How to Factory Reset Kenwood Car Stereo

How to Factory Reset Kenwood Car Stereo

Some of the best-known Kenwood vehicle stereos are available on the market. Since 1946, the firm has been making automobile stereos and has been a pioneer in the market thanks to its extensive line of high-quality products. There are times when factory resets are necessary, and you may not know how to perform them on your own.

For your benefit, we’re here to lend a hand! In order to avoid any missteps, we’ll go over how to do it on your Kenwood audio in this blog article. We’re going to go through all of the methods you can hard reset your kenwood radio.

Method 1: How to Reset an Old School Kenwood Stereo

The procedure is straightforward and should take no longer than five minutes to complete. What you need to do is as follows.

How to Reset an Old School Kenwood Stereo

a) Remove Face Plate

Press the eject button on your device to remove the stereo’s faceplate. Make sure it’s plugged in, because the procedure requires electricity to be finished. Nothing under the face plate can shock you, so don’t be concerned about electric shocks.

To remove the faceplate, press and hold the Eject button and slide it toward the end of the eject button. Check to see if the reset button is located on the faceplate before removing it. Some recent versions include a reset button on the faceplate, while others have classic reset buttons buried behind the face covering.

b) Locate the Reset Button

Afterward, identify the little hole in the body of the Kenwood device by peeling back the top covering. Depending on the model, it can either be located in the centre of the device or at the top left or right corner.

c) Press Reset Button

Once you find the reset button, all you have to do is hit it. Using a paper clip or pin, you may be able to hold down the button on your phone or tablet for at least five seconds. To protect you from accidentally resetting the gadget, the button is encased in the hole.

d) Complete the Process

Reinstalling the face plate and using the infotainment system is all that’s left to do when the reset procedure is complete.

Performing a system reset in accordance with this guide should resolve any stuttering or lagging issues. But if you need to restore the factory default settings in your car’s in-car entertainment system, then the hard reset procedure outlined in the next section is what you should do.

Method 2: How to Hard Reset Touchscreen Kenwood Stereo

To restore factory settings, two individuals are required, unlike the process for previous devices. How about attempting the following steps instead?

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i) Locate Reset Button

Locate the reset button on the Kenwood device and press it to do a full reset. If it’s not at the top left corner, it’s not right.

ii) Press Menu, Eject CD and Reset Button

Go ahead and look for someone here to assist you. There are three buttons you need to hit at once: Menu, CD eject, and the reset button. Until the system is restarted, you must hold down all of these buttons.

iii) Complete the Process

A menu should appear when the computer starts up. Make sure to look for an option that says “Initialize all”. A notification will appear requesting you to hit the reset button again after some time. After following the instructions, you’re done! You may get more information by watching the video lesson.

iv) Soft Reset

Soft reset is a good place to start when resolving a computer problem. To accomplish this, press and hold the reset button for five seconds while waiting for the computer to restart. This should take care of most of the common issues faced by Kenwood car audio users.

Quick Fixes for Common Kenwood Stereo Issues by Resetting the System

In this section, we’ll go through some of the most typical problems that can be solved by a hard reset, if not by the soft one.

1. Kenwood Car Stereo Flashing Protect Mode

An error message that signals a problem with your computer’s operating system is what the “protect mode” is all about. A poor speaker or a short in the circuit are the most likely causes of a faulty connection. And there are situations when the problem appears out of the blue and there is no recognized issue.

It’s advisable to do a hard reset on your vehicle audio if it becomes stuck in the “protect mode.” The issue should be resolved in the vast majority of cases. Check out our comprehensive tutorial on how to solve the Kenwood car radio protect mode issue if it doesn’t work for you

2. Kenwood Car Stereo Has No Sound

A lack of power or a problem with the driver might be preventing the speaker from kicking on. As a precautionary measure, ensure that the car’s batteries are correctly connected and that they have adequate voltage to operate many gadgets. You may need to do a hard reset on your car’s software if you detect nothing wrong with the battery.

3. Kenwood Car Stereo Bluetooth Not Working

Start with a soft reset if you have any difficulties with wireless connectivity, such as Bluetooth or Wifi not connecting. When everything else fails, try doing a hard reset. Unless your computer is physically damaged, this will fix the problem.


For a Kenwood radio system, we’ve shown how to conduct both a soft and hard reset. If your problem is more of a user problem that is not tied to the hardware of the system, we recommend that you try a soft reset. It’s possible to try the factory reset technique if the problem persists after a soft reset, and see if it helps. 90% of Kenwood stereo problems may be solved with a simple soft or hard reset. There may be more Kenwood Car Stereo troubleshooting procedures that might help you if these two fail.

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