How to Install Center Caps on Rally Wheels

How to Install Center Caps on Rally Wheels?

There are many reasons why people go for the personalized center caps. Sometimes they are based on the vehicle brands. Others prefer cool logo designs on chromatic metal.

Whatever the motive, you can admit that the entire appearance sort of lacks something without the center caps adorning the wheels.

If those wheels are rally wheels, it is all the more reason to acquire the perfect set of center caps. Can you believe in participating in a rally race without the center caps to identify your ride specifically?

The problem is fitting them on the best rally wheels. A lot of inexperienced drivers end up buying the wrong kinds. Even if they enhance the style, will they improve the look?

So, let me show you how it is done in the following read.

What Are Rally Wheels?

In case you are new to this and have no clue what you have gotten yourself into, do not worry! Taking up a project that involves customizing the styles of your ride is the norm for generations.

If you do not work on it, you can easily pass it on to the favorite sibling or child. However, you still have to know what the rally wheels are to share the wisdom with the juniors.

It will definitely make them feel like you are the living Wikipedia.

Anyway, rally wheels have spokes of various designs. Some even obscure the spokes in such a way that they are hardly visible. But these appealing wheels come in two forms.

Dirt Track Racing Wheels

It is the very reason why I have taken up the rally wheel research to understand the performance better. The wheels for the rally racing motors are made sturdily. They do not just fulfill the attractive view of the ride.

The purpose of these wheels here is to convey stability, power, control, and speed. A rally car racer will need them all and must have the confidence to drive it. One glance at the proper rally wheels will multiply that assurance in the driver.

Consider the rally wheels as the strength of the car on the non-paved tracks. They have a heavy-duty metal base to endure the rough driving.

Now there are two styles of rally wheels in this group. A driver can choose either raw rally wheels or metallic gray. Some even opt for polished/non-polished aluminum.

The racers have advantages over raw rally wheels since you can paint whatever you like on them. However, if the designer or the racer prefers to keep things neutral, metallic gray or aluminum is one way to go.

Remember, gray is like a universal color that contrasts with any color, especially in motorsport.


Is your car a classic model from the 60s, 80s, or even 90s? They are quite something, though!

No matter how far advanced technology has taken us, we find ourselves hovering around the classics. It is just like the moths to the flame.

Whatever the case, rally wheels are a must-have choice for such classic cars. In fact, they are the only OEM option for these cars back in the 60s/70s.

So make sure to get them for such vehicles – it will surely add defining appeal to the exterior design.

You are right – it is all about style here. Nevertheless, take notes of the fitment. Otherwise, you will compromise the performance gravely.

Are All Center Caps the Same Size?

Before we get there, do all the wheels have a universal fit? When you see different shapes and sizes of rally wheels, what makes you think center caps will have a universal fit/size?

I hope that answers your inquiry. Remember that this is an accessory for the wheels, which will vary in design, appeal, and measurement.

Often the person has it up to the neck, looking for the right size and design. I totally sympathize with whoever you are.

A quick solution is to check the existing cap’s back and noting down the part number. Try searching the model on the vehicle accessory websites where you might come across possible items along with other options.

Sometimes you will have to contact the vehicle company to find the desired center caps if you do not have the part numbers.

How Do You Measure the Center Caps?

Center Caps on Rally Wheels

This is for those who wish to replace old center caps with new ones.

  1. Once again, take an existing/OEM center cap off the rally wheel.
  2. Place it on a flat surface and make sure the front is facing upwards. Carefully measure its diameter with a caliper.
  3. When you get the numbers, it will be the outer diameter.
  4. Now, turn over the center cap so that the open side is facing upwards.
  5. Measure the distance between the two clips. This will be the inner diameter.
  6. Measure the clip length as well. It is often similar to the center cap depth.

Determining Center Cap Size without OEM Parts

Many do not have the luxury to measure an OEM part. So they will have to resort to the rally wheel. Focus on the wheel hub and the center bore (CB).

Once again, you will have to find out the inner and outer diameter to find the proper size. The wheel hub will work as the inner diameter, while the center bore is to be considered the outer diameter.

It would be best if you kept in mind that the center bore is not necessarily the center cap dimension. Technically, the size can vary by a tiny fraction.

Therefore, consult the supplier with the given measurement, who will take them into account to find the right-sized center caps for the rally wheels. He/she can provide you an accessory that closely matches the rally wheel.

How to Install Center Caps on Rally Wheels?

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There are two ways one can install the center caps on rally wheels. The question you should ask yourself is, what kind of rally wheels do you own?

Installing Center Caps without Removing the Tire


Some units have it shortcut for those who do not wish to go the extra length for this beautification. However, it depends on the wheel type. If your rally wheels require no dismounting, then this procedure is for you.

There is a retention ring with the center cap, which you will have to put inside the cap. It will easily sit snug in its position below the clips.

Now push the cap toward the hole situated in the middle of the wheel. That is all! Were you expecting a long set of instructions?

Installing Center Caps after Removing the Tire

It is better to install the center caps in a workshop facility if you are unsure about handling the job. However, one can try accomplishing it with prior experience.

The bottom line is, installing center caps on rally wheels will require you to remove the tires. Plus, you must own the proper equipment to lift the vehicle while you work on the wheel.

Step 1: Lifting the Car

Ready the tools and jack the car. Make sure to lift the wheel you will be working with to a sufficient height. Otherwise, you will have difficulty pulling it off.

Step 2: Removing the Lug Nuts

Slowly, get to remove the lug nuts that keep the wheel in place. Use a tire iron for this step. If you have better tools, then utilize them to minimize the physical effort.

Step 3: Removing the Wheel

Once the lug nuts are out of the way, it is time to put your strength to it. Pull the wheel toward you so that it separates from the car. It may be heavy, based on the rally wheel and tire size.

So be prepared for the sudden weight coming in contact with your arms. If it is a pick-up truck model, then the tire might be a heavy one. Having an extra set of hands might be a good idea here.

Step 4: Taking Care of the Current Cap

If there is an existing center cap on the rally wheel, now is the time to take it out.

Step 5: Setting the New Center Cap

The steps are pretty clear at this point. You just have to insert the retention ring into the center cap. This one will not have any clips. Instead, the metal hoops will ensure the ring stays in its place. The retention ring helps the cap sit firmly in the wheel.

Step 6: Installing the Center Cap

Simply insert it in the middle where there is a hole by pushing the cap. Now refasten the lug nuts and place the tire back in its position. Use the jack to lower the car and move on to the next wheel.

Repeat from step 1 to 6 until all four wheels have been decorated with the desired canter caps.

Final Words

Now that you know how to install center caps on rally wheels, what do you think? A piece of your favorite cake, right?

It is a super easy process that can go right from the beginning only if you collect the measurements accurately. Once you get all that covered, it is time to hit the dirt/road with your darling ride.

Show them how it is done!

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