Best Touch Up Paint for Cars

10 Best Touch Up Paint for Cars of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

Every time you look at the scratches and chips of your car, you tend to think you will do something the very next day to bring back its lost luster.

But in reality, the days are only increasing and so are the number of scratches on the surface – and you are yet to do anything about it.

I get it, it’s nearly impossible to manage time for such tasks. And hence, I use an easy solution for it – touch up paints.

Top 5 Touch Up Paint for Cars: Editor’s Pick

Getting your hands on the best touch up paint for cars will truly change your car’s outlook and take a lot of burden off your shoulder.

So, stop stressing out and start reading the reviews.

The 10 Best Touch Up Paint for Cars Reviews:

If you are more puzzled than ever regarding which touch up paint you should buy for your car, then you need to go through our reviews for the top ten paints right away!

1. Spray Touch Up Paint Dupli Color

Spray Touch Up Paint Dupli Color
  • The Duple-Color Scratch Fix All-In-1 Touch-Up Tool Features An Abrasive Prep...
  • We Are The Only Brand With Colors Tested And Approved By Vehicle Manufacturers...
  • Through Creativity, Productivity And Innovation - This Brand Continues To...
  • Ideal for large touch ups, color matching vehicle accessories, motorcycles, etc.

Never thought covering the scratches of your car will be easy? Well, that is because you haven’t come across this product before! Its effortless application and other features make it the best automotive touch up spray paint out there.

If you are concerned about the rust and loose paint on top of your car, then here’s the perfect solution for you. The abrasive tip makes sure to eliminate all the unnecessary substances to provide a smooth and even application.

Furthermore, the product also contains a pen tip that will allow you to cover the most minuscule scratches – making it the best touch up paint for car scratches. But the paint also solves large chip problems using its brush end.

And the best part is that the color of the paint will match exactly with that of your car. It will also provide a clear protective coat – so you won’t have to take the trouble of applying a coat separately.

The coat will seal to not only provide maximum protection but also make sure that the finish seems professional. Moreover, the ergonomically designed item will let you use it with utter convenience.

However, you will have to be very careful when choosing a color for your vehicle because otherwise, you may end up with the wrong one. On the other hand, there are no instructions for use, which can be inconvenient.


  • Abrasive tip gets rid of rust and loose paint
  • Covers the smallest of scratches
  • Brush end takes care of large chips
  • Provides a clear protective coat for sealing
  • Professional finish with ergonomically designed package


  • Might provide the wrong color
  • No instructions for use

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2. ACDelco GM Black Touch Up Paint Car

Black Touch Up Paint Car
  • Each tool contains a GM factory original color matching code that ensure an...
  • Four in one applicator with a piston style pen tip for small fixes and a brush...
  • The tool’s dual applicator is perfect for a variety of uses associated with...

If you are worried about getting a car touch up paint pen that may not match the color of your vehicle, then here’s an item you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Find out about what makes this the best touch up paint pen right here.

How are we sure it will match your vehicle? Well, that is because it includes a color code to match that of your car – so no need to search for the perfect color anymore relentlessly.

Other than that, the versatility of this item is quite remarkable as well. First of all, it is known as a four-in-one pen for a reason. And that is, it can fix small scratches along with larger chips and much more.

For the former, it includes a piston-style pen tip that takes care of fine fixes. And for the latter, you will find a brush applicator. It will help you cover the bigger scratches and chips in only one application.

These aspects of the product make it suitable for taking care of everyday damages that your car goes through. Not to mention, it provides excellent value for money as well, so you know you are investing in the right paint.

The paint does not self-level, and if you don’t do it yourself, then the outcome may end up looking horrible. Moreover, the item does not come with proper instructions either – making it difficult to use.


  • Matches the color of the car perfectly
  • Provides versatility with its four-in-one applicator
  • Fixes small scratches using a piston style pen tip
  • Fixes larger chips with its brush applicator
  • Provides excellent value for money


  • Does not self-level
  • Does not include proper instructions

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3. Songven Black Car Touch Up Paint

Car Touch Up Paint
  • · New generation Car Scratch Repair Remover Pen.A must item for car lovers and...
  • · Special design bottle body: bottle contains sliding parts in it .when you...
  • · Work for deep scratches . the paint in bottle can adsorb on metal .and it is...
  • · Please Be sure to read the manual before use and Follow the instructions step...
  • · Package Included: 1 x Car Professional Paint Pen ,1 x English manual ....

Have you ever been shocked and disappointed with the touch up paint wearing off the surface after getting splashed by water? Well, that won’t be a matter of concern with this automobile touch up paint pen because it is waterproof.

Along with providing excellent resistance to water, the item also ensures utter convenience of use. You can also take it wherever you want, thanks to its portable design.

On the other hand, the scratch repair paint pen is designed to last for several years. So you won’t have to worry about throwing it away once you have used it once. Just seal the cap tightly and use it whenever you want.

What truly makes this the best touch up paint pen is its unique ability to absorb metal. Hence, no matter how deep the scratches are, this paint will cover them and make sure the spot does not rust in the future.

The good news is, even if you have never used this item before, you have nothing to worry about. Its manual will provide all the guidance that you need through its step-by-step directions.

However, the formula of the paint may seem like that of a nail polish, which can be rather disappointing. On the other hand, the product is not very useful when it comes to covering larger chips.


  • Provides resistance to water once dry
  • Ensures convenience of use with a portable design
  • Lasts for several years with a tight seal
  • Absorbs on metal and prevents rust
  • Provides step-by-step directions


  • Formula seems like that of a nail polish
  • Doesn’t cover larger chips

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4. Toyota Genuine Touch up Paint Color Code

Touch up Paint Color Code
  • 070
  • Backed By 1 Year Or 12k Warranty Which Ever Comes First
  • High Quality OEM
  • Genuine Toyota Part
  • Blizzard Pearl

Applying paint on your car scratches from time to time is surely not very pleasant. Hence, you need something that is durable. And here’s a vehicle touch up paint that will satisfy you in terms of longevity and much more.

What makes it the best touch up paint system is its quality, which is unmatched by others. The high-quality paint makes sure your car has an attractive appearance right after you are done with it.

Moreover, the paint is tough, unlike its counterparts. So it will restore the car’s finish, which will provide a professional look, and this will last for a long period. Therefore, you won’t have to go through the hassle of various applications.

Furthermore, you will be able to apply it very easily, and it works well for both scratches and chips. So your vehicle will have all its flaws covered quite conveniently.

To make things more convenient for you, the item includes a built-in applicator brush along with an internal agitator ball. The latter will help you in mixing, so you can style your applications.

But you will have to apply it a few times because a single coat is almost transparent. Moreover, press the pen carefully because too much product might come out.


  • High-quality paint ensures an attractive appearance
  • Provides professional look
  • Durable and requires less frequent application
  • Effortless to use and works for scratches/chips
  • Includes a built-in applicator and a tool for mixing


  • A single coat is almost transparent
  • Too much product comes out when pressed

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5. Gold Label Detailing Touch Up Paint Scratch Repair

Touch Up Paint Scratch Repair
  • PRECISION APPLICATION - Pen Handle with .5mm Tip
  • EASY TO USE - Simply Fill Reservoir With Paint
  • HIGH QUALITY - Brass Construction With Knurled Handle
  • EASY CLEANING - Stem Cleaning Tool Included
  • TOUCH UP PAINT - Perfect For Scratches, Rock Chips, Arts and Crafts, Calligraphy...

Are you worried about creating a mess because you can’t keep your hand steady when applying paint to your car? Well, here’s the best touch up paint kit for that. Find out more in our touch up paint for cars review.

First of all, this is known as the best touch up paint pen for a reason. The pen comes with a tip size of 0.5mm, which not only makes it ideal for use with metallic automotive paint but ensures preciseness as well.

Therefore, this item is perfect for scratches on your car, and you will be able to use it quite conveniently. All you will have to do is fill the reservoir with the paint and you are good to go.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about replacing the pen anytime soon either because it comes with durable construction. With brass construction, you will find a knurled handle for longevity.

But what truly sets this product apart is its stem cleaning tool. This part will allow you to clean it effortlessly, without any hassle whatsoever. So don’t worry about it getting dirty.

However, there are no instructions on how to clean the product, which can be frustrating for the users. Moreover, some paint may not come out of the tip, and that might just cause it to clog.


  • Helps keep hand steady during application
  • Ideal for use with metallic automotive paint
  • Ensures preciseness as well as ease of use
  • Comes with a durable construction
  • Effortless to clean with the cleaning tool


  • Does not include instructions on how to clean
  • Paint might clog on the tip

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6. ACDelco 19354941 GM Touch Up Paint Summit White

Touch Up Paint Summit White
  • Formulated to help restore your vehicleÆs body paint in the GM Genuine Parts...
  • Quality aerosol applicator design provides extra anti-drip protection and helps...
  • Each paint contains a GM factory original color matching code that helps ensure...
  • Formulated to help restore body paint
  • Some ACDelco GM Original Equipment parts may have formerly appeared as GM...

If you always had the notion that applying paint on a car would be difficult, then you haven’t come across the best touch up paint for car scratches yet. It comes with features that will never fail to amaze you.

This high-quality paint provides a finish like none other. Your car will not only look unbelievable, but it will also seem like it just came out of the showroom. With this, you can get professional results at your own garage!

What further gives it the title of the best automotive touch up spray paint is its convenient canister. This tool is not only effortless to use, but it also makes sure the paint is even after application – so you don’t have to level it yourself.

Furthermore, the paint will not run or drip either. Hence, none of the products will go to waste, and it surely won’t create a mess. This aspect of the item makes it suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Whether your vehicle has medium scrapes or fine scratches, this product will take care of it all. It is often called the best automotive touch up spray paint and that is because it smooths over all the flaws in an instant.

But you need to be a little cautious when using it because the paint might splatter out of the canister. On the other hand, the product is a little too thin, and one application may not be enough.


  • Provides a professional looking finish
  • Applying the paint is super easy
  • Does not run or drip during application
  • Takes care of medium scrapes and fine scratches
  • Smooths over all the flaws


  • Paint might splatter out of the canister
  • Product is too thin

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7. N n Car Scratch Repair Touch Up Paint

Repair Touch Up Paint
  • 【Convenient operation】: Two strokes in one head, making it more convenient...
  • 【Color matching】: The paint is specially formulated with the original color...
  • 【Scratch Removal】: For minor scratches, but the paint does not fall off, you...
  • 【Durable】: After light grinding on the paint surface, the paint surface will...
  • 【Note】Pearl white is transparent white, please pay attention when shooting.

Nowadays, it can be difficult to find paints that are both durable and easy to use at the same time. However, here’s one that offers both of these, making it the best touch up paint system in that regard.

With this, you can handle the scratches more accurately and conveniently. That is because it comes with a system that allows two strokes in one head – which saves your effort too.

Furthermore, you can use it on minor scratches as well as areas on which the paint has entirely peeled. You can also apply it on painted surfaces to make it glossier.

What truly makes it the best touch up paint for car scratches is its ability to blend in with other painted areas. No one will be able to tell the difference between repairs and what was already there.

On the other hand, you won’t need to struggle either when choosing the ideal color because it comes with the original color number. So you can easily use the code to choose the accurate one.

But you will need to be very careful during application because it smudges. Moreover, it has a nail polish like texture, which is rather disappointing.


  • Durable and easy to use
  • Handles scratches more accurately
  • Can be applied to any flaw
  • Blends in with the other painted areas
  • Easy to choose the perfect color


  • Might smudge during application
  • Has a nail polish like texture

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8. TouchUpDirect 040 Aerosol Touch Up Paint

Are you looking for the best touch up paint kit that comes with all the essential aspects? Then you have come across the ideal product for yourself. Find out more about it in our touch up paint for cars review.

This product is absolutely the best touch up paint for car scratches in the sense that it has been designed for that purpose solely. It will cover all the superficial and light scratches in an instant.

Moreover, you won’t face any hassle when using it either because it comes with a comfort tip. So you will be able to use it with utter convenience, even if it’s your first time.

Not to mention, the paint is environmentally safe as well, given it contains low amounts of VOCs. Therefore, you won’t be doing any harm to the atmosphere by using it.

This versatile and remarkable spray paint can be used on mirrors, trunk lids, and bumpers as well. Hence, it is also known as the best touch up paint system for multiple uses.

However, the package is quite expensive, considering all the features it offers. Furthermore, the spray paint can release globs at times, creating messes altogether.


  • Covers superficial and light scratches
  • Bottle comes with a comfort tip
  • Environmentally safe with less VOC
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Suitable for beginners and professionals


  • Too expensive
  • Spray paint releases globs

9. TouchUpDirect PW7 Bright White

PW7 Bright White
  • All colors require clearcoat, which this kit includes, for light chips and minor...
  • All colors require clearcoat, which this kit includes, for light chips and minor...
  • All colors require clearcoat, which this kit includes, for light chips and minor...
  • Two in one, brush-in-cap and pen-style applicator.
  • For repairing dime sized and slightly larger areas such as light chips and minor...

If you are going to invest in a touch up paint for your vehicle, then you might as well make sure it provides excellent value for money. And this item is the best touch up paint kit in that regard.

With this kit in hand, you won’t have to worry about getting a clear coat. It already includes one that will help you cover chips and scratches without any hassle.

Moreover, the product also contains an unmatched applicator pen, which gives it the title of the best touch up paint pen. The brush-in-cap covers medium to small chips conveniently.

With the coat and the paint combined, your car will have maximum protection. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about it rusting or wearing out anytime soon.

On the other hand, the item is also environmentally safe, as it contains low amounts of VOCs. Therefore, you can easily use it without worrying about the paint potentially harming the atmosphere.

But you need to be careful when choosing the color because it may not be an exact match. Moreover, you may need to apply several coatings to make it visible.


  • Provides excellent value for money
  • Includes a clear coat for extra protection
  • Covers chips and scratches in an instant
  • Features a pen and a brush for versatility
  • Contains less VOCs for safety


  • Color may not match exactly
  • Several coatings may be required

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10. Color N Drive Automotive Paint Touch Up

Automotive Paint Touch Up
  • WHY TOUCH UP PAINT? Well, from the second you drive a brand new car off the...
  • WHERE IS MY PAINT CODE? Inside engine bay area by right side engine compartment....

Got a lot of stone marks and scratches on your car that you need to take care of right away? Then get your hands on the best touch up paint system right away. Get to know more about it in our comprehensive review.

It’s only normal to want your car to look brand new. And fortunately, this item has been designed keeping that in mind. It will restore the shine of your vehicle while providing a professional finish.

Moreover, this system contains all you need to keep the paint durable and lustrous. No matter what abuse it goes through, the paint will be able to withstand it.

With this, you can remove excess paint, take care of chips and scratches, prime and protect, and whatnot. You won’t have to buy anything extra to use with it.

Not to mention, it contains a unique mix of ecological solvents and pigments, which makes it effective but safe. You can also effortlessly find the right color using the codes.

But the process of using this product is a little complicated, so you may have a difficult time with it. Furthermore, it does not provide UV protection, so do keep that in mind.


  • Covers stone marks, scratches and chips
  • Restores shine and provides a professional finish
  • Durable and lustrous paint
  • Includes everything you will need
  • Effective and safe with exact color match


  • Using it is a little complicated
  • Does not provide UV protection

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Choose Touch Up Paint for Cars

Touch Up Paint for Cars

If you want your car to look flawless on the outside, then you will need to buy tools and accessories while keeping that in mind. Surely, settling down for something average is off the table.

Now, covering the scratches and chips in a car is no big deal. But if you want to do it perfectly, then you will need the best touch up paint kit. And for that, there are certain aspects that you need to keep within your consideration.

However, if you are still puzzled regarding the factors that you should look out for then there’s nothing to worry about. We will be elaborating on those factors right here to help you out.

a) Ease of Application

Applying touch up paint on your vehicle should never be complicated, and you should keep that in mind before getting one.

Focus on the applicator of the item along with the instructions provided to understand the level of convenience.

b) Color

This is the most important aspect, so pay extra attention to it when you are choosing one.

If the item comes with color codes to match that of your vehicle, then that makes it easier for you. Otherwise, recheck the color a few times to be absolutely sure.

c) Type of Paint

You will usually come across spray paints and paints that are applied using pens and paintbrushes.

The former is difficult to handle, whereas the latter is easy to apply and makes it less messy for the users. So, choose according to your convenience.

d) Drying Time

The drying time of paint is very important because that determines the amount of time you will have to wait before using your car again.

So make sure it isn’t too long. Conversely, a drying time too short isn’t necessarily ideal either.

e) UV Clear Coat

A UV clear coat is an extra bonus that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It makes sure the coating stays protected from sunlight while preventing rust from forming.

It also ensures longevity, so if you find paint with this feature, don’t miss out on it.

f) Price

The price range of touch up paints is quite versatile, which provides you with many options.

Ideally, you can choose one within the range of 15-30 dollars. But you can also go higher or lower depending on the brand and the quality of the product itself. Hence, you can easily make a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

i) Which brand produces the best automotive touch up spray paint?

You will come across multiple brands that produce amazing touch up paints for cars. However, among them, Dupli-color is specifically known for its quality and several integrated remarkable features in its products.

ii) Do auto touch up spray paint actually work?

Yes, these paints do wonders to cars – if you pick the right one, that is. They will make the surface of your vehicle look great if you follow the instructions properly.

iii) Should I use primer with the touch up paint?

That entirely depends on the paint you have bought. Some require primers whereas others do not. So go through the directions before applying to be sure.

iv) Does touch up paint blend in?

If applied properly, touch up paint can blend in with the surrounding paint. The difference will not be noticeable unless looked upon closely, so there’s nothing to worry about.

v) How many coats of touch up pint does my car require?

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For this, you will need to follow the instructions of the product itself. Furthermore, the depth of the scratch should also be considered. Usually, 2-3 coats do the trick.

Final Words

Having the best touch up paint for cars is truly necessary if you want to keep the shine of your vehicle, and I hope this comprehensive article could help you find it.

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