Jeep Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrade Guide

Changing out the factory seats in your Wrangler TJ for something new and improved is a terrific way to give the cabin a facelift and make it appear like new again. On the other hand, if you frequently do off-roading or trail driving, you might prefer a seat with more support and comfort.

This article will discuss the best Wrangler TJ seat improvements, regardless of whatever kind you’re looking for. Key features such as side and thigh bolsters, seat width, bracket mounting, and harnesses will be covered. In this article, we will go over everything you need to know to get new TJ seats.

Wrangler TJ Seat Basics

Seating arrangements vary. Besides the design itself, there are a few other crucial points to include. How high or low you’ll be seated is determined by the height of the base. Your level of comfort in the seat’s close embrace is determined by the bolstering. Chairs can either have a swiveling back or be stationary. One factor outside the seat itself to think about is the use of seat belts or a multi-point harness. Last but not least, suitable seat brackets will be needed because most aftermarket seats do not screw straight into the TJ.

Before delving into the top-rated Wrangler TJ seats, this section will cover all the essentials.

Seat Base Height

The height at which you sit can vary from one chair to the next due to the variety of seat bases available. Maintaining a ride height of 3.5 inches to 5 inches is ideal for the TJ. Make sure that any aftermarket brackets you use are of a similar height to the originals, since this might also have an effect on the height of your seat.

With a 3.5-inch heel, you’ll be at about the same height as standard. Many aftermarket chairs have 4.5-inch base heights, providing a little improvement above standard. Whether you go up 3 inches or 5 inches is a matter of taste, but either way, you won’t notice a major change from the factory seats.

Side & Thigh Bolsters

A same caveat applies to aftermarket seats: they are not always made to fit everyone. There will be a range of seat widths and bolstering configurations, so your selections may be limited according on your body type. There are seats out there that will work for pretty much anyone, but if you’re looking for something more specialized for off-roading or trail riding, you’ll want something that fits you snugly.

The thigh and side support provided by the seat are examples of bolstering. The rib cage and love handles are hugged by the protruding side bolsters, which help keep the rider from shifting around during turns and difficult terrain. The thigh bolsters protrude upwards from the seat cushion and restrict the range of motion in your hips and thighs.

You should opt for a bolstered seat if you want to use it for off-roading or trail riding. It will be a much better fit, keeping you securely in your seat. Most aftermarket seats have bolstering that isn’t too extreme, making them suitable for everyday use. Keep in mind that there are better and worse options among the available seats. In this article, we’ll list our favorite TJ seats and explain why they’re the greatest for various purposes.

Belts and Harnesses

A new seat cover is nice, but if you’re just updating the original seats, you might as well use the existing seatbelts. A multi-point harness is an option to think about if you are constructing a trail rig. With the standard seat belt, you can safely ride in any seat. A seat harness, however, will necessitate the purchase of an aftermarket seat that is compatible with a variety of harness types.

Shoulder passthroughs are usually necessary for three- or four-point harnesses. In order to use a five or six-point harness, you must first wear an anti-submarine harness in the space between your legs.

Seat Brackets

There aren’t many plug-and-play solutions available. As a result, you’ll need either new, complete aftermarket brackets or adapters to install a new seat. Adapters will attach on top of the factory brackets, letting you preserve your power seats and other features, while complete brackets will replace the factory brackets entirely.

Brand-specific brackets will be available. For example, a Corbeau bracket is required to install a Corbeau seat. And the inverse is true for any other brand you select.

A further issue is that different model years of the Wrangler TJ have varying degrees of seat looseness. The bracket and mounting system for the 1997-2002 models is different from the 2003-2006 models. While the brackets for most cars are universal, others are only compatible with vehicles from a specific model year. The chairs made by Corbeau, for instance, can be used in any year, but those made by Rugged Ridge are year-specific.

Rear Bench Seats

It looks great if the rear bench seat is a perfect match for the front seats. The majority of producers also include bench seating in the back. Corbeau provides a rear bench seat in either the Baja or Safari style to go with the front seat design of your choice.

The Corbeau 40′′ Baja Bench seat is one of a kind in that it is a direct bolt-on for all TJ Wranglers, eliminating the need for an aftermarket bracket and bringing the price down a little.

Wrangler TJ Seat Upgrade Summary

TJ seats are one of the best interior changes you can do to your Wrangler, whether you’re replacing damaged factory seats or want something more off-road friendly. Refreshing the inside with new seats would not only make it seem better, but will also make it more comfortable for the passengers. Several variables should be thought about before settling on a final seat selection. It’s important to think about your own and the child’s height, as well as bolsters and the harness’s capacities. Seats for off-road Jeeps should have added bolstering and harness support. There are a few aftermarket seats that just slot into the vehicle, but the great majority of them require special installation brackets of their own.

The Corbeau brand makes the best seats for our Jeep. As the industry leader in producing Jeep seats, they are experts in this field. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives that will serve as fine updates for daily drivers, but they can’t compare to the quality and comfort of what Corbeau is offering.

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