TireTek CompactPro Portable Tire Inflator Pump

TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump Review

TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump Review

TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump

A flat tire is the most common problem you encounter when you are a car owner. And you can almost have it anytime – especially when you are in a hurry to go places. You can anticipate and prepare for this scenario however by having with you always a portable tire inflator that you can store in your car’s trunk.

Why go to a car shop – that is often far and out of your way – when you can fix your flat tires by yourself? Be practical and chose convenience by buying for yourself a light and dependable tire inflator like TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump.


  • Power at 12 V, 140 W, LPM: 40
  • Powerful machine that can deliver air up to 4 L per minute – inflating a standard car tire in more or less 3 minutes
  • With 10 ft. cigarette lighter power cord
  • Includes additional three (3) nozzle accessories
  • Can be used for all types of vehicle tires – such as ATV, RV, SUV, truck, car and caravan
  • Compatible with camping & sports equipment, rafts, mattresses, etc.
  • Built with technology to reduce noise and prevent vibrations while running
  • Rubber feet for stable and grounded operation
  • With built-in LED bright lights convenient for night use
  • User-friendly operation
  • Space-saving design for easy storage
  • Item weight: 3 lbs.
  • Product dimensions: 9.6 in x 7.6 in x 5.9 in
  • One (1) year warranty


The TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump is a powerful portable machine that you can bring along with you anytime and anywhere. First and foremost, the TireTek Compac-Pro is a 140 W automobile tire pump that has a capacity to deliver air at maximum of forty (35) liters per minute when the cordless tire inflator is left running.

At such rate, the TireTek Compac-Pro can inflate a standard mid-sized car tire in less than three (3) minutes. This product also features three (3) additional nozzle accessories as well as a long power cord cigarette lighter extending up to ten (10) feet.

A powerful machine is usually accompanied by a loud noise when running, but the same is not the case with TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump. With its Noise Eliminating Technology, you can use your TireTek Compact-Pro minus the annoying and disturbing noises that it creates.

It also functions to eliminate the vibrations brought about by the running of the TireTek Compact-Pro. Also, the tire inflator or air compressor has rubber feet that will prevent the tire pump from sliding elsewhere during its use. The rubber feet keep the TireTek Compact-Pro in its place.

The TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump is ideal for both day and night use. The TireTek Compact-Pro’s display is backlighted by LED lights to allow good visibility even when the tire inflator is used during night time.

With this feature, the user is spared from having to look for a flashlight just to light the display of the TireTek Compact-Pro. It further makes the handling of the machine easier and your tire inflating experience better.

Also, the TireTek Compact-Pro is a fairly affordable tire inflator and is less expensive machine compared to its competitors in the market now. Storing the machine will not be an exhausting experience for the product itself was designed to save space – ideal for easy storage.

Finally, the purchasers of the TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump can be assured of the product’s maintenance and overall performance because the tire inflator has a one (1) year warranty to guarantee customer satisfaction.

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One disadvantage of the TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump is its air tubes which takes time to connect and disconnect. This issue may seem inconsequential; however, when you are always in a hurry, this can be an issue that needs consideration.

Sometimes the valve connection can get loose while using it – allowing some air pressure to be released into the surroundings instead of delivering it directly to the flat tire. This may possibly dampen the best rechargeable tire inflator’s capacity and performance.

In such a case, it will take the TireTek Compact-Pro to deliver more air pressure into the flat tire to compensate for the accidentally released air pressure. Likewise, as a consequence, it will take the tire inflator longer time to fill the flat tire.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, with TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump, you get what you paid for and more. With a relatively affordable price, you get yourself a compact and durable portable tire inflator that you can easily bring with you anywhere you go.

Gone are the days when you have to delay – and even suspend – your road trip or activities because of a flat tire. The TireTek Compact-Pro Portable Tire Inflator Pump is definitely a highly recommended purchase for all car owners out there.

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