12 Best On Board Air Compressor for Truck of 2021 – Reviews By An Expert!

On board compressors are must-have devices for drivers who plan for long drives. These devices supply tools with compressed air to maintain them working effectively.

With advancements in technology, several manufacturers are chipping into the market to acquire space in the industry. They involve themselves in manufacturing their products with modern techs to lure their customers.

Top 12 Best On Board Air Compressor for Truck: Editor Choice

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But is the best on board air compressor for truck worth the value? What criterion will you employ to choose the best model that suits your needs?

In this review, we will provide prospects a hint of the recommended air compressors worth purchasing. Moreover, we shall provide a professional guide that prospects can employ when deciding the best product overall.

The 12 Best On Board Air Compressor for Truck Review:

Are you in need of the best on board air compressor to inflate your truck out there? Then, worry less. Our on board air compressor for truck review today will provide you a hint of the recommended air compressors by experts.

We evaluated different models using their features and specifications to ascertain excellent options worth the value. Continue reading the review to get insight into where you should spend your money.

1. VIAIR Constant Duty on Board Air System — 10007

VIAIR Constant Duty Onboard Air System - 10007

We present VIAIR Constant Duty Compressors in the upper slot as an excellent option worth the value. VIAIR Constant Duty System — 10007 has the capability of inflating up to four 37 inches diameter tires.

Installation of these models is easy. Manufacturers ship packages with all parts used to mount them onto vehicles. Also, the on board air compressor kit includes all kinds of pneumatic tools and accessories buyers use to maintain their tires.

Consequently, VIAIR Constant Duty System — 10007 forms part of the top models due to their 100% duty cycle. No cases of the motor overheating even at 150 PSI.

In addition, you can employ it for uninterrupted use for up to about an hour. In addition, VIAIR Constant Duty System — 10007 are ingress protection IP67 certified. You can employ them even in harsh weather conditions.


  • Backed by a one-year warranty
  • Amazing quality
  • Easy to use
  • Inflates faster


  • Incomplete kit
  • Manufactures should thread the crankcase
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2. VIAIR 10000 On board Air System, Black

Viair 10000 Onboard Air System, Black

Maintain all your systems inflated with VIAIR 10000 On board Air Compressor. As leaders in the industry, they form an integral part of light-duty pneumatic needs as well as the air horns. You can use these air compressors continuous for 15 minutes or even more.

These air tanks hold up 1 gallon of air that is enough to inflate light-duty systems. With a high-volume output of 2.54 CFM, you don’t have to cut between the refilling period for them to rest.

However, with just a 10% duty cycle, users should eye on the stated usage levels. Otherwise, the motor will overheat fast and cause disruptions.

Nevertheless, installing and mounting these air compressors is simple and straightforward. Manufacture pack orders with all tools essential for the entire installation process. In addition, the package includes other pneumatic tools used to maintain tires.


  • Excellent performers
  • Inflates quicker
  • Simple installation process
  • Excellent customer support


  • Thin and cheap fittings
  • Hard to understand instructions
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3. VIAIR 10002 Quarter Duty on Board Air System

VIAIR 10002 Quarter Duty Onboard Air System

Here comes another VIAIR model specially designed for air lockers, horns, and other leveling adjustment duties. They also make the best gadgets for inflating helper bags.

However, they don’t form the best portable air compressor for truck tires gadgets for inflating tires. Moreover, users can switch over the pressure from 90 to 120 PSI to inflate their tires faster. With a maximum pressure of 120 PSI and 2.0-gallon air, they can inflate four 31 inches tires.

Like other on board air compressors, the installation of these models is simple. Manufacturers include all the parts and hardware to provide installers a hassle-free installation process.

Users only require connecting their on board air compressors to airlines and start inflating their tires and air systems. Consequently, avoid using thread tapes when installing them. Instead, employ a thread sealant to ensure you have done proper sealing to prevent air leakage.


  • Fills a bit faster
  • Reach max PSI faster
  • Easy to maintain and fix problems
  • More than enough duty cycle


  • Leaks air
  • Fails fast
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4. VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty On Board Air System

VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty Onboard Air System

Traveling an air compressor on your truck guarantees a safe ride in all types of terrain. VIAIR 200 PSI Ultra Duty Compressors form ideal inflators for air horns requiring 200PSI.

With maximum inflating pressure of 200 PSI and 1.76 CFM, they can inflate tires of up to 37 inches diameter. In addition, they are best off road air compressor in the market since they can inflate tires within 10 seconds from 0 to 30 PSI.

Like other market competitors, installing and mounting these on-board compressors is easy and straightforward. Manufactures pack orders with all essential components and accessories that provide a hassle-free installation experience.

The air tanks of these on board air system hold up to 2.5 gallons of the air; this is quite sufficient to inflate your tires. For proper inflating experience, buyers should use their systems with pressure release valves and drain cock.


  • Backed with one-year defect warranty
  • Quick delivery
  • Simple installation process
  • Comes with easy follow the manual guide


  • Low-quality tubing
  • Too stiff
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5. VIAIR Heavy Duty on Board Air System

VIAIR Heavy Duty Onboard Air System

Most people need the best of the best from what they purchase. These are the best on board air compressor for truck to consider for people who yearn for the most convenient outcome from their air compressors.

With a 33% duty cycle and 150 PSI, these air systems can inflate up to 35 inches diameter tires. Users should always monitor the set levels to get the best results from their compressors.

Otherwise, failure to follow the 2.54 CFM flow rate can make the motor heat up quick and cause disruptions. Installation of these air systems is also simple and straight forward. Packages come with all parts and accessories used for installation and mounting processes.

Moreover, manufacturers also provide buyers with pneumatic tools buyers will use to maintain their tires.


  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performers
  • Refills faster
  • Excellent customer service


  • Come damaged
  • A little bit noisy
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6. VIAIR Medium Duty on Board Air System — 10003

VIAIR Medium Duty Onboard Air System - 10003

We present another VIAIR air compressor in the market designed to inflate tires going on with our list. Users can switch pressures from 110 to 145 PSI to attain the inflation speeds they desire.

VIAIR Medium Duty compressors provide 150 PSI transmission faster. However, manufacturers advise users watch out on the levels, and the 33% duty cycle stated to get efficient results.

With a maximum pressure of 150 PSI, they inflate four 31-inch diameter tires. Like other models, installing and mounting these air systems is easy. They come packed with parts and hardware for a hassle-free installation experience.

Nevertheless, they come with other small pneumatic tools to help buyers maintain their tires.


  • Installation is simple
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Amazing quality
  • Refills faster


  • Comes damaged
  • Tank leaks
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7. VIAIR 20020 Dual 444C on board Air Kit 

VIAIR 20020 Dual 444C Onboard Air Kit, 1 Pack, 27 x 23 x 11, Stealth Black

Always look for a well performing air compressor geared with rewards that provide users excellent experience on roads. With 100% duly cycles at 100PSI, there are minimal or nil cases of motors overheating during the inflating process.

Packages arrive with two 444C VIAIR compressors that help users to inflate their tires faster. Having a maximum inflating pressure of 200 PSI, there is no cutting between the inflation process.

Consequently, unlike other models, VIAIR 20020 Dual 444C compressors have universal fitment. They fit easily into any vehicle to help inflate tires when low out there.

Nevertheless, they come with all essential components that provide users a hassle-free installation experience.


  • Quality compressors
  • A bit quiet
  • Refills faster
  • Easy to install


  • Poor customer services
  • Tank leakage
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8. VIAIR X’treme Duty On board Air System, 10009

VIAIR X'treme Duty Onboard Air System,10009

People looking for durable air systems should not go past VIAIR X’treme Duty On board Air System,10009 models. With the ingress protection IP67 certification, you can use these air systems even in harsh conditions.

The manufacturer also designs these models with a maximum of 150 PSI that can inflate up to 40 inches diameter tires. Like their counterparts, the VIAIR 20020 Dual 444C, these models have universal fitments.

Users can install and mount them on their vehicles to use while on the journey. When inflating tires, be careful of the inflation levels and the 33% duty cycle. Otherwise, motors might overheat and create disruptions during the inflation process.

Nevertheless, installation of the VIAIR X’treme Duty On board Air System,10009, is simple and straightforward. Shipped packages include all components and hardware used for the installation and mounting process.

In addition, delivered packages include small pneumatic tools that buyers will use to maintain their tires.


  • Refills faster
  • Easy to install
  • Arrives early
  • Made of quality material


  • Noisy
  • A cheesy pressure gun
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9. VIAIR 20185 Dual Stealth Black 485C on board Air System 

VIAIR 20185 Dual Stealth Black 485C Onboard Air System (200 Psi, 3.82 CFM, 40 Amp, 12V, 2.5 gal. Tank)

There are few VIAIR models with a record of 100% duty cycles and highest-pressure output. VIAIR 20185 Dual Stealth Black compressors have a 100% duty cycle at 200 PSI. Such levels are excellent to inflate tires easily and faster.

Manufacturers deliver two 485 C stealth black or platinum compressors. They have 2-gallon air tanks that carry sufficient air to inflate up to four tires.

With a digital inflation gun and pressure regulators of 0 to 220 PSI, refilling tires becomes easy and faster. Installing and mounting these belts driven on board air compressor is simple and straightforward.

Delivered orders come with all hardware that provides users easy time to carry out the installation process. They also have inline pressure regulators that help users set their preferable inflating pressures.


  • Fantastic quality
  • Very quiet
  • Refills faster
  • Simple to install


  • Problem with their fittings
  • Poor customer services
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10. VIAIR 20017 On board Air System

VIAIR 20017 Onboard Air System

We are not done with our list. VIAIR still presents another great model designed to offer fast inflation services. As a leader in the air systems’ industry, these compressors have 0 to220 PSI regulators that enable users to set their preferable inflation pressures.

Moreover, buyers can use these air systems in any climatic condition. They have W/Thermal protectors that prevent them from all forms of damage. Shipped packages include two 450C compressors, both with 2.5-gallon air carrying tanks.

Being a top seller in the market, they deliver 100% duty cycles at150 PSI. Such levels are excellent to inflate tires faster. Consequently, mounting and installing these air systems is simple and straightforward.

Boxes containing VIAIR 20017 compressors come with all components that make installation easy. In addition, they have 30 feet hoses used to dislodge air into tires. Lastly, manufacturers provide buyers small pneumatic tools they will use to maintain their tires.


  • Easy to mount and install
  • More than enough duty cycle
  • Bears harsh climatic conditions
  • Refills faster


  • Hard to understand manual
  • Tank leaks
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11. VIAIR 20015 On board Air System 

VIAIR 20015 Onboard Air System

Here comes another advanced best air ride compressor boasting W/Thermal protectors in the market. With this feature, you can use the compressors in all climatic conditions without any possible damages to the system components.

They also come with 30 feet hoses easily connecting to the air tanks to inflate your tires. VIAIR 20015 On board Air System have pressure regulators that users employ to set their preferable inflation pressures. With these models, you can switch pressure from 0 to 220 PSI.

In addition, VIAIR 20015 tanks carry up to 2.5 gallons of air that is sufficient to inflate up to four tires. With a 33% duty cycle at 150 PSI, you can continuously inflate various inflatables without stopping in between.

However, always watch at the levels since going beyond might make the motor overheat, leading to disruption. Consequently, installing and mounting the systems is simple. Manufacturers include all hardware that is essential for their installation.


  • Inflates faster
  • Easy to mount and install
  • Excellent even in harsh weather
  • Fast delivery


  • A bit noisy
  • Unsealed package
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12. VIAIR 20013 On board Air System 

VIAIR 20013 Onboard Air System

Lastly, we present VIAIR 20013 On board Air System as the on board air compressor for airbags worth the value. Manufacturers deliver orders containing two 380C air systems with 2.5 gallons carrying capacity.

These air compressor models have 30 feet hoses that easily connects to the air tanks to inflate your tires.  Unlike other VIAIR models, VIAIR 20013 forms excellent options in all climatic conditions.

They have a W/Thermal overload protector that prevents components from damages in extreme weather conditions. VIAIR 20013 On board Air Systems have pressure regulators helping users to set their preferable inflation pressures and speed.

Having a 100% duty cycle, these models provides speedy inflation services. Installing these on board air compressor for air tools is also simple.

Manufactures provide users with components that enable them to install these systems at ease. Moreover, packages also include pneumatic tools buyers employ for different applications.


  • Excellent duty cycle
  • Used even in harsh weather
  • Excellent customer support
  • Fast inflators


  • Instructions hard to follow
  • Noisy
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Top Overall

On board air compressors increases the capabilities of our tracks in any road terrain. All the above air systems are excellent options worth considering. However, when shopping for these systems, you would have to choose a perfect option of all.

From our on board air compressor for truck review, we choose VIAIR 20185 Dual Stealth Black 485C On board Air System the best overall.

With a 100% duty cycle at 200 PSI, they can inflate tires and other inflatables easily and faster. They also have pressure regulators users employ to set their preferable pressures to speed up inflation.

Moreover, manufacturers provide buyers all essential components necessary for the installation process. VIAIR 20185 Dual Stealth Black 485C On board Air System forms the best options worth purchasing.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing On board Air Compressor for Trucks

On Board Air Compressor for Truck

A time will come for you to buy your new air compressors for your truck. You need to ensure the compressor you choose is going to fulfill all your goals and needs. Below are few factors that will guide you to choose the best portable air compressor for jeep.

Pressure Level

The amount of pressure coming out of the tank gets denoted as the PSI. Always ensure you check on the operating PSI levels of different compressors before making payment. High PSI levels means faster inflation of the tires.

You can control the pressure levels by using pressure switches, although various models come with varying maximum range. Also ensure you check the maximum range of your product since others lack adjustment features like the advanced options. Equally, you should check the CFM levels because they affect the outcome Have a look at the intended levels you require to get the on board air compressor for truck of value.

Installation Process

Here comes another important consideration when shopping for a belt driven on board air compressor. No one needs to go through had time installing an air compressor. But how will you make the installation process hassle-free?

As a bright buyer, ensure you choose an air compressor that has little complexity to install and mount. Such options don’t require any special tools to complete the installation process.

Moreover, ensure you choose a model that comes with all the installation accessories in it. This way, you will have a hassle-free installation of your on board air compressor.


A good Firestone on board air compressor should have multiple protective features. Manufacturers include heat dissipation systems and durable construction materials as a way of mitigating the heat generated easily.

You should check whether your compressor has aluminum, Teflon, or carbon coatings since they work as protective materials in the form of ionized bodies.

In addition, ensure you have an idea about the duty cycle of your air compressor. Enough duty cycle provides the compressor an appropriate break. Only safety features cannot ensure efficient work; it needs to incorporate the breaks and enjoy the services.


A look at the hoses the model you intend to purchase is quite important when shopping for best off road tire inflator. Hoses get designed with a heavy bottom to enable them to reduce vibration and friction.

They make ideal components for working alongside the tank and motor. Various air compressor hoses have different features and specification. For instance, we have heat-resistant hoses while others lack this feature.

The heat-resistant feature prevents the hoses from damages whenever the motor heats up strongly. Consequently, there are others designed oil-less to enable them attract less moisture as well as dust.

Before you pay for a certain option, have a look at the features of the hoses that come with that particular model. Going for models with hoses having all possible features that prevents them from damage is the best way to go with.

Compressor Size

The size of the on board air compressor depends on the area you will install it. For example, if you intend to mount under your vehicle, consider getting a large air compressor.

However, take the dimensions of your truck to ensure you purchase a compressor fits perfectly to the available space.

Pressure and Airflow

Your tire size affects the air pressure and the airflow in your on-board air compressor. Large tires will require more air pressure and airflow.

More sophisticated air compressors include a feature that allows users to regulate the pressure depending on your vehicle’s type. Experts recommend buyers to choose compressors with airflow rates of more than 2.5 CFM at 90 PSI.


In this review, we have enlightened readers of the recommended on board air compressor for truck. Don’t fall into confusion selecting the best model that suits your needs.

From the list above, choose all the possible models that can perform the best for your truck. Employ the factors in the shopping guide to compare them.

Lastly, select a model that is within your budget. Employ the best on board air compressor for truck to get the best ride in all terrains.

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