjustable heat, and two separate controls. If you’re looking for something that won’t break the bank, try the CURECURE Heated Blanket instead.

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