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9 Best Racing Oil with Zinc of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Racing car drivers need to do a lot to their cars to win the kingdom. The list of essential components that can provide the best experience is the vehicle’s engine condition.

For racing car engines to offer optimum performance, they need regular service and the best oil usage. But what is the best racing oil worth consideration? In the market, you will come across several racing oil brands.

Top 5 Racing Oil with Zinc: Editor Recommended

However, not all brands guarantee the best performance for your racing car. In the recent past, people have resorted to using the best racing oil with Zinc. These options not only guarantee optimum but also prevent wear and tear.

Advantages of Employing Racing Oil with Zinc

We have looked at the professional aspects of selecting the top motor oil with zinc. But then, do you have a hint why most drivers have turned into using these racing oils? Almost all drivers have an idea about racing oils in the market.

However, not all drivers understand why people have resorted to using racing oil with zinc. For individuals lacking ideas, herein are few advantages of using racing oil with zinc. These advantages enlighten buyers why they should consider these oils than using other market options.

i. Reduces Cold Starting Instances

Most car engines don’t start immediately in the initial attempt. Such instances happen, most especially during cold weather. Failure to start in the initial effort can also arise if the owner uses low-quality oil.

In such scenarios, manufacturers recommend the use of racing oil with zinc than using standard options. Zinc additive in motor oil helps to reduce the instances of failure of starting the engines during cold conditions.

ii. Lowers Friction Significantly

Friction between moving parts makes them wear out faster. Traditional oils lacked components to protect moving parts against excessive friction.

However, the innovation of racing oil with zinc has shown significant improvement in this issue. They include additives that reduce friction between moving parts considerably.

iii. They don’t Emit Harmful Compounds

Staying in a clean and safe environment is a top priority in the era we are living in. In past days, engines used to emit harmful compounds that polluted the environment.

However, we have seen tremendous changes with the use of racing oils with zinc. These options increase performance as well as reduce the emission of harmful compounds to the environment.

iv. Enhance Performance

We shop for the best racing motor oil to get the best experience while operating our cars. Compared to regular or standard oils in the market, racing oils with zinc offers our cars an excellent service.

Moreover, these lubricants provide engines maximum protection against forms of damage. Consider racing oils with zinc to get the best performance over an extended period.

v. Prevents Possible Wear and Tear

Another benefit of using racing oils with zing is that these lubricants prevent engines from wear and tear. Before experts resorted to manufacturing newer oil brands, people employed standard racing oils that lacked compounds to protect engines against damage.

With advancements in technology, manufacturers have resorted to formulating racing oils with zinc. These options have additives that help to protect engines against any forms of damages. Moreover, racing oils with zinc are best at increasing the efficiency of engines.

The 9 Best Racing Oil with Zinc Reviews:

In this racing oil with zinc review, we employed various racing oil aspects to choose a few brands worth the value. We incorporated factors like index viscosity, application, compatibility with other fuels, and the cost.

Below are the top 9 best racing oil with zinc buyers should consider when shopping for these products-

1. Driven 03806 Hr-5 High Zinc Conventional

Hr-5 High Zinc Conventional

Selection of the best racing oil is essential for individuals who need to maintain their racing cars for optimal performance. Driven Racing Oil 03806 Hr-5 High Zinc emerges as the top option for people who need the best from their vehicles.

However, buyers should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations of usage to get optimal performance.  Employing a brand that combats your car is essential if you deem it for an excellent experience.

As a leading brand in the market, Driven Racing Oil 03806 offers excellent seal compatibility. You don’t need to drain existing oil to refill your car with a newer option.  Moreover, the brand has start-up protection additives that help remove sludge remains on the engine.

Furthermore, the military spec carriage offers the contents maximum protection during shipment and traveling. In addition, this lubricant is made in the USA, which guarantees excellent quality and environmentally friendly options.


  • Provide maximum protection to old engines
  • Fast delivery
  • Great price
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Poor packaging
  • Suitable only for classic cars and hot rods

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2. Driven Racing Oil 03006 FR20 High Zinc Synthetic Oil

FR20 High Zinc Synthetic Oil

People looking for racing oil that reduces friction should consider this brand as their top priority. Manufacturers include additives in the contents to reduce friction between the parts considerably. Besides, these additives help to remove deposits and sludge from the engine.

Like other brands, Driven Racing Oil 03006 is a quality option made in the USA, and it provides optimal performance. Moreover, the role of Zinc in this racing oil is to make it environmentally friendly. Zinc reduces all possible harmful emissions that can pollute the environment.

Furthermore, Driven Racing Oil 03006 meets the VVT system demands. An aspect that brings about increased torque and performance. At the bottom of the engine, the PVC holds oil to ensure there is reduced consumption.


  • Reduces friction significantly
  • Optimum performance
  • Reduced consumption
  • Environmentally friendly


  • A bit expensive
  • Only suitable for modern VVT engines

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3. Driven Racing Oil 02606 MR50 Marine High Zinc Synthetic Oil

Marine High Zinc Synthetic Oil

For the excellent performance of cars, experts recommend refilling cars with quality oil. Driven Racing Oil 02606 MR50 emerge as the first-class synthetic option worth the value.

Unlike other brands, the manufacturer loads this oil with ZDDP to enhance added protection.  Moreover, this is the best high zinc motor oil in the market.

Driven Racing Oil 02606 MR50 blends with a high zinc and corrosion inhibitor content to protect the engines in harsh climatic conditions. Also, the manufacturer includes rust inhibitors in the oil for maximum protection against ethanol-blended fuel.

Consequently, Driven Racing Oil 02606 MR50 is imported from the USA. A sign of a quality brand that guarantees optimal performance. In addition, the brand is environmentally friendly; there is no harmful emission from this oil.


  • High ZDDP for maximum protection
  • Best performance
  • It doesn’t emit harmful gases
  • A quality lubricant


  • Only suitable for marine engines with high output
  • A bit expensive

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4. Shell X-100 Classic Car Motor Oil 20W-50 with Zinc

Car Motor Oil 20W-50 with Zinc

People who need motor oil suitable for various engines should consider Shell X-100 Classic Oil 20W-50 with Zinc. Manufacturers recommend this option as the best race engine oil for classic and collector engines. However, users should follow their vehicle’s manual to get the best results.

Unlike other oil brands, Shell X-100 has high detergent and dispersant levels. This aspect ensures the harmless collection of suspended matter in the oil sump of the engine.

High zinc levels in the contents are another aspect that places this brand on top options. Zinc removes any form of sludge or deposits left on the engine. Additionally, Zinc reduces cases of harmful emissions that will pollute the environment.


  • Offers high performance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Provides maximum motor protection
  • High dispersant and detergent levels


  • Not insulated well
  • Poor package

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5. Driven Racing Oil 02406 DT40 High Zinc Synthetic Oil

DT40 High Zinc Synthetic Oil

Quality oil is the answer to the optimal performance of cars for an extended period. Driven Racing Oil 02406 DT40 is a quality product for various engines, including all M96/97 models.

However, the manufacturer recommends buyers to follow their vehicle manuals to get the best performance.  The inclusion of high levels of Zinc in the content reduces harmful emissions that can pollute the environment.

Moreover, this oil is imported from the USA; manufacturers guarantee users optimal performance. Besides, there are additives in the oil content to remove deposits of sludge on the engines.


  • High zinc levels
  • Best performers
  • Suitable for several car engines
  • Provides the engine maximum protection


  • Suits only the modern sports car engines
  • Poor packaging

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6. Driven Racing Oil 02806 DT50 Air-Cooled High Zinc

DT50 Air-Cooled High Zinc

The performance of a new racing car depends significantly on the fastness and wellness of the rings. With the best racing oil, the sealing process of rings becomes easy and quick to provide optimal performance.

Driven Racing Oil 02806 DT50 is on the list of first-class lubricants offering fast and efficient sealing of rings. As a top racing oil, the formula includes additives that reduce friction in the moving parts.

Moreover, high levels of Zinc in the formula prevents wear and tear of parts. Zinc also prevents the emission of harmful gases that can pollute the environment.

Furthermore, the manufacturer includes start-up and storage protection to prevent the engine’s damage in harsh climates. Like the Valvoline racing oil, this lubricant is made in the USA; manufacturers assure customers excellent performance from this quality lubricant.


  • Reduce friction significantly
  • Fast shipping
  • A quality lubricant
  • Protect parts against wear and tear


  • Only suitable for air-cooled high out-put motors
  • Not best in colder climates

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7. Champion Motor Oil, Racing, High Zinc, 10W30, Semi-Synthetic

Champion Motor Oil

Suppose you drive a car whose engine gets hot most times. You need the oil that provides extra engine protection. In such circumstances, Champion Motor Oil, Racing, High Zinc emerges as an excellent solution.

Unlike other oils compatible with few fuels, these lubricant combats all racing fuels in the market, Methanol notwithstanding.

However, manufacturers recommend buyers to follow their vehicles’ manuals to get the best results. As a semi-synthetic oil, this lubricant contains Zinc that protects the upper cylinder against wear.

Moreover, Zinc in the contents provides it cleanliness, assuring users reduced harmful emissions to the environment. Furthermore, this racing oil minimizes the coefficient of friction between moving parts significantly.


  • Offers the upper cylinder maximum protection
  • High levels of Zinc
  • Reduce friction significantly
  • Great for price


  • Wrong quantity package
  • Poor customer service

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8. Lunati DRV02107 15W-50 Driven HR-1 High Zinc

15W-50 Driven HR-1 High Zinc

Do you need a synthetic oil that guarantees optimal performance? Then Lunati DRV02107 15W-50 Driven HR-1 High Zinc is your top pick. Lunati produces this formula with a high index viscosity that helps film strength when the engine is at high temperatures.

What makes the brand outstanding is its ZDDP anti-wear additives. A high Zinc level in the formula protects against wear, especially when using your car for long drives.

Also, Zinc reverts the emission of gases that are harmful to the environment.  On the other hand, the formula includes start-up additives. Buyers don’t require additional additives or supplements to start this lubricant.

Furthermore, the carrying container has military specs storage features to combat harmful climatic conditions. Also, the excellent seal compatibility feature makes it an ideal oil for use in various engines.


  • Outstanding ZDDP anti-wear additives
  • Safe for the environment
  • Suitable for several engine models
  • High index viscosity


  • Only suitable for hot rods and classic cars
  • Return warrant not clear

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9. Triax Synergy Extreme 5W

Triax Synergy Extreme 5W

Buyers looking for a quality lubricant with a high zinc level should pick this oil as a top choice. Triax Synergy Extreme 5W oils are ester-based to provide excellent stability. Besides, the synthetic ester feature offers high resistance to peak RPM, horsepower, and shear.

What makes them the top options is their pure performance. Triax Synergy Extreme 5W oil has a high Zinc level to provide advanced control against wear and tear.

Moreover, the formula includes high Organo Molybdenum to boost high wear control. No type of oil beats Triax Synergy Extreme 5W in offering enhanced wear control.

Furthermore, the oil features high shear resistance and temperature stability for optimum film strength—added friction modifiers in the content help smoothen asperities in parts. Also, you can use this lubricant in all types of engines.


  • An excellent option for value
  • Suitable for several applications
  • Pure performers
  • Maximum protection of engines


  • A bit expensive
  • Messy packages

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Best Overall

From our racing oil with zinc review above, we choose Triax Synergy Extreme 5W as the best racing oil overall. No oil beats this lubricant in performance and also protection of parts against forms of damage.

They stand out in the market due to their ester-based feature that resists shear, high horsepower, and RPM.

Moreover, buyers employ Triax Synergy Extreme 5W for several applications. You can use the oil for diesel applications, gasoline-powered engines, both on and high-power off-road engines. Triax Synergy Extreme 5W oil is the best high zinc oil worth your time and money.

Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Racing Oil with Zinc

After gaining insight into the best racing oil, deciding the best one can still stand as a challenge at large. New buyers find it hard to select the best lubricant that will serve their car models the best.

Racing Oil with Zinc

However, car owners won’t just sit relaxed since oil is an essential component for a vehicle’s proper functioning. In the selection process, you require to prepare a list of possible products worth purchasing.

Then, consider their features and other aspects to narrow down the list. After that, you will remain with a lubricant that offers high performance.

In the discussion below, we shall guide buyers through all the steps in the selection process. We have prepared a list of factors that buyers should consider when shopping for the best option.

They help shoppers, especially the newer ones who lack an idea of how to go about it. Incorporating all the factors will lead you to select the best of the best option worth the value.

a) Application

Another essential aspect to consider in the selection process is by applying the lubricant you intend to buy. Getting an all-purpose racing oil in the market is not easy.

Common racing oil applications include higher mileage, diesel engines, extended performance usage, and many others. As you can see, buyers should only shop for options that serve best their intended applications.

But then, how can you identify the use of a particular racing oil brand? In the package of every oil, the manufacturer indicates the specific application each oil performs.

Buyers should research about the condition of their vehicles before rushing into purchasing a particular lubricant. Ensure you choose an oil that provides you the best performance of all.

b) Compatible with Other Oils

Not all types of oil are compatible with other oils in the market. However, most of them combat with other brands. Manufacturers recommend buyers to note whether the brands they intend to buy combats with others.

For the few that don’t combat with other brands, buyers should drain existing lubricant before using the newer option. Moreover, users should consult their manuals to have hints about the best racing oil their vehicles require.

For instance, the conventional oils best suit vintage cars.

c) Additives in the Oil

Various manufacturers use different additive blends to make their brands stand out in the market. The list of additives in oils include detergents and the viscosity index improvers.

But what do these additives help in the overall performance of the racing oil? Additives play a role in enhancing certain properties in these lubricants.

For instance, additives like additional detergents in oil make them work as cleaning agents. Detergents help to get rid of sludge and any form of deposits on the engines.

Moreover, other oils have viscosity index improvers to ensure it doesn’t get thin when operating in high climatic conditions. Before paying for a particular option, ensure you shop for a lubricant with best zinc oil additive that suits their needs.

d) Viscosity

A look at the racing oil’s viscosity you intend to purchase is vital in the selection process. Various viscosity grades of oil fit different engine models in the market.

Before you choose, ensure you get an idea of the viscosity grade of the oil you intend to buy. Choose a lubricant with a viscosity grade that will work effectively with your car. But how will you determine the best index viscosity to serve your needs?

For instance, people ringing their vehicle’s engines out always should prefer a racing oil with a viscosity index of 10W-40. Moreover, this viscosity index works best if you will operate the car in hot climatic conditions.

A viscosity of 5W-20 serves best if you intend to operate your car in the cold to warm climatic conditions. Also, a viscosity of 0W-20 can work well here.

As a buyer, before shopping, ensure you have an idea about your car model and where you will operate it. These two aspects will help you to choose a lubricant with a suitable index viscosity.

e) Chemical Compound Used in the Formula

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Conservation of the environment gets priority when manufacturing different products. Almost all these lubricants get formulated using similar components.

However, additives into the content by manufacturers make a difference between them. Before you purchase a particular oil, ensure you choose compounds that are less harmful to the environment.

f) Budget

A purchasing guide is incomplete if the budget aspect of the budget isn’t included in the shopping guide. In the market, there are both high and low-end racing oil brands.

Most buyers think that expensive brands are always the best. However, less expensive brands also perform perfectly as the leading options.  In the selection process, the cost aspect always comes last.

As a buyer, you should make a list of the products that can suit your requirements. Narrow down the list using their features and specification. After that, make a choice worth the value.


From the review of the best racing oil with zinc above, choosing the best option is not easy. However, this racing motor oil comparison has provided a hint of the best options worth the value.

Alongside, the shopping guide helps buyers narrow the list when looking for the best option to use. Choosing the best option will speed up the performance of your car while on the road. Incorporate the insights above to settle for the best racing engine oil worth the value.



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