Best Long-Range Driving Lights

10 Best Long Range Driving Lights of 2022 – Reviews By An Expert!

Car headlights are adequate when driving at moderate speeds and on paved terrains. However, there comes a time a driver passes through darkness. Darkness might arise due to little changes in weather or when passing through a huge thicket. In such scenarios, what should be your next move?

Long-range driving lights plays a role in outshining the brightness and range of the beams of a vehicle. They are preferable to people driving at higher speeds and passing through a bushy environment with little light.

Top 5 Long Range Driving Lights: Editor’s Pick

Long-range driving lights help drivers to identify signs and hazards early before reaching them. But what are the best long range driving lights worth the time and value?

Ease of Use and Performance

Long-range lights fitted with Cree LEDs have an unmatched quality compared to other options. At the color temperature of 5000K and above, the long-range driving lights’ performance becomes top-notch.

For maximum performance, ensure that you mount the long-range driving lights where they can illuminate efficiently. Avoid just mounting in places where you deem coolest. Ensure you choose the best place to mount your lights, and this is basically on the front bumper.

The 10 Best Long Range Driving Lights Review:

Employing long-range driving lights is the answer to safe and fast-moving on roads. However, since there are several models available, selecting an option that fits individual needs is tedious.

In the discussions today, we shall review the best LED driving lights worthy of purchasing. Alongside, there is a professional buying guide that helps buyers settle on awesome sets matching their budgets and needs. Let’s start by reviewing the top options available.

1. Nilight — 60001F-B LED Pods 2PCS 18W 1260LM Flood LED Off Road Lights

Flood LED Off Road Lights
  • Super bright and wide illumination range: Advanced LED chips give out bright and...
  • Better heat dissipation: Quick cooling aluminum alloy heat sinks and...
  • High protective performance: IP67 Waterproof Rate, waterproof up to 1 meter of...
  • Many indoor and outdoor uses: Garden lighting, backyard lighting, back-up light,...
  • Package includes: 2PCS 18W flood led pods

After researching the best LED lights for cars, we settled at Nilight — 60001F-B as a big competitor in the industry. Nilight — 60001F-B has advanced LED chips that provide a wide illumination range.

Manufacturers also include a specially designed cup in its construction to enable users to see clearly in all directions. As a top option in the market, this driving light boasts an excellent heat dissipation feature.

High-quality silicone gel and aluminum alloy’s fast cooling capability enable the light to survive over 30,000 hours. Another thing that makes this long-range light stand out is its high protective performance feature.

Moreover, the light features the IP67 waterproof and dustproof rate. In addition, the mounting brackets are made of stainless to prevent them from rusting or corroding. Nilight — 60001F-B are useful both indoors and outdoors.

Users can employ them for various activities like gardening, off road headlights, backyard lighting, construction lighting, and as a back-up light. Upon ordering, the manufacture delivers the light inclusive of 2PCS 18W LED pods.


  • Excellent construction
  • Produce sufficient light
  • Useful both indoors and outdoors
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Not 18W as advertised
  • Junk installation hardware

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2. HELLA 358117171 ValueFit 500 LED Driving Lamp Kit

LED Driving Lamp Kit
  • The HELLA ValueFit driving light's high-performance LEDs and a precisely...
  • Aluminum die cast housing provides effective heat dissipation via cooling ribs...
  • Off Road Use Only. This light will fit your needs for trucks, cars, SUV's,...
  • Ideal low power consumption of 22.5 W and multivolt 10-30 VDC
  • This listing includes: (2) LED Driving Lights, (2) Mounting Brackets, (2) Stone...

Another top option in the market for buyers is the HELLA 358117171 lamp. As an industry leader, this lamp boasts a precisely calculated reflector and high-performance LED car spotlights. A significant feature that helps to provide excellent brightness.

Like other top brands, the cooling ribs and aluminum die-cast casing are essential for high heat dissipation. Also, the manufacturer constructed the lamp with a lightweight design to lure customers.

Unlike other brands employed for both indoors and outdoors, HELLA 358117171 is only best for off-road use. They fit the cars, trucks, SUVs, and all-terrain type of vehicles in the market.

Manufacturers ship a package that includes two LED driving lights, two stone shields, and mounting brackets. Additionally, there is a switch, wiring harness in the package, and detailed instructions on how to mount them.


  • Brighter than even LED
  • An affordable option
  • Best for off-road use
  • High heat dissipation


  • Junk mounting hardware
  • starts falling apart after a short period

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3. Autofeel LED Light Bar 2PCS 7-Inch 60W LED Pods Flood Spot Beam Combo

LED Pods Flood Spot Beam Combo
  • 【Incredible Brightness】 Double row premium 3030 SMD LED Chips, delivering...
  • 【Multii-Angle Beam Combo】 Middle of 170° floodlights surrounded with...
  • 【Great Performance】 Black-painted aluminium alloy housing and shatterproof...
  • 【Wide Applications】 Universal adjustable stainless steel mounting brackets...
  • 【Superior Service】 2* 7in led light bars you will get. We offer ONE YEAR...

Long-range driving lights provide incredible brightness to see far signs and dangers before approaching them. Autofeel LED Light Bar has premium 3030 SMD LED Chips that enables them to deliver excellent brightness.

The manufacturer designed the light with 170 degrees floodlights surrounded with 30 degrees dual-row spotlights for a wide area of view. Moreover, the vertical distribution of flashlights on all sides brings about farther are of illumination.

Nevertheless, their shatterproof optic PC lenses enable them to withstand harsh climatic conditions. On the other hand, their black painted housing is made of aluminum to allow them to stay to serve for an extended period. Furthermore, the IP68 waterproof rate provides it an incredible lifespan of up to 5,000 hours.

Autofeel LED Light Bar’s wide applications also make them a choice of many. Users can install them on their SUVs, trucks, trailers, boats, sand rail, ATV, motorbikes, UTV, and many other vehicles. Shipped packages include mounting brackets for an easy installation process.


  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Professional customer services
  • Short and slim
  • Wide field of view


  • Doesn’t produce sufficient brightness
  • Poor customer services

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4. Zmoon LED Round Light Bar 2PCS 4.5″ 140w 14000LM Floodlight

LED Round Light Bar
  • 14 Led Light Bar Chips: 4.5in Round led light bar uses advanced 14 LED chips...
  • IP67 Waterproof: Zmoon 4.5in led light bar adopts waterproof die-casting...
  • High Illumination: Round led light bar spot lights bring further lighting...
  • Adjustable Bracket & 50000 Hours Long Lifespan: Round led off road light bar...
  • Application: The 4.5" led round light bars with DC 9-30v working voltage,fits...

With technological advancements, manufacturers are busy innovating long-range driving lights with increased brightness. Most light bars in the market have between 4 and 9 LED chips. However, Zmoon lights employ 14 LED chips to provide super bright lights to enable users to see all directions.

Zoom LED Round Light Bars employs advanced sealing technology to provide a service even in harsh climates. Moreover, their casing comprises waterproof die-cast aluminum material to protect them against water.

In addition, their shockproof and rustproof features provide them protection against sand and harsh weather conditions. Manufacturers assure users of bright and clear light from these lights at all times for a safe drive.

Consequently, Zmoon lights have high illumination. Drivers can place them on the top of the vehicle or bumper to provide a broad view area. Another essential feature they boast is their high heat dissipation power.

An incredible feature that enhances lifespan up to 5,000 hours without failure. Like other long-range driving lights, Zmoon LED Round Light Bars offers a wide variety of applications.

Users can employ them for off road LED spotlights purposes, Jeep, trucks, heavy-duty, boats, SUV, cars, and many others. Manufacturers also include adjustable mounting brackets in the package for easy mounting.


  • Provide excellent brightness
  • Easy to install
  • High heat dissipation
  • Quality construction


  • Output is lower than the stated rate by the manufacturer
  • Junk mounting accessories

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5. Safego LED Pods Light Bar 7 inch Round 2Pcs 300W 30000Lm Waterproof

Safego LED Pods Light Bar
  • Product specification: Inches: 7 inches LED power: 300W Applied voltage: DC...
  • SUPER BRIGHT: Advanced superior-quality 100pcs chips emit 6000k bright white...
  • MASTER DESIGN: Black painted high quality aluminum housing, tough shatterproof...
  • WIDE USEAGE: Come with necessary accessories for easy installation, the lights...
  • 2 Year Warranty: Buy with confidence,We offer 24 months warranty item(s) damaged...

Backed by a two-year warranty, Safego LED Pods bar is a modern model featuring LED life of up to 3000 hours. Like other leading brands, Safego lights boasts an IP67 waterproof feature to continue working even in harsh climates.

Also, they employ super quality 100pcs chips to deliver up to 300w and 3000lm of light. Such an amount is sufficient to enable users to see clearly in all directions when driving on dark roads.

Consequently, the hard, shatterproof PC and black painted aluminum housing enable them to withstand any extreme condition. Moreover, the shatterproof lenses, quick cooling shockproof aluminum alloy heat sinks provide them increased heat dispassion power.

These features allow LEDs to cool fast to ensure they run efficiently over an extended period. Safego LED Pods Light Bar stands as the people’s choice due to its array of applications. They fit heavy duties, trucks, boats, SUVs, cars, UTV, and different off-road types.


  • Very bright
  • Backed with two years warranty
  • A waterproof model
  • Excellent and durable housing


  • Wrong hardware
  • Not durable

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6. 5 Inch Side Shooters LED Light, 264W LED Back-up Lights IP68 Waterproof Quad

LED Back-up Lights IP68 Waterproof Quad
  • 🌟【SUPER AMAZING BRIGHTNESS】- 5 inch 26,400lm row spotlight beam led light...
  • 🌟【IP68 WATERPROOF RATING】- The IP68 water resistance can prevent dust,...
  • 🌟【DUAL SIDED SIDE SHOOTER】- 16pcs LED chips with side lighting design...
  • 🌟【EASY TO INSTALL】It only takes a few minutes to install the bracket...
  • 🌟【CLIENT - FOCUSED VISION】-30 days No Reason money-back guarantee &...

For people who yearn for super amazing brightness, look no more than this innovation. 5 Inch Side Shooter lights employ quality LED chips with side shooter LED pods to provide high light efficiency. Manufacturers guarantee maximum brightness when driving on dark roads.

Unlike other leading brands, 5 Inch Side Shooters employ IP68 waterproof technology to protect them against rust and shock. Users can enjoy an excellent driving experience in all terrains for up to 50,000 hours.

5 Inch Side Shooters LED Light also boasts a double-sided shooter to provide sufficient lighting in a wide field of view. Consequently, there is a 30 degrees spotlight in the body with floodlights set at 150 degrees to provide an excellent visual effect.

They fit a wide variety of applications, including off-road cars, forklifts, boats, sand rail, SUV, back-up lights, motorcycles, etc. Moreover, you can employ them for indoor and outdoor activities like backyard lighting, construction lighting, garden lighting, etc.

Installation of these lights is also easy. Shipped packages include two LED pod lights, two mounting bracket screws, and other essential accessories to simplify the installation process. However, manufactures remind installers to ensure the working voltage is safe before starting to connect hardwires.


  • Fast customer service
  • One-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Provides sufficient lighting


  • Short lifespan
  • Installation process is tedious

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7. Chelhead LED Driving Light,2Pcs Cree 25W 6000K Spot Beam Round LED Work Light

Spot Beam Round LED Work Light
  • 🔥SUPER BRIGHT & LONG LIFESPAN: 🔥 25W round offroad led lights, using high...
  • 🔥3.5 INCH SMALL SIZE🔥: small size but big use, perfect for motorcycle...
  • 🔥WATERPROOF & DUSTPROOF & SHOCKPROOF:🔥 Built with IP67 rating, meaning...
  • 🔥UNIVERSAL FITMENT: 🔥 25W round led offroad lights come with necessary...
  • 🔥HIGH QUALITY HOUSING & ACCESSORIES:🔥 Chelhead motorcycle led spot lights...

Every person needs to pay for a product that can stay to provide long service. Chilihead LED Driving Light employs 6000k CREE LED chips to provide superior brightness.

The manufacturer also designed the light with a 45-degree spotlight to enable users to see everywhere for many years. Manufacturers guarantee users a quality product with a lifespan of up to 5000 hours.

As a leader in the industry, the manufacturer designs these lights with quality accessories and housing. Chilihead LED Driving Light boasts an aluminum casing and massive heat sinks to provide them high dispassion power. In addition, users can adjust the lights to different angles to their preferable field of view.

Another thing that places Chelhead LED Driving Lights is their IP67 waterproof rating feature. With this feature, the light continues to function for about 30 minutes immersed in water.

Moreover, these lights boast shock and dustproof features to enable users to see driving anywhere. Manufacturers ship their products, including all accessories required for installation.

Users can employ them in off-road vehicles, SUVs, farm vehicles, motorcycles, boats, construction vehicles, trucks, UTVs, etc.


  • Lifetime customer support
  • One-year warranty
  • Quality construction
  • Waterproof and dustproof


  • Poor customer services
  • Not great when driving in streets

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8. Lightronic 3.5″ Round Compact 18W 6000K Nature White Super Bright 10° Long-Range

Nature White Super Bright 10° Long-Range
  • Easy DIY installation, and extreme environment test for water-proof, vibration...
  • Made-in-US new generation and industry leading LED chips for high illumination...
  • Compact but robust design with aluminum housing and 304 stainless steel mounting...
  • Various application: Pods lights for low-speed trails riding; Driving lights for...

Our list of top long-range LED driving lights for trucks is endless. Lightronic 3.5″ lights find space in this list for producing the highest illumination output.

Most market models provide illumination output of up to 1500 Lumens. However, Lightronic 3.5″ are new generations made in the USA with the leading LED chips to provide up to 1800 Lumens.

Moreover, the installation process of these lights is easy. Like other lights, Lightronic 3.5″ has a robust design with mounting brackets made of steel and aluminum housing. Manufacturers guarantee users a hassle-free service and an extended life of up to 30,000 hours.

Consequently, they attain military quality standards with their waterproof and corrosion-proof features. Lastly, they are useful for several applications like construction lighting, heavy-duty trucks, reverse lights, tail lights, etc.


  • Backed by two years warranty
  • Boasts waterproof feature
  • Used for wide applications
  • Provide up to 1800 Lumens


  • Tabs breaks faster
  • Brittle in cold climatic conditions

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9. 2PCS Round LED Pods Driving Lights Bar with Amber DRL Light

Pods Driving Lights Bar
  • White led driving light & Amber warning light: 24PCS white high-bright LED chips...
  • Incredible brightness: This super bright LED off road light has 39 high-quality...
  • IP67 waterproof rate: Waterproof totally with IP67 waterproof ,test in water...
  • Widely application: Our LED light bar is suitable for any vehicle with voltage...
  • Efficient heat dissipation: 5PCS die-cast thick housing design, efficient heat...

Another excellent LED driving light bar that has gained popularity in recent days is the 2PCS Round LED Pods Driving Lights Bar. Manufacturers employed this light with unique specs to stand out from the rest. For instance, the 15pcs Amver light chips work best for daytime running or warning.

Moreover, 39pcs chips enhance maximum brightness as the white high-bright chips perform an excellent experience for the best car headlights for night driving.

Nevertheless, these lights have oversized heat systems with die-cast housing. In addition, they have a faster heat dissipation power to enable them to provide users a long term effective service.

Another thing that adds them to this list is their IP67 waterproof feature. They resist both water and dust effectively to avoid the accumulation of moisture and cases of condensation. 2PCS Round LED Pods Driving Lights Bars are the best fog lights for snow.


  • Fast delivery
  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Waterproof
  • Produces sufficient light


  • Packages arrive damages
  • Poor customer support

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10. DOYA 9″ Round High Output Osram LED Long Range Driving Lights

LED Long Range Driving Lights
  • 1 Pair 9" Round High Output Osram LED Off road lights. Long Range Spot Beam.
  • Toughest design in the market designed for extreme conditions. High Grade...
  • High Performance 37pcs. LED Chips. Efficient Circuit Design for maximum light...
  • Military Grade Waterproof Breather (will regulate pressure inside, keeping...
  • Heavy Duty, Anti-Vibration and Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steel Bracket.

Lastly, DOYA 9″ takes the opportunity as a top option worth the price due to its toughest design. DOYA 9″ lights feature a quality aluminum housing to enable them to provide service even in harsh climates.

Moreover, the IP68 waterproof rating allows light to continue working for about thirty minutes submerged in water. What makes them stand out is their quality waterproof breather.

An important feature that regulates pressure inside to leave moisture out. Consequently, DOYA 9″ employs 37pcs LED chips to provide efficient and high performance.

Manufactures also constructed the light with an efficient circuit design to provide maximum brightness per watt consumed. Lastly, they come with corrosion and vibration-free stainless steel brackets for easy installation.


  • ·Easy to install
  • ·Has a waterproof breather
  • Produces sufficient light
  • Quality construction


  • Poor customer services
  • Wrong hardware

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Top Overall

From our long range driving lights review, we settled at Lightronic 3.5″ as the best overall. What makes them different is the amount of output to provide.

Unlike other models providing luminous flux of up to 1500 Lumens, Lightronic 3.5″ offers up to 1800 Lumens. Consequently, they are waterproof and corrosion-free like other models. Lightronic 3.5″ makes the best market long-range driving lights worth the value.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Long-Range Driving Lights

Although we have reviewed some top long-range driving lights in the market, deciding between fog lights vs driving lights isn’t easy.

Long-Range Driving Lights

However, we have prepared you with the best shopping guide to help you choose the best product. Our professional guide will enable you to narrow down your options and eventually get the best model for your needs.

Long-range driving lights keep you safe more especially when driving on rough terrains. They help drivers notice anything lurking in the dark, any animal in front, and anything over the hilly terrain.

Long-range lights also provide emergency lighting and thereby making them ideal in curbing possible vehicle accidents and damages. Let’s learn a few aspects that will enable you to make an excellent selection to improve your outdoor activity.

a) Type of Car

Manufacturers of different car models specify specific long-range lights that work best in their cars. You can easily retrieve this information from your car’s manual.

Consequently, the light bulb package has the back regarding the car models that fit the light model. Take a look and make an informed decision to avoid unnecessary confusion.

b) Lifespan

Another essential aspect when choosing the best long range driving lights is their lifespan. In the market, there’re both LEDs and halogen bulbs. They all perform excellently, but the LEDs appear long-lasting than halogen bulbs.

A difference in lifespan comes since there are several variances that different manufacturers employ to build their products. Before you settle on a particular option, check information about the bulb’s lifespan in the user manual.

c) Cost

Price is always one of the factors to consider before purchasing anything. However, this factor should chip in the last of all. A shopper should consider all features and list down all possible options to buy. Don’t forget that the lights come in different shapes and sizes.

Moreover, manufacturers pack their products either in single bars or multiple choices. All these aspects should stay in the mind if you deem to get the best LED driving lights for trucks that will serve your needs. From your list, compare all the options with their price tags.

d) Build Quality

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Using long-range driving lights in the off-road environment dictates that the materials used should tolerate all types of terrains. One of the essential aspects an excellent long-range light should have is the waterproof rating of above 67.

Moreover, the light should have quality construction. Another vital thing to look at in the light is whether the lenses can serve for an extended period. Incorporating all these ideas will help you make the best, brightest off road lights selection ever.

e) Beam pattern

Ensure that your auxiliary driving lights use a spot beam pattern to provide a wide field for KC Driving Lights vs Long Range. However, you should note four beam patterns: spread, spot, driving, and flood beam.

Spot beams become outstanding because they have a narrower angle of about 45 degrees, enabling them to provide a cone of light.

f) Brightness

Another aspect you should also consider when buying your long-range driving lights is their brightness. You want to see clearly whatever is in front of you. In cases where you are using your lights best off road lights, you might not be restricted on the brightness.

But you need to understand that these lights come with enough brightness of about 5000 Lumens. Ensure you read through the information of what you intend to purchase to get a type of light with a sufficient amount of brightness.

g) Wattage

Light wattage is greatly affected by the type of bulb you choose. Consequently, power consumption and heat output impact the lifespan of a particular light.

Limiting consumption and decreasing heat output, for instance, increases the lifespan of long range driving lights. However, since we mostly get determined by the brightness level we need, ensure you choose lights with more watts.


Our long range driving lights review has equipped readers with useful ideas to make a great selection when shopping for these products. From the review, we picked top options worth the value.

Nevertheless, the shopping guide helps shoppers to narrow down their choices at the shopping D-Day. Read through the review to make a selection of the best long range driving lights worth the price.

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