How to Clean Fuel Injectors with Seafoam

How to Clean Fuel Injectors with Seafoam?

Watching the power of your favorite vehicle fade away with time is painful – although, I am surely not here to tell you more about it.

Because you have already heard of the maintenances necessary to keep the vehicle all powered up and running, and for that, one of the most helpful items is seafoam.

Once you learn how to clean fuel injectors with seafoam, you won’t even think about going to a professional every time your engine slows down.

And I can assure you that even if you have no prior experience with this process, there is nothing to worry about because I have provided every piece of information you need to know right here!

So give this comprehensive article a read for a healthier and more powerful engine.

Why Should You Clean the Fuel Injectors?

Now, why you should be cleaning the parts of your vehicle is pretty obvious. But surely, you might have wondered what will happen if you just let it be and don’t clean it.

And to answer your question, we will be focusing on why you should clean the fuel injectors from time to time. Once you get to know the reasons, you will surely feel more motivated.

So, check out this section of the article for more insight.

a) Increases Engine Efficiency

For your engine to run better and more efficiently as a whole, you need to make sure the parts inside are clean and running properly as well.

If there is grime and gunk build-up inside the engine, then it will struggle to operate efficiently – which might damage the engine even more than you can imagine in the long run.

So to increase the power and efficiency of the engine as well as the vehicle, cleaning the fuel injector is absolutely necessary. In fact, the results of a cleaning session will amaze you.

b) Better Acceleration 

Now, if the engine fails to run smoothly, then you surely cannot expect the vehicle to accelerate properly, right?

And this might become an actual hassle at some point. In the worst-case scenario, you might as well not be able to start the vehicle at all.

But the best injector cleaner for duramax can improve the acceleration of the vehicle, and hence, it should not be neglected.

c) Fuel Economy

With a less efficient engine and frequent improper accelerations of the vehicle, you might notice a dip in the fuel economy.

You will have to spend more fuel than you used to in the past – and at some point, even that may not be enough.

But since cleaning the fuel injectors solves the aforementioned issues, it will take care of this one as well.

d) Reduces Chances of Further Damage

With the car’s fuel injectors being clogged with grime and other unwanted substances, you may not notice any other problems. But if the injectors are clogged up for too long, then that will call for further damages.

To avoid that, cleaning them right after seeing the first signs is highly recommended.

Benefits of Seafoam to Clean Fuel Injectors

Clean Fuel Injectors with Seafoam

After being familiar with the reasons behind cleaning your fuel injectors, it is only normal to search for the right product for the process. And while many promises to do countless wonders, not all live up to their words.

However, seafoam speaks a different story and provides results that will amaze you every time. Don’t believe us yet? Then you will surely be intrigued once you get to know the benefits that they provide.

In this section of the article, we will be discussing all the advantages that this cleaner offers elaborately.

i) Cleans Fuel Injectors Effectively

With seafoam, you won’t have to experience two days of happiness with upcoming days of disappointment.

That is simply because this product contains all the elements required to give the car’s fuel injectors the treatment that they deserve.

The injectors will be cleaned so effectively that you won’t have to worry about their issues for a long time after use.

ii) Restores Lost Power

They say a car loses its power eventually within a few years. But with the right maintenance, that won’t be the case, and seafoam ensures of that.

It will clean the injectors while making sure they don’t come across elements that will damage them. As a result, the vehicle will get back its lost power within no time, right after you have cleaned the injectors.

iii) Recovers Lost MPG

With the engine and the vehicle being slowed down overall, you will notice that you have lost a lot of miles per gallon – that is, fuel economy.

And momentarily, it might seem like there’s no way of getting that back.

But with seafoam, that couldn’t be further from the truth. This product has the ability to restore lost fuel economy like none other.

iv) Less Price, More Results

Seafoam provides fantastic results – no questions asked. But the price you need to pay for those results is not as high as you would think it would be.

In fact, the item is one of the most inexpensive fuel injector cleaners out there.

Therefore, you will be able to give your vehicle the boost it requires without having to spend too much money on it.

How to Clean Fuel Injectors with Seafoam?

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Cleaning your fuel injectors using seafoam may seem like a straightforward process at first. But even though the task isn’t very complicated, we wouldn’t term it ‘simple’ either.

There are multiple steps that you need to follow, and you should be cautious not to mess them up. That is why we will be elaborating the steps as much as we can in this section of the article.

Once you follow them properly, you won’t face any hassle at all.

1. Add a Cleaning Dosage of the Product

The first step of cleaning the fuel injectors using seafoam is adding a dosage of it to the fuel tank. It is recommended to add 1 oz. for each gallon of fuel.

However, you have to remember that seafoam is basically a very concentrated and refined version of petroleum. Hence, you cannot possibly add too much of it.

In fact, the more you add, the more benefits it will provide. So even if you feel like you added more than the recommended portion, then we can assure you that your vehicle is fine and will be better than ever.

2. Warm the Engine

Now you need to start your car and make sure the engine is at its operating temperature. For that, you can take a trip with it around your area or roam around for a few minutes.

On the other hand, do remember to turn off all the accessories in the car. This part is crucial because you wouldn’t want anything to go wrong in the middle of your work.

Both of these are done to make sure the intake is hot as well as ready for the process to start properly. 

3. Locate the Air Intake Boot

At this point, you need to safely park the vehicle in a garage or a proper area. Make sure to turn the engine off before you can start working. And this part is especially important because you don’t want to face any serious hazards.

On the other hand, you also need to make sure the area you are parking the vehicle in is safely ventilated.

The next thing that you need to do is locate where the air intake boot attaches to the throttle body – basically from where the air flows into the engine. Loosen the air intake and take it off to take a look at the throttle plate.

4. Place the Cleaning Tube on the Throttle Body

The next step for you is to place the cleaning tube in the throttle body – basically by adjusting the throttle body. And once you have done that, you can reseal the boot on the throttle body.

Do make sure the placement is proper. Because if it is not, then you will have to do it all over again.

5. Spray the Entire Can

Once you are done with the previous steps, you will need a helper to hold the accelerator for you. In this part, the helper should hold the accelerator at 1000 RPM over idle throughout the spray treatment.

Now, you need to attach the cleaning tube to the bottle of seafoam. Once you have attached it properly, you need to start spraying and eventually empty the bottle.

This process will take about 4-5 minutes and shouldn’t be more delayed than that.

6. Shut off the Engine

As soon as you are done spraying the seafoam, your helper needs to stop accelerating and shut off the engine. This should be done immediately to avoid casualties.

Then, you need to remove the cleaning tube from the throttle body and secure the air intake. In this part, you need to make sure to tighten the seal as much as possible.

This part is basically known as the hot soak – when all the cleaning is done in the fuel injector. So you should let the vehicle cool down and hot soak for about 5-15 minutes.

7. Burn Away the Residues

You are basically done, and this is the last step – which is more essential than you think.

Surely, seafoam leaves behind some unwanted residues that should not reside in the fuel injectors of your vehicle and should be taken out right away. Now, getting rid of those is pretty easy.

All you will have to do is, once your vehicle is done hot soaking, take the vehicle and drive it for 5-10 minutes at a moderate speed. This will burn away all the dissolved residues.

And with that, you are done cleaning the fuel injectors with seafoam.

Final Words

Seafoam is a great product that will not only clean the fuel injectors but also help improve the vehicle’s overall performance. So knowing how to clean fuel injectors with seafoam is essential.

And I hope this article has helped you understand the steps and processes properly.

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