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10 Best Tailgate Seal of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Our vehicle beds attract a lot of dirt and dust wherever we move all day long. Vehicle owners can testify that wiping and cleaning these surfaces is not only hectic but also time-consuming.

But then, there is no way we can ignore this since we need to maintain them perfect way possible. Tailgate seals are excellent products that keep vehicle beds from dust as well as maintain their overall look.

Top 5 Tailgate Seal: Editor Recommended

But what are the best tailgate seals in the market worthy to purchase? Now, our article provides readers and a prospective buyer limelight of top-notch tailgate weather stripping seal worthy of the value.

We also have a purchase guide meant to reduce the hassle of settling on the best from the several options. Let’s maintain reading to ascertain the best tailgate seal worthy to consider.

The 10 Best Tailgate Seal Reviews:

What was your tailgate seal selection process the time you were a beginner in that sector? Obvious tiresome and you might end up regretting the product you purchase.

However, our tailgate seal Review shall provide a hint of going by the selection process to those who are still stuck. Below are 10 tailgate seals worthy to purchase.

1. ESI Tonneau Cover Tailgate Seal

Cover Tailgate Seal
  • 9-15-22 Breaking News: New upgraded Ford Tailgate Seal kit eliminates 2 cut...
  • 10ft of automotive grade, EPDM rubber with 3M ST1200 tape. Adheres to all...
  • Fits all pickups worldwide except the following: purchase vehicle specific kits...
  • Vehicle specific kits continued: GMC Sierra with MultiPro Tailgate and Chevy...
  • 30 minute installation. Apply when the air and surface temperature is between...

We present the ESI Ultimate Seals at the top slot due to their capability to curb entry from any side. They not only keep off the dust from entering through the tailgate gap or sidewalls but also water and even fumes.

Measuring 10ft, they get designed using EPDM rubber that adheres to all kinds of surface finishes on the bed liners. The 3M ST1200 tape makes them perfect for sealing sidewalls.

Installing ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals is a breeze and the project takes at most 30 minutes to complete. Usually, the manufacturer’s website contains detailed instructions with photos customers employ to get through a hassle-free installation process.

However, not any time is perfect for installation, manufacturers recommend doing it when temperatures range between 55° and104 °F. Also, customers should adhere to the user manual steps to accomplish the project the best way.


  • Excellent customer services
  • Simple installation process
  • Excellent sealers
  • Great adhesion


  • Wrong user instructions
  • Not for all trucks

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2. TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seal

Universal Tailgate Seal
  • Universal Fitment.Fit Type: Vehicle Specific
  • Keeps dirt, dust and moisture out
  • A must for all pickups with truck bed covers, toppers and lids
  • Easy to Install. Cut, peel and stick for a tight seal between tailgate and truck...
  • Long-Term Durability and Weather Resistant

Here come the TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seals that stand out due to their universal fitment design. They keep dust and water at bay in almost all types of vehicles except few newer models in the market.

Most people prefer the TruXseal Universal Tailgate Seals due to their extended lifespan. Manufacturers construct them using water-resistant 3M acrylic foam tape to maintain them in the perfect state for an extended period.

Moreover, the adhesive quality of these OE quality bulb tailgate seals is another greatness to these models. Not only do they work perfectly on tailgate gaps and sidewalls, but they are also excellent Truxedo Tonneaumate Toolbox sealers.

Manufacturers ship packages containing extra seals to ensure they cover perfectly and wholly all spaces. Like other tailgate seals around, installing these models is a breeze and you will complete the task in few minutes.

Customer packages include detailed instructions for a hassle-free installation process. All customers require is measuring the gap and cut the seal that fits that space. Follow up-to peel the glue protection layer and stick to the gaps you wanted to cover.


  • Fast and simple installation
  • High-quality tailgate seals
  • Fits excellently
  • Great adhesive


  • Doesn’t work for the latest GM truck models
  • Not universal

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3. ESI ROK BLOCK Tailgate Gap Cover

Tailgate Gap Cover
  • The ORIGINAL Tailgate Gap Cover ROK BLOCK eliminates debris from falling into...
  • When tailgate is closed ROK BLOCK doubles as a tailgate seal for the tailgate...
  • 3M ST1200 tape is a high-quality automotive grade tape that adheres to all...

Next up are the ESI ROK BLOCK Tailgate Gap Covers that have proved their effectiveness to end-users. Made in the USA, these are perfect seals for people who need to spend little time cleaning their vehicles. Not only do they eliminate entry of falling debris, but also prevent loss of valuables wherever you travel.

Now, their 4.25″ width is something of great concern to people who intend to purchase these tailgate seals. Such width fits most vehicle beds; however, several pickup models don’t fit.

For instance, these models don’t combat the newer and 2019 Ford Rangers, Nissan Frontier, and Honda Ridgeline models. Moreover, these tailgates don’t make perfect options for the newer Ford F150, 2021 Sierra, and Silverado pickup models.

As advanced tailgate seals, these models feature the 3M ST1200 tape whose adhesive quality adheres to all finishes. Installing these seals is also a breeze since it’s just a matter of removing the peel and sticking to gaps.

However, the installation process is perfectly accomplished when air and surface temperatures lie between 13 °C and 40 °C. Those in need to seal sidewalls should do that by installing patented options with taper seals.


  • Quality tailgate seals
  • Excellent performers
  • Easy to install
  • Long-lasting and great adhesive


  • Rips and peels off after a short period
  • Their glue sucks

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4. ESI Tailgate Gap Seal

Tailgate Gap Seal
  • The Original and Patented Tailgate Seal 6ft length Standard and 14" length...
  • Replaces damaged Tailgate Seals on the sidewalls OR the tailgate gap
  • Not compatible with the following pickups: 2020 and newer Chevy Silverado and...
  • Use on the sidewalls when using a ROK BLOCK (ASIN: B00BPE4AP6) or when using a...
  • 20 minute installation. Apply when the air and surface temperature is between...

People looking for tailgate seals with immense value-added features should consider the ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals. Designed using EPDM rubber, these tailgates make perfect options for both the tailgate gaps and sidewalls.

They not only keep dust at bay but also water and fumes when using tonneau covers. Made in the USA, these tailgate seals combats several vehicle beds even newer models in the market.

However, they also don’t combat other models like the newer and 2020 Chevy Silverado, RAM models with Rambox. Others include the 2500 and 3500 GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, and GMC Sierra owing multi-pro tailgates.

Installing ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals is a breeze following the detailed instructions on the manufacturer’s website. Here, the manufacturer provides a guide with clear photos for every step in the installation.

However, they recommend doing the installation when air and surface temperature reads 13 °C — 40 °C. Also, installers should follow the manual step by step to complete the installation process easier and faster. Those who need to seal both the tailgate gaps and sidewalls should consider purchase 10ft seals.


  • Easy to install
  • Good adhesive
  • Sticks excellently
  • High-quality tailgate seals


  • Not perfect for GMCs
  • Sticks to the tailgate when hotter

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5. MYFAMIREA Pickup Tailgate Seal Kit

Pickup Tailgate Seal Kit
  • ★★One roll specification: The rubber trim seal is made of premium...
  • ★★ An upgraded universal tundra tailgate seal weather striping used to...
  • ★★ This Tailgate seal enhances the leakproofness of your car, which make...
  • ★★ Widely Application. This rubber trim seal suitable for most kinds of...
  • ★★ Easy-installed tool.Direct replacement tape, you just need to push the...

Are you looking for flexible as well as durable, versatile, and the best tailgate seal for Toyota Tundra? MYFAMIREA Adhesive Tailgate Seals are top market brands that promise enhanced leakproofness of your vehicle.

They are the best products for noise reduction, soundproof, waterproof, windproof, as well as dustproof. Also, these models are highly resistant to high/cold temperatures, and they prevent harmful UV radiations.

With these tailgate seals, you get assurance of a tight door close for your vehicle. They are universal upgraded options that act as the best replacements for other stripe types. Even under high-speed driving, they provide a perfect seal against all environmental agents.

Consequently, installing MYFAMIREA Adhesive Tailgate Seals is simple. These are simple direct replacement model which you need just pushing the stripping foam to the place of installation.

You can employ these seals not only in pickups but also on your auto car, truck, etc. They also make perfect seals for doors, decorative trims, storage containers, and toolboxes.


  • Made of quality material
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent performers
  • Build to last longer


  • Poor adhesive
  • Glue doesn’t stick

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6. Papillon Truck Bed Tailgate Gap Seal

Bed Tailgate Gap Seal
  • 【Saving Materia】The tailgate gap cover saves you time and money by keeping...
  • 【Protect Your Truck】Prevents rocks from falling onto the bumper step pad,...
  • 【Durable Elastomeric Material】The durable elastomeric material easily flexes...
  • 【Easy-installed tool】Direct replacement tape, you just need to push the...
  • 【Sufficient Length】The length of 11' is enough for you to use on two pickup...

Here are perfect tailgate seals from Papillon stores that protect pickup and trucks against environmental agents and falling debris. Papillon Adhesive Universal tailgate seals keep off all loose materials that gain entry through the tailgate gap.

Still, you can employ them as tonneau covers to act as shields against entry of dust to the truck bed. What makes the Papillon Adhesive Universal tailgate seals exemplary is their long-lasting service.

Manufacturers design them using premium quality elastomeric materials for added durability. Apart from preventing entry of fallen materials, they also protect contents from falling while driving.

Furthermore, installing these tailgate seals is a breeze since they tuck easily to set installation spaces. Installers just require pushing the stripping foam to the set installation spaces.

Usually, they get packed 11 ft rolls; this is quite sufficient to cover two trucks. Papillon Adhesive Universal tailgate seals form the greatest models you can employ to get the best for your vehicle.


  • Designed using quality material
  • Long enough
  • Easy to install
  • Build to last longer


  • Doesn’t stick well
  • No excellent adhesive

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7. ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal

Ultimate Tailgate Seal
  • Both ORIGINAL ESI EPDM rubber seals eliminate dust and water from entering in...
  • 4.25 inch width ROK BLOCK covers the tailgate gap and eliminates debris from...
  • 6ft patented Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal installs on the sidewalls....
  • Apply when the air and surface temperature is between 55° - 104°F (13° -...

Truck tailgate seal manufacturers are competing for space in the market but currently, ESI tends to occupy a bigger section. These models act as perfect seals against dust, water as well as fumes.

Unlike other models around, ESI ROK Block seals adhere to all surfaces, thereby making them universal options worthy to consider. Measuring 4.25-inch widths, they tend to make cleanup easy by preventing entry of debris through the tailgate gap.

Those who would use these seals for bed liners need to install them under the liners. Moreover, the 6ft patented seals with taper seals make perfect installing on the sidewalls.

Furthermore, installing the ESI ROK Block 4.25 inch Tailgate seals is simple. Manufacturers provide customers detailed guides about the installation process.

Under the set instructions, manufacturers recommend installing these tailgate seals when the surface temperature is between 13 °C and 40 °C. Lastly, customers should consult the seller whether these products fit their vehicle models before they purchase.


  • Great value for money
  • Easy to install
  • Ultra-durable
  • Long enough


  • The taper seal doesn’t work
  • Poor adhesive

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8. Storystore Truck Tailgate Seal

Truck Tailgate Seal
  • 【Double-Bulb Seal Strip】Stable and good sealing effect, non-toxic, more...
  • 【Provides a Perfect Air-Tight Seal】This weatherstripping enhances the...
  • 【Special Soundproof Holes Design】This sealing strip has a special design...
  • 【Easy to Install】Self-adhesive door/window weather stripping with strong...
  • 【Wide Range of Application】This rubber trim seal for a variety of...

Finding perfect sealers not only need buyers to look for flexibility and durability when the best pickup tailgate seal. You also need non-toxic options that provide the perfect sealing effect overall.

Considering these aspects, Storystore Universal Car Seal takes a swipe over other market models. These tailgate seals feature a double bulb strip for added longevity and stability. As excellent sealers in the market, they act as excellent leak-proof models against noise, dust, wind, and water.

Moreover, they are weather-resistant, prevent harmful UV, and offer protection against all environmental elements. Storystore Universal Car Seals are perfect leakproof sealers providing assurance even when driving at in the highest speeds.

What differentiates them from other models are their specially designed soundproof holes. These holes absorb sound waves to prevent penetration of noise as well as reduce sound propagation on the pickup doors.

Apart from that, the soundproof holes tend to reduce pressing forces that exist between the door frame and the door. Installation of these tailgate seals is simple and it takes little time to accomplish the project.

You simply require stripping off the white film and fit them into the intended installation space. Also, they make perfect sealers not only for vehicles but also boats, storage containers, decorative rims, and toolboxes. Storystore Universal Car Seals are perfect fits worthy of your hard-earned money.


  • Easy to cut and install
  • Excellent performers
  • Seals perfectly
  • Designed to last longer


  • Doesn’t stick well
  • Poor adhesive

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9. ESI MultiPro Tailgate Seal

MultiPro Tailgate Seal
  • New and improved as of June 2022, The Original and Patented Tailgate Seal for...
  • Keeps out dust and water that enters in through the tailgate gap and sidewalls,...
  • 21ft automotive grade EPDM rubber with 3M ST1200 tape. Adheres to all surface...
  • Packaged or online directions must be followed to properly install this product....
  • For other pickups view ASIN: B00IPQWXZQ

Production of premium quality products makes the ESI producers continue flourishing the market. Made in the USA, these models keep off dust, water, and fumes penetrating through tailgate gaps.

When using tonneau covers, they prevent entry through the sidewalls as well. ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seals are perfect models for GMC Sierra MultiPro tailgate 1500, 2500, and 3500 vehicles.

Manufacturers design them using the automotive grade EPDM rubber material for added durability. Apart from that, their adhesiveness to all surface finishes makes them worthwhile options.

Nevertheless, installing them is simple with the help of detailed instructions from the seller. However, manufacturers recommend installing these tailgate seals when surface temperature lies between 13 °C and 40 °C.


  • Good adhesive
  • Simple to install
  • Ultra-durable
  • Excellent performers


  • Doesn’t stick well
  • Not appealing

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10. ESI Colorado Tailgate Seal

Colorado Tailgate Seal
  • The Original and Patented Tailgate Seal compatible with 2015 and newer Colorado...
  • Keeps out dust and water that enters in through the tailgate gap and sidewalls,...
  • Automotive grade EPDM rubber with 3M ST1200 tape. Adheres to all surface...
  • Packaged or online directions must be followed to properly install this product....

Lastly, we present the ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seals that install both to the tailgate gaps and sidewalls. Like other ESI tailgate seals, these models make up the perfect options to keep off dust, water, and fumes.

ESI Ultimate Tailgate Seal with Taper Seal are perfect options for 2015 and newer Canyon and Colorado car versions. Made in the USA, manufacturers design them using automotive-grade premium EPDM rubber material for optimal longevity.

Installing them is also a breeze with the help of detailed manuals that contain photos of each step involved. However, manufacturers recommend installing these models when surface temperature lies between 13 °C and 40 °C.


  • Easy installing them
  • Made of premium material
  • Keeps off environmental agents from tailgate
  • Build to last longer


  • Doesn’t stick well
  • Poor adhesive

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choosing Tailgate Seal

When the time comes for you to purchase the best tailgate seal, you may get a hard time choosing one. You need to have a general knowledge of what needs you want to fulfill and which ones are less important.

Tailgate Seal

That is why we provide you with this comprehensive shopping guide. Below are essential factors that you should consider when setting out to purchase the tailgate seal for Chevy Silverado.

a) Material

One of the main factors that experts recommend you to look into is the material of the tailgate sealing you are about to buy. A reliable rubber is the best material because it can take a hit easily.

Rubber-made tailgate seals are known for their long-lasting nature before replacing them. The fact that these tailgate seals are built to endure abrasion and frequent contact. Those made of rubber pass this test because they can withstand contact and abrasion.

Before making any purchase, ensure you go to a reputable seller because at times you can buy a counterfeit product. Interestingly, if you don’t understand the reliable sellers, you can buy one from those people who claim to have used a certain substance whereas that is not true.

One of the ways that you can get reliable sellers is by checking on the real customer reviews. They give genuine reviews and you can even understand what to expect from your model.

b) Fitment

Tailgate seal models get designed with fittings that are tied to a particular type of vehicle. Consequently, some manufacturers design them to fit particular brand types. Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the dimensions of your vehicle before setting out to choose one.

Nothing is embarrassing like coming home with a tonneau cover tailgate seal that does not fit your vehicle. That means that you will have to go for another model again.60

c) Installation Procedure

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Another important factor to look into is the procedure that you will follow to install your pickup tailgate dust seal. In this case, you can opt to install it yourself or get the job done by a professional. When planning to install by yourself, you need to pay attention to the ease of installation that your model comes with.

Ensure you pick a tailgate model with a clear instruction manual that will direct you through the installation process. When your models lack one, don’t give up you still have a chance of doing self-installation.

Get online resources from YouTube and you will quickly learn with the help of tutorials provided. Those who plan to get the job done by a professional should not worry about the factor but should prepare adequately for the installation fee.

d) Warranty

Buyers should never ignore the warranty aspect when purchasing the best tailgate seal kit. For one, you might receive damaged tailgate seals, or the seller ships what you never ordered. Apart from that, there are instances you get the shipped option that doesn’t fit your vehicle models.

In such cases, the warranty document will save you to seek a refund or replacement. Now, companies will back their tailgate seals with either 30 days warranties or even lifetime options.

Why should you not cover yourself from such uncertainties? Moreover, such warranties have hidden meaning to the quality of the products you intend to purchase. Always ensure you take products with the longest covers to deal with any arising issues.

e) Cost

You cannot fail to consider the price factor when you are about to make a buying decision. Ensure you pay for what is worth your money. To purchase a quality product, you must stretch your pockets.

However, if you realize all factors are catered in a model, give it a shot if it is relatively cheap. In this aspect, you will require to have a list of about ten favorite tailgate seals that can suit your needs.

Compare them adequately against their specs to ascertain the ones that are perfect of all. Lastly, do a comparison of their price tags and choose the relatively affordable option.

f) Customer Reviews

We usually ignore to look at what others say about these products before we purchase our best car tailgate seal. However, that information is important since they enlighten us with a rough idea.

Get online and go through what those who got a chance to use similar products say and try. It’s not a surprise you will make an informed decision from those reviews and testimonials.


Tailgate seals play a role in preventing the entry of foreign environmental agents to your vehicle’s tailgate. These agents will not only contribute to damage to your vehicle but also makes cleaning time taking. However, with little idea from this best tailgate seal review, we can solve such problems at ease.

Our tailgate seal Review has discussed the top ten tailgate seals that are worthy to purchase in the market. They don’t limit buyers in making decisions but just provide a hint of true representations of worthwhile options.

Consequently, the shopping guide after the products helps decide the best truck tailgate seal overall from our long list. Employ these ideas and you won’t regret your next purchase.

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