How to Reset Pioneer Car Stereo

How to Reset Pioneer Car Stereo

You may find it difficult to use your Pioneer car stereo system if you are experiencing lag or other problems with the system. Don’t worry, you can get your Pioneer vehicle stereo back up and running in just a few simple steps. You can learn how to reset your pioneer vehicle audio in just a few simple steps here!

There are a variety of ways to restore your audio system to factory default settings. Below, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information.

1. Reset Pioneer DEH Series Car Stereos

A pioneer stereo model number beginning with “DEH” is eligible for this formula.

i) Find SRC Button

On your pioneer radio, locate the ‘SRC’ button. In the stereo’s upper left corner, you should find it. You may put the machine to sleep by pressing the power button.

ii) Scroll to Reset Menu

To go to the settings, hit the Menu button when the first step is complete. The ‘System Reset’ menu is located at the bottom of the screen.

iii) Reset the System

It’s time to enter the System Reset option when you arrive there. It will ask you if you want to proceed with the factory reset, and if you answer yes, the system will return to its factory settings.

2. Reset Pioneer AVH Series Car Stereos

This approach should work on a Pioneer touch screen vehicle radio whose model number begins with “AVH.” Take your time and be patient—

Reset Pioneer AVH Series Car Stereos

i) Go to Settings

To access the reset options, you must first access the stereo’s settings menu. On the right side of the screen, with a gear-like icon, it should be accessible.

ii) Find System Options

To access the system settings, click on the screwdriver and wrench symbol once you’ve entered the settings menu.

iii) Reset the System

The “Restore Settings” option is located at the bottom of the system choices. In order to proceed with the procedure, tap and then press Restore again. About half a minute will be needed to return the system to factory defaults.

3. Hard Reset Pioneer Stereo If It’s Not Responding

It’s clear to see that the first two methods work perfectly. You may not always be able to reset the system in this manner. Using this formula is necessary if you want to do so.

i) Remove Faceplate

To begin, take off the Pioneer stereo’s faceplate. After years of usage, the plastic faceplate can become fragile, and it’s best to take your time with it. If you have access to someone who can assist you and who is well-versed in the necessary techniques, you should do so.

ii) Find the Reset Button Hole

Locate the reset button hole on your Pioneer stereo after removing the faceplate. At the middle of the stereo, exactly next to the AUX connector, you’ll find the USB port.

In some versions, the reset button may be found in the corners. Keep looking around the gadget, even if you can’t locate any holes close to the AUX port.

iii) Use a Paperclip to Reset Stereo

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A paperclip may be inserted into that hole and pressed for about three seconds to bring your Pioneer vehicle stereos back to their factory default settings. A toothpick can be used instead of a paperclip.

Your stereo faceplate may now be installed with care and you’re ready to rock!

4. Soft Reset Pioneer Car Stereos

Instead of a reset, you’re performing a full system shutdown and restart to ensure that there will be no latency. After a lengthy period of use, your stereo may begin to stutter or freeze. As a result of the system not being reset in the last several days, it becomes slower and more difficult to work.

You may avoid this problem by following these instructions to do a soft reset on your stereo.

  • Find the battery by opening the hood of your vehicle.
  • Remove the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Wait five minutes before reconnecting the system to the power supply.
  • Reconnect the negative battery terminal after five minutes.
  • Now, you may enjoy the audio without having to worry about it freezing up.

There is a workaround in case the battery cannot be removed for whatever reason. What you need to do is as follows:

  • Locate the stereo fuse in the Fuse box.
  • The fuse that shields your audio from power surges may be found in the fuse box.
  • The fuse should be removed from the slot and held out of the slot for roughly five minutes.
  • Remove the fuse from its socket and reinsert it.
  • You should now be able to enjoy a high-quality audio system!

Problems that Can Be Solved by Factory Resetting Pioneer Stereo

A simple reset of the audio system fixes around 90% of all stereo issues. Your automobile radio has relatively few parts that can go wrong. Hanging up due to heat or prolonged use, and software bugs that cause freeze-ups are prevalent in stereo.


In addition to playing music, the Pioneer Car Stereo system may also help with navigation, radio stations, and more. As a result, when your stereo starts acting up or freezing, you’ll want to know how to reset it.

Fortunately, there are a number of easy methods that we’ve discussed! Regardless of the solutions we’ve provided, you should always consult the stereo’s owner’s handbook to be sure you’re solving the problem the appropriate way.

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