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8 Best Jeep Liberty Lift Kit of 2022 – Reviews By An Expert!

The daily chore of dealing with bumpy and potholed roads isn’t a pleasant experience for anyone. Aren’t we right? Not only does it hamper your ride quality, but it also can be slow yet extensively damaging to your vehicle.

Remember all the time that you had to scrape your Jeep’s casing while off-roading? Well, not anymore when you have the best jeep liberty lift kits!

Top 5 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit: Editor Choice

You can easily lift your Jeep to a raised height to avoid it from facing damage using lift kits for jeep liberty and, in exchange, giving you a comfortable ride. Then, get your hands on one of our top picks that suit the best for you.

The 8 Best Jeep Liberty Lift Kit Reviews:

In a sea of new-releasing lift kits that flood the markets every day, it can be a tiresome and baffling experience. Scrummaging through jeep liberty lift kit Reviews is no easy task.

It’s no secret that the greater the number of products available, the lengthier your selection process becomes. But don’t worry! We have brought you the top kits to select from and lift your Jeep conveniently.

1. Supreme Suspensions – 2002 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

2002 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 2002 - 2007 Jeep Liberty KJ (2WD 4WD)
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: 2.5 inch front and 2 inch rear suspension lift. *Please note...
  • INSTALLATION: After an easy 2-4 hour installation process*, you're ready to...
  • BENEFITS: Improves the look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance,...
  • PREMIUM CAN COOZIE: Included with purchase is a Supreme Suspensions Waterproof...

What’s worst than fitting your Jeep with your favorite set of tires and having your suspension not regulate properly? Of course, this might happen if your vehicle lift is incorrect.

But with lift kits like this one from Supreme Suspensions, you do not need to worry! Lift your Jeep to the perfect height with ease and convenience.

The brand makes all of the components in this leveling kit with high-quality steel material and designs them to improve your ride quality.

They also enhance the comfort of your Jeep and will last you a lifetime. Also, the manufacturers put in immense amounts of work developing these components to have them withstand various impacts and weather conditions.

Besides, they come along with a protective coating to prevent corrosion and rusting.

Moreover, the lift kits go through strict quality controls done by specialists. With this, you can install and ride your Jeep with the most confidence.

Furthermore, the components in the kit don’t require you to cut or modify them before installing.

You can install them at one go without having to go through unnecessary hassle and stress as they’re an easy yet safe kit for you to handle. Get your hands on this premium lift kit without spending a ton if you are looking for a 2004 jeep liberty lift kit!


  • Made from robust steel components
  • Compatible with various immense climates
  • It goes through precise quality controls
  • Modification is not required


  • Requires painting

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2. Daystar KC09106BK – 2008 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

2008 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
  • Designed to improve ground clearance
  • Enhance the performance of the vehicle
  • Allow use of large tires
  • Made from high density polyurethane
  • Facilitate easy installation

Higher ground clearance ensures a greater amount of space for your vehicle to move in and helps absorb shocks from the road better.

With the proper lift kits to raise your Jeep, you can achieve it too! If you don’t know where to start, here’s one from Daystar that will make the process as smooth as butter.

One of the significant benefits of lifting your vehicle using a lift kit is that it improves the overall performance of your Jeep without any extra accessory.

Not only that, but it is also a great step to take to prevent any damage to your vehicle’s suspension system. Greater ground clearance protects your vehicle’s underbody and chassis from any probable scraping.

Moreover, the brand makes its products under factory suspension standards, which allows you to increase your vehicle’s ride height conveniently.

The standards also don’t require any extra modification or complex accessories, which reduces the manufacturing and selling cost. All the components you need comes with the kit.

With this, you can install larger tires without compromising your vehicle’s performance or comfortability. The manufacturers make all the components with polyurethane consisting of high density that extends your time of use.

However, you might want to opt. for longer shocks to go with this lift kit to regulate perfectly.


  • Affordable
  • It fits perfectly without modification
  • Long-lasting
  • Increases ride height


  • Installation is complicated

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3. Rough Country 687 – 2012 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

2012 Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
  • Give your Liberty the Perfect Blend of Performance, Protection, and Style from...
  • Unmatched Ground Clearance to Conquer On and Off-Road Obstacles.
  • Maintains Smooth, Factory-Like Ride | Levels the Front with the Rear.
  • Precision Laser Cut materials used in CAD process.
  • Backed by Rough Country's Limited Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

Using lift kits is a great alternative to enhance your Jeep’s overall outlook. If you are looking for one that will do the same, here’s one of the best jeep liberty for off road from the line of Rough Country!

Whether you want to have smooth rides on your Jeep or an aggressive-looking exterior, this one has got both of them covered.

One of the significant benefits of lifting your vehicle and adding in the extra space is that they perform better on uneven terrains and off-road.

If you are a frequent traveler of such unsurfaced tracks, this one will definitely be a game-changer for your car and its overall performance. It also significantly improves the suspension performance.

Moreover, the kit also protects your vehicle’s suspension components from any sorts of scraping or corrosion. Besides, they level the rear and front of your vehicle on its own to give it a more symmetrical look.

Plus, the kit comes with spacers for the coil at the rear end and the upper strut on the front.

All the things you need to achieve an additional raise on your Jeep are already in the kit. With this, you don’t need to worry about running to the store to get any other tools.

If you have a habit of using factory-made ones, don’t stress either! These perform just as well as the factory-made lift components.


  • Durable and last long
  • Easy installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Enhances the overall look of your Jeep


  • Complex instruction manual

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4. Supreme Suspensions  Jeep Liberty KK Lift Kit

Jeep Liberty KK Lift Kit
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 2002 - 2007 Jeep Liberty KJ and 2008 - 2012 Jeep Liberty KK (2WD...
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: 2.5 inch front suspension lift. *Please note that front spacer...
  • INSTALLATION: After an easy 1-2 hour installation process*, you're ready to...
  • BENEFITS: Improves the look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance,...
  • PREMIUM CAN COOZIE: Included with purchase is a Supreme Suspensions Waterproof...

Getting front lifts is a great idea if you want to level the front end of your vehicle to the rear end of it. In fact, several manufacturers lower the front end of their stock vehicles.

If your vehicle is one of them, considering getting a lift with a front lift kit like this one from, yet again, Supreme Suspensions.

It is especially essential if you are looking to install larger tires with wider rims. They are compatible with custom rims and tires, too.

If you are a modification enthusiast and customize your Jeep a lot, this kit will definitely come in handy. Besides, the kit allows you to raise your vehicles conveniently without any hassle or extra accessories.

The manufacturers include strut spacers in the package they construct with high-quality and robust steel material to complete the front lift.

Also, the kit comes along with a manual and hardware to install the components and Supreme Suspensions pro set to make your installation process a breeze!

Moreover, the installation process takes about 1-2 hours max. How fast is that? Unlike several other lift kits, this one from our list of best jeep liberty tires requires a fraction of the time you would have to spend on them.

Besides, if you have enough mechanical skills, you can install them by yourself too!


  • Requires less installation time
  • Prevents damage to components at the front
  • Compatible with uneven terrain
  • Allows to fit custom rims and tires


  • Wind resistance increases

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5. Supreme Suspensions Lift Kit Jeep Liberty

Lift Kit Jeep Liberty
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 2002 - 2007 Jeep Liberty KJ (2WD 4WD)
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: 2 inch rear suspension lift.
  • INSTALLATION: After an easy 1-2 hour installation process*, you're ready to...
  • BENEFITS: Improves the look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance,...
  • PREMIUM CAN COOZIE: Included with purchase is a Supreme Suspensions Waterproof...

Just like front leveling kits, Supreme Suspension makes rear leveling kits too! So now you too can get your hands on one of the premium quality lift kits, even if they are for your vehicle’s rear end.

So whether you want to cruise on off-roads or the regular freeway, this one has got your back.

Like all their other lift kits, the brand also constructs all the components in this kit with high-quality steel that is durable and sturdy enough to last you long.

Moreover, the manufacturers specially wield them to resist harsh impacts like diverse climates or uneven terrains.

They regularly trial them and put them through stern quality checks to maintain proper product standards. As a result, these definitely won’t disappoint you in terms of performance and quality.

Moreover, every component in the kit comes with a unique powder finish to prevent rusting and corrosion.

Furthermore, this specific kit is also an excellent option for you if you are a starter or have little knowledge about automobile parts since they require no alteration.

Without any extra wielding and chopping off components, you can install them with utmost ease and safety.


  • Strong and durable component
  • Resistant from corrosion
  • Compatible to tough climates
  • Keeps vehicle’s body safe from damage


  • Lowers your vehicle’s fuel efficiency

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6. Supreme Suspensions Jeep Liberty with Lift Kit

Jeep Liberty with Lift Kit
  • COMPATIBLE WITH 2008 - 2012 Jeep Liberty KK (2WD 4WD)
  • TECHNICAL NOTES: 2.5 inch front and 2 inch rear suspension lift. *Please note...
  • INSTALLATION: After an easy 2-4 hour installation process*, you're ready to...
  • BENEFITS: Improves the look of your vehicle and increases ground clearance,...
  • PREMIUM CAN COOZIE: Included with purchase is a Supreme Suspensions Waterproof...

Several lift kits aren’t compatible with the newer models of the Jeep. But, if you happen to own one, we have got you covered!

You don’t have to look around online or in the market anymore; Supreme Suspensions have dealt with your dilemma.

Like their full lift kits for the older versions of Jeep, they came up with kits for newer models.

Similar to their previous models, you can effortlessly raise your jeep height to one of your likings. In addition, you can level and align both the ends of your vehicle using this all-in-one kit.

Moreover, the kits already come with all the tools you need, such as hardware, manuals, and even the Supreme Suspension pro set.

If you own any of the models of Jeep between 2008 to 2012, you are good to go with this one from our best jeep liberty accessories at your hand.

However, do make sure to note that this lift kit comes with spacers that are the coil spring kind, so before you make your purchase, check with your vehicle’s specifications to confirm if they are compatible or not.

As far as installation is concerned, it takes about two to three hours since they are a complete lift kit that helps you align both ends of your vehicle instead of only one.

It is relatively faster than other types of lift kits you can find out in the market. With this, you can now install larger tires, even custom ones, with utmost ease and convenience.


  • All the required tools are included
  • Less time consuming
  • It fits custom auto parts
  • Compatible with newer models of jeeps


  • Can make your ride noisier

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7. Takeo Rear KK Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

KK Jeep Liberty Lift Kit
  • 【Contents】2x Rear Strut Coil Spring Suspension Lift Spacers
  • 【Fitment】Fits For Jeep Liberty KK 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 4WD 4x4 2WD 4x2
  • 【Feature】Improved look and enough ride height clearance to run up to...
  • 【Installation】Easy installation takes 2-3 hours; alignment is recommended...

Another excellent choice for a rear lift kit from our top picks is this one from Takeo. It reduces the hassle of installation and ensures the optimum quality and comfort of your ride.

If you are looking for a kit to be installed by professionals, this one is a perfect match for you.

Anyone who has seen or done the installation process can vouch for how tiresome it can get. Many people opt for professionals to install their lift components, but you can do that hassle-free with this one.

This set produces symmetric levels between the two ends when you lift the rear end of your vehicle.

It doesn’t produce uneven alignment and almost instantly transforms the exterior of your Jeep without having to wait for the lengthy process to end.

In addition, the strut extensions that come in the kit to mount in your vehicle immediately raise the ride height and make room for your tires to fit in.

This set also features coil spring types of spacers; thus, be careful to check your vehicle’s specifications properly before installing them.

But, with all that out of the way, you can enjoy smooth and comfortable rides on your higher Jeep without the discomforts of jerking or scraping.


  • Increase ride height easily
  • Enhances the look of your vehicle
  • It doesn’t affect the factory OEM quality of ride
  • Compatible with newer versions of Jeep


  • Requires an alignment after installation

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8. Waverspeed 2.5″ Lift Kit for Jeep Liberty KK

Lift Kit for Jeep Liberty KK
  • FITMENT - For Jeep Liberty KK 4WD 2008-2012
  • EXTRA HEIGHT FOR YOUR CAR - 2.5 inches lift gives your SUV higher ground...
  • FIT LARGER TIRES - Lift kit for Jeep enhances car off-road ability, allow to...
  • COMPLETE LIFT KIT - 2 pieces front strut extensions, 2 pieces rear coil spring...
  • UNIQUE LOOK - 2.5" Lifting kit effectively elevates car appearance. Bolt-on...

Here’s one of the professional full lift kits for you to choose from without searching through several jeep liberty lift kit Reviews.

Relieve yourself from the long hours of installing lift components and get yourself one of these so that you can rest.

Besides, if you happen to be an amateur, this one definitely serves your purpose more than anyone else!

Among the road types, unlevelled roads and off-roads are where vehicles have the highest risk of damaging themselves.

Often on lower height jeep face scraping and bumping on these surfaces. But with a lift kit like this, you won’t have to stress about any of them.

You can drive your Jeep anywhere you like without any fear. Moreover, the kits are a great tool to amplify the exterior look of your vehicle.

Besides, they produce smooth as silk results when put to the test on the road, almost as if they were factory-made ones.

Furthermore, the alignment between the two ends looks as if they are seamless. However, please note that it doesn’t come along with any instructions, as they recommend the lift components installed by professionals.

But if you do have enough mechanical experience, you can install them by yourself.


  • Produces smooth rides
  • Improves ride quality
  • Compatible with expert installations
  • Suitable for off-roads


  • Sometimes the vehicle frame can be visible

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

Jeep Liberty Lift Kit

a) Body Lift or Suspension Lift

One of the great factors to consider before you lift your Jeep is achieving a body lift or a suspension lift.

You can also make your selection following along what your vehicle requires to work efficiently. If you are confused about which one to get, consult with an automobile expert to make the correct choice.

The two lifts allow you to either raise your Jeep’s body or makes room for larger tires to fit in. In cases of body lifts, they tend to use the stock suspension system to raise your vehicle.

But the best jeep suspension lift kits alter the height of the different components to lift your vehicle’s body and frame.

b) Type of Lift Kit

If you are buying a suspension lift kit, it is incredibly crucial to keep in mind the type of kit your vehicle requires.

Although several types and brands of kit are available, we can categorize them into two main kinds. These two types include coil spring and leaf spring kits.

Different vehicles and their corresponding suspension system require different suspension lift kits to regulate and work accurately.

Similarly, if your vehicle comes with leaf springs, it will be the most fitting to get the same kind when planning for a replacement. Whereas, if your Jeep has the coil kind, opt. for the same type of kit to avoid incompatibility.

c) Lift Height

The height you raise your vehicle to has a significant effect on how it looks on the exterior.

Of course, higher lift heights may make your vehicle more aggressive and robust, but there are undoubtedly a lot more points you need to consider before making a call.

For example, if you are a truck owner, you would require to keep in mind that a low center of gravity is the best for them, and it is one of the main things that allows it to be stable and not flip over while turning.

Thus, even a few inches of increase in the ride height may affect the stability immensely. If you choose to go for anywhere above four inches, you most certainly require an additional stabilizer to make your vehicle stable.

The same applies when it comes to modifying tire and suspension height. In that case, you would have to get a better shock-absorbing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are lift kits challenging to fit?

Installing them aren’t as complicated as it might seem. In fact, they are pretty simple to fit. However, they do take up a lot of time to install. For experts, it takes about up to 7 hours, 5 hours on average.

2. Is a body lift or suspension lift better?

If you drive primarily on off-roads, then suspension lifts are the ideal choice for you. It expands the ground clearance at the interior of the frame and makes more provision for larger tires.

3. Can you fit lift kits at home?

At home, the complex kits are complicated and not so easy to figure out. Moreover, they require loads of learning before knowing the basics skills. Although, if you want to install them at home, you should buy a spacer-style one.

4. Are installing bigger tires on a jeep without a lift safe?

You should definitely not install larger tires than stock without lifting your Jeep correctly. For example, if you are installing 35s, then aim to get your jeep liberty 4×4 lifted about 3 ½ inches.

5. What are the largest tires that can fit a stock jeep?

The biggest size of tires that can fit on a jeep wrangler is 33inches with a stock system.

Final Words

Relieve yourself from the added expense that happens due to bumpy and unsurfaced terrains with good lift kits.  Skim through our buying guide or consult your automobile expert to find the right lift kit for your Jeep.

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