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Best Rechargeable Tire Inflator: What to Look For

A good tire inflator will save you time and effort and can help you get out of a bind. If you have been stuck with a flat tire you will know how great it is to be able to grab a portable unit, inflate your tire and be on your way.

But what should you look for when you want the best rechargeable tire inflator? What makes a rechargeable tire inflator reliable and good value for your hard earned cash.

In this piece we will help you with your questions about the best rechargeable tire inflators.

The Best Rechargeable Tire Inflator

Rechargeable Tire Inflator

A rechargeable codeless tire inflator is basically a battery operated cordless unit that needs to be charged. You can usually charge these units from a normal AC wall socket, or you get a cigarette port adapter so you can charge it using your car’s battery and engine. There are different types of these 12 V air inflators.

Some are completely cordless, so you will charge the battery and won’t need to plug it in again until the battery’s charge is gone. Others will work best if you have them plugged into the car’s cigarette port, while some also need the car’s engine to be running for the best performance.

a) Rechargeable combinations

There are also combination units available. These are 12V tire inflators with the addition of a jump starter. These units also vary in quality and use, so take a careful look when you buy one of these integrated products.

The best ones will work with a detachable air pump. That way the unit won’t rely on a single lithium battery. The best thing of course is to buy the best quality air pump and best quality jump starter you can afford.

b) Pressure

Different 12V models will give you different levels of performance. Most car tires don’t need much more than 35psi of pressure. The real measure of your tire inflator will be how quickly it can reach the correct pressure.

With larger units that run directly from the car battery you will get a little more speed. With lighter hand held units, you will need more patience (and probably should not try to inflate a tractor tire with these little guys)

c) Lightweight Rechargeable Tire Inflators

When it comes to rechargeable inflators, the best ones are designed for lighter use. Something like the Fineed Hand-held inflator will work really well on a single charge for quite some time, but for lighter use.

It will happily fill motorcycle tires or a fix your kid’s deflated soccer ball. But it will need to recover after inflating a single standard car tire. This unit looks good, is very compact and charges quickly. It has a backlit LED display where you can select different units of pressure, such as bar, psi or kPa.

It also comes with accessories and different nozzles so you fill a tire or a ball without hassle. All of it stores in a carry bag so you can keep it in your trunk without worrying about losing a piece.

d) Rechargeable Inflators for Heavier Use

Most heavy use inflators or air compressors require corded power either AC or DC. They will give you faster speeds than the lighter models, such as the Fineed hand-held inflator, and will be able to handle larger tires. But keep in mind that they charge more slowly because they use larger batteries.

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The Black & Decker Air Station is a good choice if you still need something that is completely cordless, but has a little more power behind its punch.  It takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery, but it can fill a standard car tire from completely flat to a good 35psi on a single charge.

You also get a few accessories with this robust inflator, such as different nozzles and onboard storage. It has a digital display and you can adapt the air flow.

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Final Words

If you need a rechargeable tire inflator you need to look at a few things before you buy. Look at what type of pressure it can handle and if it will do what you need it to do. Check how long it holds its battery charge and how long a recharge will take.

Perhaps you might need something that is corded and doesn’t need to be recharged often. Or perhaps you need something lightweight that can travel with you on all the backroads with just enough air to get you past a slowly leaking tire. Either way, there are great options available. We hope this piece has helped you to make a clear choice.

In this piece we looked at some of the features of rechargeable tire inflators, what to look for and which ones we can recommend. Hopefully this article has cleared things up for you when it comes to selecting a 12 V air compressor.

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