How to Inflate a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire

How to Inflate a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire

Materials needed for the project:

  1. An air compressor or hand pump
  2. A dowel or a stick measuring 12 inches or longer
  3. Rope/chord – at least 6″ – 8″ longer than the wheelbarrow tire circumference

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How to Inflate a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire

The “MacGyver” contest was used as the inspiration for this Instructable. An 80s television series named “MacGyver” inspired this film. There is currently a new version of the show airing on television.

To demonstrate a quick and creative way to solve a challenge using available materials, similar to what MacGyver would do in the same situation, the project was designed.

MacGyver needs to transport a heavy load down a dirt road 2 miles, and it needs to arrive quickly to continue his mission. The tire of a wheelbarrow that he could use is flat, so he doesn’t want to use it! A bicycle pump that he finds adjacent works, so he attempts to pump his tire up.

BE SAFE. There is only one step that may result in injury, and that is the inflation of the tubeless tire. DO NOT overinflate this! It is best to leave your tires slightly under-inflated if you do not have a tire gauge.

The last step of my video will show you how to simplify the process of inflating a tubeless tire otherwise uninflatable.

Step 1: MacGyver Could Use the Gary Solution

As he tries to inflate the tubeless tire, he notices that air keeps leaking around the rim of each side. With one hand, he presses down on the tire and he’s able to block the air from escaping on one side, but not both at the same time. In order to prevent the tire from losing air during inflation, he needs a solution.

Step 2: Gather the Materials Needed for the Solution

A material that can help him solve his issue is searched for in the area. An old barn holds a piece of rope approximately 6 ft in length, as well as a stick approximately 14 inches long.

Step 3: Just Getting started

Just Getting started a Tubeless Wheelbarrow Tire

The wheelbarrow is flipped over so the tire can be accessed easily. The rope is looped under the tire and he pulls it around the circumference or outer edge of the tire. A simple square knot is used to tie one end of the rope around the stick.

Step 4: Loop De Loop Here We Go

The rope is centered around the tire’s circumference and is held in place. In order to get the other end of the rope around the stick, he wraps it three to four times around the stick perpendicular to the tire.

Step 5: The Final Stretch

He twists the stick and rope in a clockwise direction while holding them securely, compressing the centers of the tires, thus pushing the edges outward against the edges of the rim on both sides at the same time. The tire is now sealed so that no air can escape. Then he begins to inflate the tire.

Step 6: Alright, it’s quickly fixed; let’s go!

As the tire begins to inflate, he releases the tension on the stick and rope to allow the tire to fully inflated! The problem is quickly resolved within 1 to 2 minutes! In the end, he loads the wheelbarrow with the stick and rope, and continues his mission!

What a guy!

Step 7: Watch the video of how the uninflatable tubeless tire becomes inflatable!

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All the steps in this video simplify the process for inflating a tubeless wheelbarrow tire, which is otherwise impossible to inflate!

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