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10 Best Tow Hooks of 2022 – Review and Buying Guide

For those that drive on roads that are prone to mud and snow, you need to have a solid tow hook to attach to your vehicle. Tow hooks can get you out of tough situations while on the road like, when in a jam or when you ram into a tree stump. They are also ideal for use when pulling your disabled car.

Top 5 Tow Hooks: Editor Recommended

To help you choose the best, in our tow hooks Review below, we have selected the most trusted tow hooks that are in the market today. Besides, we will highlight all the features that make them exceptional. We will also equip you with a detailed buying guide to enable you to choose the best tow hooks for your car. Continue reading for more….

The 10 Best Tow Hook Reviews:

When you go to the market to buy the best kid bike tow hook, you will realize that many brands sell the same products. What you need to understand before you purchase is exactly what fits your kid’s bike or your car. Below, we have a selection of the best tow hooks that you should buy. Take your time and learn the features below before you make a buying decision.

1. EIOUMAX Rear Tow Hook

Rear Tow Hook
  • ✓ UNIQUE APPEARANC-Racing car style, As beautiful and practical car exterior...
  • ✓ HIGH STRENGTH-Supports tow weight of up to 5000 lbs,This tow hook Made of...
  • ✓ STABILITY- Bolt structure connection, firm and reliable, prevent falling off...
  • ✓ EASY INSTALLATION-As long as you have a hook on your car, you can install...
  • ✓ 100% Quality & Money Back Guarantee-100 days free replacement & money back...

Our number one selection is the popular EIOUMAX Rear Tow Hooks. These tow hooks are spectacular because of their unique appearance. Manufacturers build them with high-quality aluminum alloy that provides for high strength. They can help you avoid a breakdown because of their anodizing and drawing process. They can support tow weight of up to 5000lbs

Another thing that makes these heavy duty tow hooks exceptional is that they are easy to install. Nobody wishes to purchase a tow hook that will take them the whole day to install. Luckily, EIOUMAX Rear Tow Hooks got your back. To install them in your vehicle, you only need to directly screw-on application.

Moreover, these outstanding tow hooks guarantee you maximum stability. They come with a bolt structure connection that attaches firmly to the vehicle and is more reliable. They also prevent any possible sliding or falling off. Another thing that ensures they improve stability is their double nut fixed design.

Apart from the unmatched stability, the EIOUMAX Rear Tow Hooks are ideal for you because they come with a universal fit. You can use them in most vehicle models. You can install other models without modification, while others require their parts or should be modified through welding.


  • High quality build material
  • Sturdy construction
  • Includes hardware
  • Durable


  • A little bit hard to install

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2. Sparco Tow Hook Strap

Tow Hook Strap
  • Ribbon towing strap
  • 6600 pounds maximum load
  • 15 millimeter hole diameter

Here comes our second selection, the Sparco Tow Hook Straps. They are the leading tow hooks on the list because of their unmatched performance. Manufacturers include a ribbon towing strap that makes them ideal for towing any kind of vehicle. The ribbon is made of quality material for increased durability

Another thing that you need to check is the weight that your tow hook is rated for before you buy. When you buy a hook that is rated above your vehicle’s weight, you get that it becomes extra-large for the application.

Worry less because the Sparco Tow Hook Strap is capable of pulling over 1800 kg (4000 lbs). They measure around 10 inches big enough to help you sort your predicaments easily.

Moreover, these incredible tow hooks allow you to tow up to 6600 pounds full pull. They allow you to easily haul your truck to the body shop. In addition, the Sparco Tow Hook Straps comes with a hole diameter of 15 millimeters that allows you to perfectly screw into your vehicle’s back and front thread.


  • Durable
  • Great customer response
  • Very strong product
  • Easy to install


  • Specifications don’t match for some
  • Does not come with any hardware

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3. Sakura Zen Heart Tow Hook

Heart Tow Hook
  • Strong PVC Plastic
  • Durable Nylon Strap
  • Quality Built
  • Easy to install
  • Produced in Japan

Here are other outstanding tow hooks, which you will find in the market. The Sakura Zen Heart Tow Hooks. These tow hooks are ideal for use for your car because manufacturers design them with high-quality materials. They feature a strong PVC plastic and a nylon strap that are extremely durable.

Most people who like adding something unique to styles, finds these Japanese Sakura Zen Heart Tow Hooks ideal. They make your car outstanding, and you can place them either on the handle bars, bumpers or wherever you deem best.

Most people like these tow hooks because they are also easy to install. No need to worry about looking for an expert to get the job done. They are the best for DIY enthusiasts because you will need less than 15 seconds to fix them.

Moreover, these incredible tow hooks are built to last. The strong PVC plastic and black nylon straps that they use to construct them are strong and corrosion-resistant.

When you go out shopping for these tow hooks then, you are sure that you may not go back to purchase another one soon. They come with great visibility because of their excellent finish, you can decide which color best suits your needs.


  • Excellent design
  • Quality build material
  • Easy to install
  • Durable


  • Poor customer service

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4. Dewhel Tow Hook for Truck

Tow Hook for Truck
  • RACING T2 TOW HOOK,7.2'' Long With the Ring Unfold.,1.5'' Long for the Threading
  • Black Tow Hooks compatible with BMWMADE OF HIGH QUALITY AND CNC LIGHT WEIGHT...
  • High Performacen compatible with BMW Race Car Exterior Accessories Tow Hook...
  • Luxury Tow Hook compatible with BMW E82 E88 1 Series, BMW E36 E46 E90 E91 E92...
  • Reference models Of compatible with BMW Auto Parts - Tow Hook :2006-2012 1...

When it comes to towing and recovery, most people prefer to use Dewhel Tow Hooks. They are arguably the best tow hooks that you can rely on because they are 7.2 long and feature a ring unfold that is 1.5 long for threading purposes.

Manufacturers build them to last, thanks to the high quality and CNC aluminum material. Moreover, these tow hooks are the best because they allow you to use them for rear and front tow.

Consequently, Dewhel Tow Hooks for Truck boasts high performance. They are compatible with most bmw tow hook whose opening is on the stock bumper. Like other best gopro tow hook, Dewhel Tow Hooks for Truck is extremely easy to install.

You don’t need an expert to assist you because you screw directly on the application, and in less than two minutes you are done. That is what any buyer wishes when purchasing their products.

Furthermore, Dewhel Tow Hooks for Truck is designed to tow BMW E82 1 Series, BMW E63 E64 6 Series, BMW E70 X5 BMW E36 E46 E90 E91 E92 E93 3 Series, etc.

They are outstanding because they help you to tow your vehicle easily without damaging the aftermarket bumpers or stock. Their foldable design and the European sporty racing style enable them to improve their sporty appearance for any race.


  • Fast and easy to install
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Foldable design


  • Breaks after short time
  • Fades after a while

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5. EIOUMAX Racing Tow Hook

Racing Tow Hook
  • ✓ UNIQUE APPEARANC-Racing car style, As beautiful and practical car exterior...
  • ✓ HIGH STRENGTH-Supports tow weight of up to 5000 lbs,This tow hook Made of...
  • ✓ STABILITY- Bolt structure connection, firm and reliable, prevent falling off...
  • ✓ EASY INSTALLATION-As long as you have a hook on your car, you can install...
  • ✓ 100% Quality & Money Back Guarantee-100 days free replacement & money back...

Here comes another popular tow hook that will help you get out of trouble on muddy or snowy roads. The EIQOUMAX Racing Tow Hooks lead in this category because they can decorate your car and give it a unique appearance.

Manufacturers construct them using an aluminum alloy with low density but, high strength. Consequently, the aluminum alloy plays a great role to make them corrosion-resistant because they form a dense oxide film when they contact with air.

Another thing that makes them stand out from the rest is their ease of installation. You just need to screw them directly on the application and everything is in place. However, experts recommend that you confirm whether there is a hook in the rear of a car before purchasing for easy installation. The package weighs around 1.17 pounds and measures12.48 x 6.3 x 1.38 inches.

Like the best c5 corvette tow hook, these hooks are made to last. Nobody wants to spend again and again on the same product. Manufacturers of the EIQOUMAX Racing Tow Hooks use aluminum alloy to construct them.

These materials are equated with of steel tow hook because they offer great strength to your tow hooks for heavy-duty functions. No need to worry about towing a heavy load once you have them at your disposal.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Installation is a breeze
  • Quality build material
  • Sturdy construction


  • Poor customer service

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6. Appletree Automotive Tow Hook Flag Mount

Another highly-rated tow hook here is the Appletree Automotive Tow Hooks Flag Mount. They are unmatched because they make your towing experience great due to their high build quality. They are extremely easy to install like other great tow hooks. DIY enthusiasts find them ideal because you only need to screw on the application for a few minutes, and they are ready for use.

Moreover, these tow hooks clamp onto a horizontal tow hook or tubing to allow for easy flag mounting. Manufacturers also design them with a hole diameter of 1/3 sold. Experts recommend that before you install your tow hook flag mount bracket, you paint them because they are raw steel.

Most people love the Appletree automotive tow hook flag mount brackets because manufacturers design them with a 90-degree twist. You can easily work on turning up and down without much hassle. When purchasing your tow hooks, one thing that you must check is whether they can fit your vehicle or not. Our best tow hook license plate mount is built to perfectly fit VW and Dune buggy. Get one from the stores and do your work with ease


  • Great design
  • Easy to install
  • Quality build material


  • Poor customer service
  • Not durable

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7. Tow Ready Receiver Tow Hook

Receiver Tow Hook
  • PVP
  • Package Dimensions: 32.6 H x 5.6 L x 14.6 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 4.336 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : China

Here are other outstanding tow hooks, the Tow Ready Receiver Tow Hooks. They come with dimensions of 32.6 H x 5.6 L x 14.6 W (centimeters), which is the appropriate dimension. The packaged weight is also 4.336 kg. This dimension makes them convenient for storing and carrying because they take very little space in the interior of your car. They make them a good choice to decorate your car.

These Tow Ready Receiver Tow Hooks originate from China and come with PVP construction that makes them strong and durable. They are built to fit a 2-inch receiver perfectly before you easily tow your vehicle.

Moreover, these tow hooks are perfect solid tools that you can use on your vehicle to strap other vehicles. They are easy to install and very reliable when any issue arises. The package includes an angled latch pin that holds them in place on the tow hitch receiver.

Manufacturers make these tow hooks with a 10,000 lbs gross trailer weight. You are free to choose the one with your measurement requirements because the Tow Ready Receiver Tow Hooks measure from 7-4/4 in length. Ensure you check these dimensions before you purchase your tow hooks because they are very essential for perfect performance.


  • Great hook for the money
  • Solid build
  • Heavy duty product
  • Good for bumper protection


  • Not easily noticeable
  • Fades after sometime

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8. RaceQuip Race Car Tow Hook Strap

Race Car Tow Hook Strap
  • Mounts To Chassis to Accommodate Towing Car Off Track; Required by Many Series...
  • 2" Wide 12,000lb Commercial Grade Polyester Webbing; High Visibility Design...
  • Orange Color; Size: 7" to 24"; Can Handle Any Type of Vehicle up to 3,500lbs;...
  • Two Styles Available - Soft Loop or Hard Ring
  • Adjustable length from 7” to 24”

When you want to pull something massive, you need a strong tow hook that will make things easy for you. With the RaceQuip Race Car Tow Hook Straps, everything works nicely. They are ideal because they mount to chassis for them to accommodate towing cars off the track. That is exactly the tow hook for cars that many series and sanctioning bodies require.

These tow hooks, come with an adjustable length from 7 to 24 inches. They can handle any type of vehicle that is up to 3500lbs. Manufacturers make them from drop forged steel hardware, which increases their durability.

In addition, these tow hooks are built from 12,000lb capacity commercial grade polyester webbing. They also include a red color finish to increase visibility to help safeguard the motorsports and recovery personnel.

Another thing that makes RaceQuip Race Car Tow Hook Straps popular is the high visibility design that they come with. They either bolt-on chassis or wrap around them by using a drop forged steel hardware . They also feature commercial-grade polyester webbing for maximum stretch and pull.

In addition, these remarkable tow hooks come in two styles, soft loop and hard ring. Purchasing these tools guarantees you an excellent towing experience and unmatched durability.


  • Very strong
  • Good adjustability
  • Great price
  • Easy to install


  • Comes with only one strap
  • Poor customer service

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9. Redline Universal Tow Hook Ring

Universal Tow Hook Ring
  • Mounts in factory bumber tow hook
  • Universal Mount fits all vehicles
  • easy and quick installation
  • Plastic tow ring
  • Includes hardware

At number nine, we have the best tow hooks in the market, that is, the Redline Universal Tow Hook Rings. Like the best front tow hook c7, these tow hooks are ideal because they come with a universal mount that fits almost all vehicles. They mount in factory bumper tow hooks and are a piece of decorative hooks for your vehicle.

Moreover, these tow hooks are popular because they are easy and quick to install. They feature a high-quality plastic tow ring that provides them with a touch of style. These tow hooks are strong and weigh 9.6 ounces. They measure 12 x 4 x 2 inches, which is the ideal size that many people prefer to use.

Another thing that buyers look into before they purchase their tow hooks is their price tags. The Redline Universal Tow Hook Rings are the most affordable products on our list. They are relatively cheap but, work efficiently like other expensive tow hooks.


  • Easy and quick to install
  • Includes hardware
  • Quality build material
  • Relatively cheap


  • Some break after a while

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10. DEWHEL Mercedes Tow Hook

Mercedes Tow Hook
  • High quality aluminum Tow hook
  • Simple install-bolts directly on to car's front tow hole
  • High Performacen Mercedes Benz Race Car Exterior Accessories Tow Hook ALLOWS TO...
  • Tow hook Fit for 2008-2014 Mercedes Benz C-Class ,2013-up Mercedes CLA-Class...

Lastly, we have the DEWHEL Mercedes Tow Hooks. These impressive tow hooks rule in this category because they feature quality build materials. Manufacturers make them from high-quality aluminum, which gives them enough strength and durability. These materials are also corrosion-resistant.

Moreover, before buying your tow hooks, you should check on their installation process. We all want something easy to install, and that is exactly what DEWHEL Mercedes Tow Hooks are. They are easy to install because you only need to bolt them directly into the car’s front tow hole.

Apart from the ease of installation, you also need to look at the compatibility of your tow hooks before you purchase them. DEWHEL Mercedes Tow Hooks are designed to fit 2008-2014 Mercedes-Benz C-Class, 2010-up Mercedes E-Class, 2007-2013 Mercedes S-Class, 2014-up GLA-Class, W166 ML-Class, and 2014-up GLA-Class

In addition, these incredible tow hooks are ideal for use by many people because they are of high performance compared to other tow hook cluster. They allow you to easily tow your car safely while leaving your car’s front bumper safe from any damage.


  • Quality product
  • Easy to install
  • Great for bumper protection
  • Fits perfectly.


  • Easily snaps
  • The black fades after a while

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Buying Guide: What to Consider When Select Tow Hooks


Tow Hooks

After reviewing some of the best tow hooks in the market above, you will need to choose one for your vehicle. However, deciding which one is the best can be a daunting task. That is why you need this professional buying guide to assist you to make an informed buying decision. Below are the factors to consider before purchasing your tow hooks.

a) Type of Tow Hook

There are two types of tow hooks, which you can choose from. Those that are vehicle specific and universal hooks. The vehicle-specific tow hooks fit the specific make, year, and model of a specific vehicle. Here they come with factory mounting locations where you screw onto. They don’t need any modifications to a tow hook.

On the other hand, universal tow hooks work majorly on American vehicles with fewer modifications to the vehicle. They allow you to customize your race car. Choosing the best tow hook style for a certain application depends on your vehicle type. For any US-built or JDM vehicles, you may need the J-hook, T-hook, R-hook, and a D-hook.

b) Weight

Another essential factor that you need to consider before shopping for your tow hook is weight. Ensure any tow hook that you purchase is rated for the weight of the vehicle that you are going to recover. When you use a hook that has a rating high above the vehicle’s weight, the hook may be way too large for the application. However, this depends on the type of hook and how your recovery setup looks like.

c) Coating

Once you decide to invest your hard-earned money in any product, you need to ensure it earns you the value of your money. That’s why you need to consider those two hooks that have a coating. Almost all tow hooks are on an exposed location, unless your racing car has retractable ones, which hide when you are not using them. Therefore, tow hooks are prone to attack by road, debris, moisture, weather conditions, and road salts.

To ensure your tow hooks are free from corrosion, choose those tow hooks with eye-catching colors for visibility and anti-corrosion coatings. A durable coating is essential because it protects your tow hooks from rust. The common option that manufacturers use for coating is powder coating, but you will find many others there.

d) Protection

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For those shackles attached to the recovery anchor points, their bumper may get scratched. That is why experts recommend that you purchase tow hooks that have an acrylic or rubber guard to counter possible scratches.

e) Materials

Manufacturers use corrosion-resistant materials like high tensile steel and aluminum. Ensure your tow hook has feature materials because they make them strong are durable. Moreover, the bright color of your tow hooks is not only track use, but also gives a tow truck operator an easy time to locate the spot for hooking. By doing this, these hooks save you a lot of time because you don’t have to investigate the vehicle.


From our tow hooks Review above, we have highlighted some of the excellent tow hooks, which can help you sort out any stressful car situation. You may either be in an accident, break down or get stuck somewhere. Getting the best tow hook can simplify your situation easily.

When choosing the best tow hooks for your car, ensure you identify the situations for the equipment and the type of vehicles you have. Use more durable materials when dealing with heavy-duty situations. For simpler duties, you can purchase tow hooks made from lightweight aluminum. However, the final buying decision depends on your individual needs and preferences. Refer to our buying to help you choose the best.

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