How Much Does it Cost to Install Auxiliary Port in Car

How Much Does it Cost to Install Auxiliary Port in Car?

Your vehicle’s auxiliary ports are a convenient method to include extra features and usefulness. At an inexpensive price, they may be fitted in any vehicle, truck, or suv. Auxiliary ports and how to set them up are the topics of this post, so let’s get started!

What is an Auxiliary Port?

You may add more functions to your automobile by attaching an auxiliary port. Playing music and making phone calls are the primary functions of these devices.

There are various uses for auxiliary ports, but here are a few of our favorites:

  • Hands-Free Phone Calls
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Streaming Music)
  • Using Voice Commands

A kit that performs everything without forcing you to invest additional time and money on a permanent AUX port installation is recommended if you have an older automobile without an auxiliary input.

Our plug and play recommendation

How Much Does it Cost to Install Auxiliary Port in Car?

Auxiliary ports are priced differently depending on the functionality you choose. Bluetooth, video game compatibility, and USB connectivity are all increasingly common on more costly devices. A typical price range is $50 to $100, with most lying between between $60 and 80.

A radio wire harness adapter is often included with most auxiliary ports, so you may use it right away. This simplifies the installation process and saves you up to $100 in the process of hiring an electrician to do it for you!

An aftermarket auxiliary port might cost up to $500 if you want to go all out.

Auxiliary Port Installation Cost Breakdown

Premium Kits $500
Regular Aux Kits $60
Plug-and-Play AUX Kits $30

How to Install Auxiliary Port in Car?

Consider adding a high-quality connector if you want charging and hands-free calling capabilities. Your car radio won’t be harmed in any way by using this device. When your automobile doesn’t have an AUX port, this is the most expensive way to add an aux port, but it’s the best answer.

It’s important to remember that the hands-free calling experience will be subpar if you go for the less expensive kits. Streaming music and gaming consoles are both supported by kits that are available for purchase.

Devices like Bluetooth speakers may be easily connected without any prior wiring expertise thanks to these kits, which come with everything you need (including instructions). Installing them normally costs approximately $80 and can be done by anybody with a few simple tools.

How Much Time Does it Take to Install Aux Port?

If you’re experienced with automobile stereos, installing an aux port should just take a few minutes. To ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely for your car, opt for the more expensive, higher-quality options.

It’s best to go with a kit that already has all of the ports and wireless connectivity you’ll need.

Benefits of Installing an Auxiliary Port in a Car

A car with an auxiliary port has a lot of advantages! Some individuals may not believe it is worth the expense or time, yet there are several benefits to owning one. For starters, you don’t need Bluetooth to listen to music on your phone.

Second, you may use the car’s power outlet to recharge your phone. To guarantee that your phone or tablet is always charged when on the road or in a long commute, this is a must-have accessory. The ability to use hands-free functions like Siri or Google Now while driving is made much easier with an auxiliary connector.

What are the Disadvantages of Installing Aux Port in Car?

An auxiliary port in your automobile may have certain drawbacks, just like any other product or service you could buy or use. If your audio system doesn’t have any stock AUX port, that indicates there is no support for AUX ports in that device.

External batteries put strain on the gadget, which is not designed to sustain it. A third-party AUX port won’t provide the same quality of sound as an original equipment manufacturer’s AUX port.

a) Which Car Does Have Aux Port?

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If you’re seeking to add an AUX port on your own, this is definitely the best option. Your car’s existing equipment will not be harmed in any way. Vehicles built after 2005 are required to have one, regardless of when they were built. You should double-check if the model is from the 1990s or 2000s because certain models from that time period have an AUX port, while others do not.

b) Can I Install Auxiliary Port Myself?

If you don’t have the time or skill to install it yourself, it shouldn’t cost you more than $200 to hire a professional.

c) How Much Does it Cost to Repair Aux Port?

There is no need to spend more than $10 to $20 on a new auxiliary port if your old one is broken or malfunctioning.

d) What Type of Aux Cord Do I Need?

The 3.5 mm auxiliary wire is compatible with any car’s auxiliary port.

e) The Most Affordable Way to Add Auxiliary Ports to Your Car

Instead of spending a lot of money on auxiliary connectors, think about employing FM transmitters or Bluetooth adapters. Generally speaking, they are priced between $20 to $30, and they deliver excellent sound.

For a fraction of the price of having an electrician do it, you may install the port yourself with this method. However, there are a few drawbacks worth noting:

  • You need to remember to plug them in every time you get into your car.
  • The quality of the sound isn’t as good since it’s being transmitted wirelessly through radio waves.
  • Hands-free phone usage or voice commands are not up to the mark on these products.

Depending on the FM transmitter or Bluetooth adapter you purchase, the setup will be different. In contrast, the most popular models can be connected into the car’s cigarette lighter, which is quite convenient.


Installing an extra port in your automobile has several advantages! There are many advantages to owning one, even if some people don’t believe it’s worth the money or effort. For starters, you can stream music from your phone without the need for Bluetooth. The second advantage is that you can charge your phone while driving.

This is perfect for extended road trips or commuting periods since it keeps your smartphone charged no matter how far you go! When using hands-free technologies like Siri or Google Now in your car, an auxiliary port is a must. There’s no need to be intimidated by all of this; just install an auxiliary port and get started.

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