Fast Tire Inflators

The Need for Speed: Fast Tire Inflators

If you need things to happen quickly and efficiently, you will expect the same from your tire inflator. There is no use in spending money on a tire inflator that is slower than an asthmatic retiree trying to fill a hot air balloon.

Top 5 Best Fast Tire Inflators: Editor Recommended

When you are in a hurry and need to get things done quickly, a tire inflator that work well and quickly is an essential piece of equipment for your car. But which ones are the fastest and how do they compare?

In this piece we will cover a few of the speedy air compressors and tire inflators and see which one will leave the others in its dust.

A Few Things to Consider

Before we tell you about our favorite speedy air compressors, lets first cover a few of the features that are important when you look for a fast inflator. There are a few things that go with speed and that need to weigh up when you consider buying an inflator. These include things like power and noise.

Different inflators will have different power sources and different capacities depending on if they run of DC or AC or a battery.  Speed and noise are also connected, all air compressors and inflators have some noise, but a faster one might be a bit of a loudmouth. There can also be some vibration and shaking with some while others can be become a bit heated.

Before you decide on buying an inflator or air compressor, look at how the different features weigh up against the speed it offers. Perhaps you can handle a slower speeds if it is quiet as well, or perhaps you are willing to endure noise, shaking and power bills as long as it is as quick as it promises.

Some air inflators are designed to be used daily where smaller lighter units are made with an emergency use or two in mind.

A 12 V cordless tire inflator will be lighter, smaller and quieter. These units will have less power and will work a little slower, but more quietly. A 12 V air compressor is usually more heavy duty, will be louder, a little bigger but also faster. We have a few examples of fast products so take a look:

The 4 Best Fast Tire Inflators Reviews:

1. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

88P Portable Air Compressor

This fast little inflator has power in a compact size. It has a nice long power cord and air hose so you can easily and quickly reach all of your tires. It comes in a carry case and has a digital pressure gauge.

It is reliable and does not vibrate or walk around while it inflates your tires. The gauge does unfortunately have a limit of 120 PSI.

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2. Bon-Aire Craftsman 75120 12V Portable Inflator, 6.4 pounds

75120 12V Portable Inflator

The Bon-Aire Craftsman 75120 is another speedy competitor. It has a higher pressure gauge that goes up to 250PSI. This means it is a little more versatile than the Viair 00088 88P that only goes to 120 PSI.

It is fast and stable, and comes with an auto-shut off function. The digital gauge is accurate but this guy is more noisy and it has a shorter power cord than the Viair 00088 88P.

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3. The Slime tire inflator (40032)

The Slime tire inflator

This slime tire inflator gives you a bit of a breather on the budget side, but is louder than some of the other competitors. It is also a bit slower and won’t win any races, but it still gives a good solid performance, it has a good long hose and does very well for a smaller budget inflator.

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4. The Black & Decker Air Station

The Black & Decker Air Station

This bright robust inflator by Black & Decker is a cordless unit. It cannot really compete with the fast inflators that have the advantage of a power cord, but for a battery powered unit it does really well.

It also has a digital gauge and can fill a tire on a single charge of the battery. It is the slowest of the competitors here, but it has varying pressure selection and it is incredibly portable, with on board storage for the different nozzle accessories. It is also much quieter than the speediest units.

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Final words

In this piece we looked at some of the fastest air compressors and tire inflators available. Hopefully, we have answered some of the questions you may have had on which product will quickly get the air back in your tires.

A good stable unit with a long power cord will give you the best speed, but there are also cheaper ones that will do a good job. If you need to go wireless you will need a little more patience but there are also solid performers.

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