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10 Best Snap Ring Pliers of 2022 Reviews

Technicians in various industries can testify that the best snap ring pliers are solutions to complete daily projects in time. Snap ring pliers are must-have tools for all technicians in industries that deal with assembling and disassembling machines and appliances.

They greatly help in removing and inserting circlips with ease and faster. But what are the best snap on hog ring pliers available worthy to purchase?

Top 5 Snap Ring Pliers: Editor Recommended

If you struggle to select the best retaining ring pliers to purchase, worry less. Our review outlines the 10 best snap ring pliers prospective buyers should consider when purchasing them.

We also have a detailed shopper’s guide that assists these prospects narrow down their lists to make an amicable decision. Get into the snap ring pliers Review and find out the best tool worthy of your money.

The 10 Best Snap Ring Pliers Review:

Still, struggling to decide on the best snap ring pliers set worthy to purchase in the market? Worry less since we are here to provide you hint of what we mean by top-notch models worthy of the money.

We shall review top models as well as provide a shopping guide that takes you through a hassle-free selection process. Below are 10 snap rings pliers prospective buyers should consider during the selection process.

1. Channellock 927 Circlip Snap Ring Pliers

Circlip Snap Ring Pliers
  • Leading Manufacturer Of High-Quality Products
  • International Renown For Our Diverse Range Of Award-Winning Products
  • Fully Equipped With State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • All Products Have Been Designed With The Professional In Mind
  • Constantly Modernizing Our Powerful Devices To Meet The Demands Of The Modern...

We introduce Channellock 927 Snap Ring Pliers at the top due to their excellent features and more importantly their versatility. With them, you don’t have to purchase separate snap ring pliers to deal with internal and external rings or circlips.

Also, they are USA-made snap ring pliers, designed quality, and with excellent professionalism. Channellock 927 8-Inch Snap Ring Pliers feature internal switch technicians employ to change the tool for various applications.

You can employ them to remove and insert circlips from both internal and external surfaces with ease. Moreover, these models get designed with 5 pairs of coded interchangeable tips, mixed with both straight and angled ones.

The tips are of different colors to prevent confusion when using them and you can employ them for any workpiece. The safety aspect has also received much consideration in the construction of the Channellock 927 8-Inch Snap Ring Pliers.

Manufacturers made them with heavy return springs to maintain workers’ hands safe and comfortable. In addition, the handles feature Channellock blue grips to provide users firm and comfortable grip.


  • Versatile models
  • Have quality springs
  • Ultra-durable models
  • Safe to use


  • Bent pins not functional
  • Jaws don’t close completely

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2. IRWIN Convertible Snap Ring Pliers

Convertible Snap Ring Pliers
  • For internal and external use, eliminating the need for 2 sets of pliers
  • Includes four interchangeable tips for ease in moving from one project to the...
  • ProTouch grips provide extra comfort for less hand fatigue
  • Durably constructed for a long life.Jaw Length:6.5 inches. Jaw Width 1-7/20...
  • 1 pair of IRWIN VISE-GRIP snap ring pliers replaces 2 for internal or external...

Don’t fall into confusion when purchasing vise grip snap ring pliers if you need to complete your tasks in time. There is no need of purchasing separate snap ring pliers to handle internal and external circlips.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Convertible Pliers are perfect and versatile options you can purchase to avoid purchasing two sets of pliers. These models have switches technicians press to interchange between four interchangeable tips to employ them for a variety of applications.

IRWIN VISE-GRIP Convertible Snap Pliers work perfectly in removing both internal and external circlips with ease. That isn’t all that makes them different from others.

Manufacturers incorporate ProTouch grips to reduce fatigue using the tool by providing an excellent and comfortable grip. Consequently, IRWIN VISE-GRIP Convertible Snap Pliers get constructed with quality materials and great professionalism for long life.

With an inch jaw thickness, 6.5 inches length, and 17/20 inches width, they can work even hard to reach points. In addition, their firm and comfortable grip are promising and manufacturers back these tools with IRWIN VISE-GRIP Lifetime Warranty.


  • Good quality pliers
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Versatile models
  • Long-lasting pliers


  • Not study enough
  • Too large tips

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3. CRAFTSMAN Snap Ring Pliers Set

Snap Ring Pliers Set
  • INTERCHANGEABLE HEADS: Snap ring pliers allow you to work at different angles
  • SNAP RING PLIERS SET INCLUDES: 4 Interchangeable heads (2 straight, one 45...
  • CRAFTSMAN plier with automotive mechanical applications
  • Full Lifetime Warranty, refer to "Warranty & Support" section below for full...

Here are other perfect snap ring pliers in the market you can employ to maintain structures in place. Like other advanced transmission snap ring pliers, these models are not only durable but also versatile. With them, no need of shopping for separate pliers to use in daily activities.

CRAFTSMAN Snap Ring Pliers have switches near the pivot used to interchange between the heads. They have two straight heads and two angled options turning at 45 and 90 degrees. Why can’t you give them a try and testify your experience with prospective buyers?

CRAFTSMAN products make perfect options for both internal and external circlips even those in hard-to-reach points. Nevertheless, manufacturers designed them purposely for automatic mechanical applications.

Trust me, CRAFTSMAN snap ring pliers are a solution to complete tasks easily and in time. Lastly, purchasing these pliers is kind of investing in a product that will stay to give you peace of mind. Manufacturers back them with a full lifetime warranty to cater for issues that might develop with them.


  • Very versatile
  • Reasonable price
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use


  • Not excellent for automotive use
  • Not sturdy

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4. ABN Snap Ring Pliers Bent

Snap Ring Pliers Bent
  • REMOVE CONNECTION CLIPS: Use the ABN Snap Ring Plier Set to remove snap ring...
  • GRIP COMFORTABLY: Approximate 3.5-inch to 4-inch (8.9cm to 10.2cm) long...
  • BUILT TO LAST: Circlip pliers constructed from heat-treated steel that is...
  • EASY STORAGE: Snap pliers come packed inside a heavy-duty 12.5” x 3.2” x...
  • PACKAGE CONTENTS: Package includes (8) c ring pliers (4 bent tip pliers –...

We don’t have any snap ring pliers that can overtake ABN models regarding the features they boast and their versatility. ABN Snap Ring Pliers are perfect for removing circlips on tractors, farm equipment, shredder, truck, lawnmowers, and vehicles.

Apart from these, they help in brake pad removal as well as in performing general maintenance duties. ABN Pliers stands out due to their adjustable jaws and reversible joints that make them perfect for internal and external use.

You don’t have to worry about circlips in hard-to-reach points since these pliers will get into crevices to get them out. That isn’t all with the ABN pliers; their construction includes pick and hook tools that clean all gunk. Apart from their designated task, these snap ring pliers are excellent grippers for dropped clips.

Another thing that still sets them different is their excellent and firm grip that reduces fatigue. These models have long insulated handles designed with a mixture of plastic and vinyl materials to provide a non-slip grip.

Manufacturers design them using heat-treated and rust-resistant steel for maximum strength and durability. Lastly, they come with carrying cases for easy storage and transportation to workplaces.


  • Strong and sturdy
  • Non-slip and ergonomic handles
  • Designed to last longest
  • Easy storage and transportation


  • Low-quality pliers
  • Don’t line up well

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5. Lang Tools Internal External Snap Ring Pliers

External Snap Ring Pliers
  • Pliers have a knurled center screw with spring for easy changing and a secure...
  • Features 0. 038", 0. 047", 0. 070", 0. 090" tip diameters in straight, 45-degree...
  • Comfort grip made of low-temp, high-impact material providing extra durability
  • Packaged in a plastic blow molded case for protection and easy use

Most blue point snap ring pliers employ switches to switch between heads for a variety of applications. These options are quite different since they employ center screws and spring washers to interchange heads. Technicians employ them to install and remove both internal and external snap rings.

Lang Tools (3495) snap ring pliers feature four interchangeable heads, two straight and others angled, 45 and 90 degrees. For safety purposes, the knurled center screws are excellent for secure handling while in use. More than that, their handles are firm and provide an excellent and comfortable grip.

Furthermore, Lang Tools (3495) snap ring pliers are a few long-lasting models available in the market. Manufacturers construct them using high-impact material with great professionalism for added durability. Also, they come with molded carry cases for easy storage and protection.


  • Very versatile models
  • Precise and high-quality
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable models


  • Shoddy construction
  • Tips bent fast

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6. KNIPEX Snap Ring Circlip Pliers

Snap Ring Circlip Pliers
  • Eight of Knipex best selling Precision circlip pliers in one kit - includes foam...
  • Heavy duty for continuous operation - up to 10 times longer service life than...
  • Tips are made of high-density spring steel and offer a high level of protection...
  • Contains Internal Circlip Pliers: 48 11 J1, 48 11 J2, 48 21 J11, and 48 21 J21
  • Contains External Circlip Pliers: 49 11 A1, 49 11 A2, 49 21 A11, and 49 21 A21

Most people can testify that they consider most the aspect of durability when shopping for snap ring pliers. They need products designed using high-end materials as well as great professionalism. If you have struggled for long without success, try out the KNIPEX tools snap ring pliers.

KNIPEX tools manufacturers construct their pliers using heavy-duty materials to maintain them strongest for an extended period. Customer packages arrive with an 8-piece set for technicians to use for a variety of applications.

Try them, they are perfect tools to use, and they do best even in hard-to-reach points. Moreover, these are pliers you can employ to install and remove both the internal and external circlips.

Manufacturers employ premium spring steel to construct the tips for extended life as well as protection against excessive strain. Consequently, KNIPEX Tools 00 20 04 SB pliers come with foam tool trays for storage after use.


  • Premium and quality construction
  • Long-lasting models
  • Versatile snap ring pliers
  • Easy to use


  • Poor customer care
  • Tips not well machined

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7. Astro Pneumatic Tool Large External Snap Ring Pliers

Large External Snap Ring Pliers
  • Includes Internal and External straight and 90 degree bent pliers with a 0.90”...
  • Made of hardened Chrome Vanadium
  • Black & Polished Finish with Dipped, Non-Slip Handles
  • Professional fit and finish
  • 13” long pliers, 0.90” (2.3mm) tip size

As competition continues becoming stiff, Astro Pneumatic hereby earns a slot as one of the worthwhile options to consider. They stand out as exemplary in the market due to their professional fit and excellent finishes.

Moreover, the manufacturer designs them using hardened chrome vanadium for added strength and overall durability. Like the advanced models around, Astro Pneumatic Tool 94222 13″ snap ring pliers include both internal and external pliers.

They feature straight and angled (90 degrees) bent pliers to enable them to deal with a variety of applications. Also, they have 2.3 mm tips that make them perfect options even when dealing with hard-to-reach points.

That isn’t all that makes them appear in the list of top-notch snap ring pliers. Manufacturers varnish them with black and polished finishes to prevent premature corrosion in harsh climates.

Furthermore, handling is the aspect manufacturers consider most when constructing them. They have long excellently designed non-slip handles to provide a comfortable grip and reduce fatigue while using them.


  • Excellent and comfortable handles
  • Heavy duty and good value
  • Versatile models
  • Ultra-durable


  • Lack dexterity
  • Poor quality

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8. Hiltex Snap Ring Pliers External

Snap Ring Pliers External
  • APPLICATION: Big snap ring pliers or sometimes known as circlip pliers,...
  • DESIGN: Each retainer ring plier uses a spring ratchet locking mechanism to...
  • DURABLE: The interchangeable tips are made with hardened, heat treated steel for...
  • INCLUDES: This retention ring plier set has both internal and external snap ring...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Long snap ring pliers are sixteen inches long, soft grip handle,...

Ridgerock Tools Inc. is renowned manufacturers that have gained popularity due to the quality products they produce. Hiltex 02016 16″ Snap Ring Pliers have hit the market boasting value-added features to make them competitive in the space.

They employ spring ratchet locking technology to curb circle tension and strain. Moreover, Hiltex 02016 16″ Snap Ring Pliers are a true representation of durable gadgets worthy to purchase.

Construction of interchangeable tips incorporates heat-treated hardened steel for added durability. In addition, their black oxide finishes prevent premature rusting to enable them last to provide excellent service.

Consequently, Hiltex 02016 16″ Plier set to include both the internal and external pliers to use for a variety of applications. Technicians can employ them to deal with circlips either around a shaft or even in hard-to-reach points. What’s more? They have four interchangeable angled tips that can help to serve a variety of applications.


  • Reasonable price
  • Wide applications
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable grip


  • Flimsy snap ring pliers
  • Not strong

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9. Neiko Snap Ring Pliers Heavy Duty

Snap Ring Pliers Heavy Duty
  • Includes both internal and external snap ring pliers for snap rings inside a...
  • Uses a spring ratchet locking mechanism to securely hold against circle tension...
  • Interchangeable tips and frame are made with hardened, heat treated steel for...
  • Comes with straight tips attached and includes 4 quick-change snap ring tips: 2-...
  • Specs: spread: 3-1/4"; Tip sizes: 0.12"; Internal pliers capacity: 3-1/16" to...

We won’t call it an end without reviewing the Neiko 02130A snap ring pliers. Like other snap ring plier models around, this set contains internal and external pliers to enable technicians to handle a variety of applications.

They are perfect for when dealing with circlips around a shaft and those inside a bore. Also, they feature 0.12″ tips that make them perfect for use even in hard-to-reach points.

Neiko 02130A snap ring pliers employ spring ratchet locking technology to prevent circle tension. Moreover, they come with four interchangeable angled tips that enable you to work in either 45 or 90 degree bends.

The manufacturer employs hardened and heat-treated materials to construct the interchangeable tips for maximum strength and durability. Neiko 02130A pliers came with carrying cases for convenient storage and transportation.


  • Study and strong models
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting snap ring pliers
  • Outstanding quality


  • Tips break faster
  • Handles are far apart too much

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10. GEARWRENCH Fixed Tip Snap Ring Pliers

Fixed Tip Snap Ring Pliers
  • 12-piece snap ring pliers set removes and installs either internal or external...
  • Remove and install internal and external snap rings
  • Fixed tips for everyday professional use
  • Straight jaws for deeper access and 45° & 90° jaws for excellent line of sight...
  • Comfort grip handles to reduce user hand fatigue

Lastly, we have the GEARWRENCH 12 Pc. Convertible Plier Set boasting excellent features that make them the best o ring pliers. Customer packages include a toolkit with 12 snap rings pliers technicians employs for a variety of applications.

Moreover, the package includes both internal and external pliers you can employ to either install or remove circlips inside bores and around shafts.

As advanced snap ring pliers, these models four interchangeable tips, both straight and angled (45 and 90 degrees). Another excellent thing they feature is their cushion plastisol-dipped handles that provide a comfortable grip and prevents fatigue.

Furthermore, they come with rugged plastic molded cases for safe transportation as well as convenient storage after use. Invest in these snap ring pliers without worries since manufacturers back them with lifetime warranties.


  • Excellent grip
  • Come with storage and transportation cases
  • Wide applications
  • Good value for money


  • Broken packages
  • Over-priced

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Snap Ring Pliers

Our review above has given you an insight into the best pliers in the world. However, it will be not helpful without a professional shopping guide that will help you narrow down the needs and buy an excellent tool. The guide below will enlighten you on some key things that you should consider before buying.

snap ring pliers

a) Circlips

When purchasing these products, it’s important to have an idea of your intended use. With that in mind, you must check on the circlips. This is paramount since the snap ring pliers work on circlips and nothing else. Circlips come in two forms, we have internal and external types.

As the name suggests, internal snap ring pliers work on internal snap rings. External circlips also work on the external circlips. Whenever you want user-friendly pliers, experts recommend that you choose the internal pliers because they are simple to use. Closing the handles means you close the jaws.

Whereas that is true, the external pliers work differently because you open the jaws when you close the handles. Those who intend to use their pliers on snap rings that are fitted around shafts can prefer the external pliers.

b) Size

Before you purchase your best automotive snap ring pliers, you need to understand exactly which size you require. Sometimes you can damage snap rings if you overstretch them.

You should determine the smallest and the largest circlip diameter that your snap ring pliers can manage. When determining the appropriate size pliers, you need to work your way backward by determining the size of the rings that you intend to use.

Here you will be able to choose snap ring pliers that can manage all the ring sizes available. Consequently, we can denote that the number of tasks that your snap ring pliers can handle, depends on how wide their range is.

c) Ring position

Apart from the ring size, another essential aspect to consider is the ring location. You will realize that when working with a hydraulic system, the rings are deeply located in specific areas.

That is why you need to determine the area you will deal with for you to buy snap ring pliers that will reach there easily. Experts recommend that you buy long nose pliers when dealing with rings that are hidden deeply. In other cases, we recommend that you buy the angled pliers to get the job done.

d) Overall Strength

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There is nobody out here that admires a tool that is not strong enough and reliable to get the job done. The same applies to you, when buying your pliers, you need to ensure that they are strong by checking on the material used to make them.

A strong snap ring pliers should be made up of stainless steel or vanadium. These materials can assure you that your pliers can withstand intense pressure. Another factor to look into when determining the overall strength of the pliers is the tip.

A flimsy tip indicates weak pliers even if the rest of the parts are sturdy and durable. Moreover, you can also determine the overall strength by checking on the plier handles. Ensure the handles have sturdy grips which also protect you when you have the pliers through their paces.

e) Durability

Everybody demands products that can stay to serve them effectively for the longest time. However, we only get these items after selecting them wisely. Manufacturers out there employ different materials to construct snap ring pliers and this dictates their overall durability.

For this reason, you need to mind the make of the product before paying for it. Now, do you want to come back soonest for another similar product? For you to determine whether your tool is going to serve you for long, you should check the build materials.

We recommend snap ring pliers made from stainless steel because they are durable are make them sturdy. Consequently, you can consult other customer reviews either online or from the manufacturer’s website.

f) Warranty

Most people tend to ignore the warranty aspect when purchasing ball joint snap ring pliers for use. However, this is an important aspect since it’s deterministic to the quality of the tools.

In the market, manufacturers back their products with monthly basis warranties or even lifetime warranties. Before you pay money, check out the warranty terms that the manufacturers of your snap ring pliers spell out.

Fortunately, most of these tools come with a warranty, you don’t have to worry about your tool malfunctioning. Warranties will cover you whenever you have issues with delivered packages or even when issues develop afterward.

g) Price

Ultimately, after considering all the factors above, the last one now is the cost of your snap ring pliers. Before making a buying decision, you must compare the price list of your desired tool.

However, ensure you have selected pliers that best suits your needs and are relatively cheap. Now, in this aspect, you will start by comparing the snap ring pliers against their features and specifications.

Afterward, come up with a list of about five models that boasts all the features that can fit your demands. Lastly, compare the items in the list against their price tags. Get the most affordable from your favorites.


Now, have you gained anything from our snap ring pliers Review concerning the snap ring pliers you should purchase? These models take over a large space since they are a true representation of excellent options worthy to purchase.

However, the list doesn’t limit buyers but just provides a hint of what they require. We have reviewed the top-notch models that boast excellent features to provide you a service to love.

Consequently, after the products are few factors that buyers should employ to choose the best overall. Employ these ideas and you will stand as a selector of the best snap ring pliers.

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