KC Driving Lights vs Long Range

KC Driving Lights vs Long Range

The praises of KC lights seem to be never-ending and they truly deserve it. Even I would say getting a better set of lights is almost – you guessed it, impossible.

Now, there are variants, of course, and among them, KC driving lights vs long range is pretty head-on.

They are both popular, and serve their purposes better than any other, but there are differences that you should be aware of to know which one would be better for you.

To make sure you make no mistakes while choosing one, we will be discussing their differences right here.

This will not only help you choose the right one for your vehicle but also help you make a satisfactory decision that you won’t regret.

So, jump in already!

KC Driving Lights

KC Driving Lights

One of the most famous patterns of lighting in KC is driving, which comes with several benefits and perks that will never fail to impress you. They work amazing for the situations they are built for and are quite ahead of their competitors.

But you still can’t purchase KC driving lights without thinking twice because they can’t be suitable for all circumstances anyway. Hence, we will be elaborately discussing their features, so you will know for sure if this is what you need.

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a) Pattern

What makes KC driving lights truly unique and remarkable is their pattern. With a beam pattern that is rectangular shaped, you will never get to complain about the light not being bright enough.

In fact, this shape makes sure the light is wider and reaches more distance than your headlights possibly can.

b) Suitability

Before getting excited about getting KC driving lights, you should make sure whether or not it would be a suitable choice for your vehicle.

For instance, these are designed to enhance and complement the high beam headlights of your vehicle, so do keep that in mind before purchasing them.

c) Use

You can use KC driving lights for several instances. First of all, they would be a great choice if you want to go for all-around trail riding.

That is because not only are they proficient in creating remarkable visibility out in front of the vehicle, but also in the sides of the roadways – making them a safe option as well.

d) Are They Street Legal?

The good news is, KC lights are street legal, and you won’t have to worry about following any regulations in this case.

That is because they comply with ECE and SAE requirements – you can take them out on the road, whenever and wherever you want.

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KC Long Range Lights

Long Range Driving Lights

The award for the best pattern of light during the night-time often goes to KC long range lights. And there are reasons behind it – the lights are particularly built for that. But there are surely other things you need to know about it.

And we will be talking about those things right in this section of the article. We will list all the things you need to know and elaborate on them so you can put some thought before getting them for your vehicle.

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a) Pattern

The beam pattern of best long range driving lights is designed for high-speed travels. That is why they come with one that is alternatively called the ‘pencil beam’.

The focused and tight beam makes sure you can keep your eye towards the horizon, no matter the speed you are traveling at.

b) Suitability

If you are going to use lights on your vehicle during the nighttime, then it better be KC long range lights.

These ones are specifically designed for night use because they can penetrate into the darkness like none other. It also makes them absolutely safe for night travels.

c) Use

Now you know that KC long range lights create a beam pattern with a hot center, which is extremely bright.

This aspect of the light makes it suitable for use in racing, commercial, off-highway, and agricultural applications. Hence, you will be able to use these lights for various purposes.

d) Are They Street Legal?

Luckily, all KC lights are street legal – mostly.

In the case of KC long-range lights, you might need to follow some regulations in a few states. However, for that, you will need to go through the requirements of that state and then purchase them or use them accordingly.

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Which Is Better for You?

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Now that you are aware of the features of both the lights quite descriptively, we will be discussing which one would be better for you in what situations. In that way, you will be able to choose one without any hesitation or confusion.

Basically, we will be comparing them. And one would definitely be better than the other for certain vehicles and uses. So you should consider that too before you lean towards one of them.

Compatibility with Your Vehicle

Do you use a truck? An SUV or a UTV? Whichever it is, you need to consider the brand and model, as well as the type of vehicle, before you choose either.

You can see if your selected lights are compatible with your vehicle in their website or by speculating the specifications.

i) What Do You Need the Lights for?

Now comes the part where you need to determine what you will need the lights for exactly.

If you need to keep an eye on the sides of the road, then, of course, the driving lights are for you. But if you prioritize the horizon more, then go for the other option.

ii) The Area you Will be Driving in

If the lights are illegal or come with restrictions in your area, then we would suggest you to not get them.

It would be quite difficult to operate them with regulations imposed, so it’s best if you keep the legality in mind before you make a decision.

iii) Night-Time vs Day-Time Use

We have made it very clear that KC long range lights are suitable for night-time applications in our previous section.

So, obviously, if you need something for the daytime, then the driving lights are a better option for you. Although, both will be more suitable for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1. Are KC lights good?

KC lights are often known as the best ones out there because of their quality, build and ease of set-up. You will be able to mount them up effortlessly, and they will provide great service for a long time after that. So they are actually very good for the price, and you will definitely make a good choice by buying them.

2. How many patterns of KC lights are there?

In general, you will find five patterns of KC lights: spot beam (known as long range), spread beam, driving, fog beam, and flood beam. Although they might seem similar initially, each of them come with their own sets of benefits that make them suitable for different uses and situations.

3. Can I use KC lights on the road?

Yes, you can definitely use KC lights on the road. However, there are a few restrictions that you need to keep in mind depending on the state you are using them in. For instance, some might ask you to cover them during the daytime, or put a limitation on the number of lights you can use in the first place.

4. What is the price range of KC lights?

It’s true that KC lights provide good value for money, but they are also quite expensive compared to their competitors. You will find them within 150-200 dollars mostly. However, some lights and light sets can even cost above 500 dollars.

5. How long do KC lights last in general?

There is no definite lifetime of KC lights because it depends on its maintenance, outside condition, etc. However, given the fact that they are built while keeping durability in mind, you can expect them to last for 3-5 years. Although under rough conditions, they might have a shorter lifespan.

Final Words

In our KC driving lights vs long range article, we have mentioned everything you could possibly need to know to understand the differences between the two.

We hope it will also help you come to a decision faster because every drive you are going to without KC lights is one you cannot enjoy fully.

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