How to Prevent AFM Lifter Failure

How to Prevent AFM Lifter Failure?

As we all know by now, nothing is perfect. The same thing goes for the parts of automotive. So, when you are purchasing one of them from the market, you are not just paying for the benefits and the features they can offer. You also agree with the fact that you are okay with the drawbacks that the part has.

Well, the same scenario will be persistent with the Active Fuel Management system. And issues regarding this part are pretty common. However, if you know how to prevent AFM lifter failure, you can lower the chances of those occurring. In fact, what you are going to end up with will be a perfectly working AFM.

And though many think that working with automotive parts is going to be full of hassle, this guide will be easy. We have managed to offer that because of having tons of experience regarding the part. So, you will not have to worry about a thing. Just scroll through and note the important points.

What Makes the AFM Fail?

Before talking about the preventive steps, let us first understand why does the part fails in the first place. Like any other malfunctions that are related to car parts, the AFM failure is caused by some specific reasons. It does not fail without any reason.

That being said, there are some common things that make this part fail. They are:

a) Quality of the Oil

The most common reason that makes the AFM fail is the bad quality of the oil. For the part to work smoothly, good quality oil is essential. And for a bit of degradation of the oil, the overall system might lose its efficiency, and the parts might start to malfunction, which will lead to the whole thing failing.

On that note, if the part fails due to having bad quality oil inside, there will be no scope for getting it repaired. You would have to opt for a replacement.

b) Amount of Oil

Aside from the quality of the oil, the quantity of the oil has to play a vital role in this case. Usually, the lack of oil will cause damage to the lifters. They are going to get damaged during sliding, which will make them collided with the other parts. And once the lifters get highly damaged, the whole system will stop working.

On that note, even if the lifters do not get damaged, the whole system might start to malfunction due to the sliding surface not having an adequate amount of oil.

c) General Wear and Tear

Other than the oil, the lifters can wear out on their own. Due to being continuously used, the sliding surfaces cause regular wear to them. And once the wear is too much, the lifters are not going to work optimally, which will lead the whole system to fail.

In all honesty, this is something that is inevitable. You can not just stop the regular wearing from happening if you want to use the system.

How to Prevent AFM Lifter Failure

AFM Lifter Failure

Now that you know about the common issues that make this part fail let us get into the things you should do to enhance the unit’s overall lifespan. On that note, these steps will not only make the part achieve a higher lifespan but also will make sure that the part can offer optimal performance throughout its lifespan.

a) Ensure the Quality of the Oil

First and foremost, you need to consider the quality of the oil. Good quality oils keep the lifters in good shape. The oil can also ensure that the lifting mechanism is smooth, which can enhance the overall lifespan. In fact, this will reduce the chances of the unit failing to a substantial amount.

b) Ensure the Quantity of the Oil

Secondly, consider the quantity of the oil. Make sure that there is an adequate amount of oil inside. The metallic structures inside need lube to work optimally. And without a proper amount of oil, the amount of friction will be considerably high, which will increase the rate of wear.

Most importantly, check the sliding surface. Ensure that there is an adequate level of oil there. If there is a good amount of oil on the surface, the chances of the lifters getting extensively damaged will be pretty slim. As a result, the possibility of them failing anytime soon will be reasonably low as well.

c) Update the Components

One of the common reasons for the failure is the outdated components. Those components will not be able to work optimally when the pressure of the low is relatively low. For that reason, we would recommend updating the components and making sure that they are optimal for the pressure of oil inside.

On that note, updating the components will not only lower the chances of the AFM failing but will also ensure that the performance is optimal.

d) Use an AFM Disabler

If you are not fond of going through hassles, we would highly recommend picking up a well-performing AFM disabler. This component will shut down the system when there is no need for it. As a result, the system will see less use, which will lower the rate of wearing. Eventually, the lifespan will see a massive increase.

The good thing about these disablers is that they are pretty easy to use. Also, they do not take that long to activate, making them highly capable of increasing the lifespan and ensuring optimal performance for the AFM.

Overall, these are the things that you can do to prevent all of the issues related to the system. After checking each of these factors, you would be able to have peace of mind that the part is not going to show issues or have defects that quickly. In other words, you can expect to get extended use out of it.

Why Should You Get an AFM Disabler?

It goes without saying, the easiest way to disable the AFM would be to use a disabler. However, you might still not be convinced to get one. Well, we will offer you two good reasons to get one of these. And after going through them, you decide whether you should get one or not.

The first reason is that they are easy to install. They do not require any intricate hardware, nor will you have to go through any complicated processes. In fact, all you need to do is plug it inside and check for the activation light. Once the light is on, you can leave the rest to the disabler.

Secondly, the unit is easy to detach. So, if you need to get your AFM back to the factory state, all you need to do is pull it out. The OBD2 port should be easy to access, which means there will be no need to go through hassles in detaching it either.

How to Disable the AFM?

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In certain cases, you might want to turn the AFM off for a temporary time. Well, if you do not know how to disable it, you will find the task of disabling it impossible. Nevertheless, most will recommend you to go for a tune. However, we are here to let you know that there are other ways as well. And they are:

a) Using an AFM Disabler

As you know by now, the disabler holds the ability to disable the AFM when not required. And due to the fact that they are pretty easy to install and detach, you would not have to go through that much hassles to turn the system for a small amount of time.

On that note, this would be the ideal way of disabling the AFM. It will not require you to go through any intricate steps, nor will you need too many parts. So, our recommendation would stand with this one.

b) Disconnect the Brake Booster Sensor

If you do not want to get yourself an extra piece of hardware, we would recommend you disconnect the vacuum sensor of the brake booster. By disconnecting the sensor, you will turn the AFM off.

However, this will only work for a few of the vehicles. Some of them might not turn the AFM off when the sensor is disconnected. For that reason, our recommendation would be to check the engine light before being sure that the AFM is off.

That being said, if you fail to disable the AFM by disconnecting the sensor, you should get a disabler. Nonetheless, after disabling your AFM, you should check for issues regularly. Go to a repair shop as soon as you detect any changes in the overall behavior of the parts. Also, do keep an eye out on the engine.

Final Words

It is not that easy to keep things in their best shape. However, as you now know how to prevent AFM lifter failure, you would now be capable of enhancing the overall lifespan of the part. In addition to that, you can now ensure that it runs optimally for a long period of time.

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