How to Fix Pioneer Bluetooth Memory Full Issue

How to Fix Pioneer Bluetooth Memory Full Issue?

This guide is intended for owners of Pioneer stereos who are experiencing problems with their Bluetooth memory filling up. Your pioneer stereo may be fixed and restored with the help of this guide.

Almost everyone who has a Pioneer vehicle radio has had to deal with the unpleasant Bluetooth problem at some point. A “Bluetooth memory full” or “Greyed out” Bluetooth symbol will appear on your phone if your radio is no longer linked to your phone.

Depending on whatever model you have, the answer may be slightly different. Here are the solutions for the Pioneer AVH series and DEH series stereos so you can choose the one most suited to your product.

How to Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer AVH Stereos

Follow these instructions to repair Pioneer Bluetooth connecting issues caused by a full memory-

a) Engage the Parking Brake

Make sure your car’s parking brake is on before you begin the operation. This will open up the Bluetooth settings. In the absence of this feature, you’ll be presented with a greyed-out Bluetooth symbol that accomplishes nothing.

b) Go to Stereo System Menu

On your stereo screen, there is a menu icon that looks like a Microsoft Windows logo. Click on it. I should use a four-square icon.

c) Head Over to Settings

Now, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your screen to access the system settings.

d)Find Bluetooth

Your screen should display a new menu with a Bluetooth icon at the bottom. Bluetooth settings may be accessed by clicking on that symbol.

e) Remove the Bluetooth Memory

Find the “Bluetooth Memory Clear” option at the bottom of the page and choose it. On the next page, select the ‘Clear’ option and click ‘OK’. Simply click “Ok” to confirm the procedure when prompted to do so a second time. Clearing the Bluetooth memory of your Pioneer AVH vehicle entertainment system should be done promptly.

Clear Bluetooth Memory on Pioneer DEH Series Car Stereos

Like the previous procedure we just mentioned, this one is also fairly simple-

1. Find and Click on SRC Button

Start by hitting the SRC button on the stereo to turn it off. Once you’ve pressed and held the power button, it will turn itself off.

2. Press MC Button

Now hit the MC button on the radio to open the menu.

3. Scroll to Clear Memory

To clear your memory, you’ll need to scroll down to the bottom of the menu. It may take a few scrolls to get there, so be patient.

4. Clear the Memory

Press the MC button when you’ve found the Clear Memory option. “Clear Memory YES” should appear in a new pop-up. It’s as simple as pressing the MC button again to ensure that you’re intentionally erasing memory. Once you confirm that, the memory should be immediately erased.

How to Fix Greyed Out Bluetooth icon on Pioneer Stereo

If your Pioneer receiver’s Bluetooth suddenly stops working, this should repair it. While driving, you can’t tamper with the stereo’s settings or watch videos.

How to Fix Greyed Out Bluetooth icon on Pioneer Stereo

If your stereo’s Bluetooth symbol is greyed out, all you need to do is apply the parking brake. The problem should be resolved. When all else fails, you may have made a mistake in the installation of your radio system. Fortunately, there’s a solution.

i. Remove the Car Stereo

Remove the radio from the dashboard to have access to the wiring behind it. To be honest, this shouldn’t be that difficult to accomplish. The removal of your Pioneer vehicle audio is easy if you follow our instructions.

ii. Find Parking Brake Wire

Now look inside the housing for the ‘Parking brake’ wire. Light green is the preferred color, while other hues are acceptable. The bright green wire is usually the culprit. When looking for the proper answer, locate that first.

iii. Connect the Wire to Parking Brake Ground

Now, cut the end of the wire and attach it to the parking brake ground with a wire connection. This time, it will collect information on when the parking brake is engaged and when it isn’t.

iv. Reinstall the System

Now, carefully reinstall the system and verify that it is working properly. To verify that the issue has been resolved, put the car in park and check the parking brake.

Bypass Parking Brake Method to Make the Bluetooth Working Always

Although it’s a safety precaution to keep you from getting into an accident while driving and listening to music, you may find that your kids or other passengers in the car require a fully working audio when you’re behind the wheel.

Using the parking brake method is not an option in this situation. Connect the parking brake wire to a screw on the back of your radio to do this. This will allow you to utilize the audio while driving by bypassing that security safeguard.

Caution: Some of your audio system’s most important safety measures will be bypassed if you do this. As a result, unless you really must do so in order to prevent your children from distracting you while driving, I highly advise against it.

How Can I Connect, Disconnect or Delete a Bluetooth Device from My Pioneer Stereo?

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An easy way to do it. Using the techniques outlined above, access your Bluetooth.

For AVH Series: Engage Parking Brake > Stereo System Menu > Settings > Bluetooth

For DEH Series: MC Button > Scroll to Bluetooth Audio

Then all you have to do is click on the options that interest you.

  • Connect: for pairing or connecting a new device.
  • Disconnect: for disconnecting a paired device.
  • Delete: to delete a Bluetooth device.


When you know how to troubleshoot correctly, Pioneer Bluetooth difficulties are simple to repair. To modify any Bluetooth settings, including the Pin Code for Bluetooth Connections, all you have to do is open your device’s Bluetooth Settings and follow any onscreen prompts.

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