Top Coat F11 vs Turtle Wax Ice

Top Coat F11 vs Turtle Wax Ice

After going over many products over the months, we have finally narrowed two sealant brands. It had been like a terrible roller coaster ride!

Yet, when you own a vehicle, maintaining it also falls under your jurisdiction. Besides, how many times a month can you handle going to the car service center anyway?

We have decided to take matters into our hands and experiment on the finishing of a car. Of course, one of our vehicles had to be the lab rat to come close to the verdict.

Are you ready for the top coat f11 vs turtle wax ice battle that can eventually alter your decision?

But first, this is for the rookies – let us see how you can determine a good coating for your ride.

What to Look for in a Sealant

If you look at these features at one glance, you can narrow down the wax required for your vehicle quicker than anticipated!

a) Easy to Apply

When you can acquire a spray wax within the price range, why should you aim for complex ones? That would be absurd.

Spray wax is so much easier to apply, wipe, and wipe again with a different rag. The point is to go easy on the surface. Do not buy products that leave streaks.

b) Versatile

Do you only want to wax the surface? What about the rims, windows, headlights, etc.? They deserve to shine in the crowd as well.

However, it relies on your decision. You can either get a versatile product or purchase multiple products to clean the car’s windows, paint, or rims separately.

c) Protects from UV

A wax product must have an agent that can protect the car paint from harmful UV rays. Although it prolongs the paint job, it is still a debatable preventative measure not everyone takes seriously.

d) Scent (optional)

Who does not love a lovely scent emitting from the car as if fresh out of the car wash? Some spray waxes can have such a feature. Once again, it is up to you. Whether you like the fragrance or no smell at all falls on you.

About TopCoat F11

Top Coat F11


If it is the go-to sealant product you seek, F11 by the TopCoat is the answer. The company has been dealing with such easy-to-use products since the beginning, earning the customers’ trust.

One of its popular sealants is the F11 that effortlessly brandishes your car exterior good as new. Below are some characteristics of this amazing product that eases the maintenance surprisingly well. Shall we check them out?

Features of TopCoat F11

Hydrophobic Top Coat Polish
  • Advanced Formula 3-in-1. Our fortify quick coat is your all-in-one ceramic...
  • No Streaking, Smearing Or Scratching. Shine Armor Fortify Quick Coat premium...
  • Cuts Dirt, Grime & Grease. Our Quick Coat ceramic wax car sealant eliminates...
  • Safe For All Surfaces. Use this car wax spray-on automobiles, boats, motorbikes,...
  • Superior Products. This means superior shine for your cars! Our ceramic quick...

This is the part where F11 will impress you with its excellent sealing agent properties. Let us get amazed!  

i) Performance

Before we make any other stop, performance is the first step that drives the perspective to a steady point.

Do you know those minor scratches on either side of the vehicle caused by regular driving? They can dull the waxing effect surreptitiously. The F11 products ensure to conceal them, enhance the overall paint job, and hide the imperfections.

It allows you to show off your ride each day like it is brand new, let the neighbors be wowed! It can be applied in high-temp conditions as well, leaving windows of opportunities when polishing.

ii) Multipurpose

You just name the part, and we will tell you yes! What do they not polish or seal? Let us give you a list:

  • Clearcoat
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Engines
  • Chrome
  • Windshields/windows
  • Aluminum/steel
  • Rubber

Besides, you can even apply it on the glass stovetops, leather products, doors, vinyl, and so on! The F11 can easily seal any micro-abrasion on these surfaces.

It does not matter if you own a boat, a car, or even a bike; the TopCoat has got you covered.

iii) Eco-friendly

With all the irregularities going on in nature, it is only sensible to utilize products that are harmless to the environment. Undoubtedly, the company manufactures the product using compositions that does not pose any threat to the surroundings.

iv) Ease of use

The containers shaped in spray bottles say it all. Spray on the surface, wipe, and clean – these are the only steps you will have to remember. Therefore, even if you are not a professional, it is no big deal.

Simply equip yourself with the war gear, aka the F11 sealer spray and a microfiber fabric. You have got it!

Of course, do not forget to clean the vehicle beforehand for the sealant to set in. Maybe put on the old raggedy clothes first?

v) Efficiency

Thanks to the quick application and no white residual settlement on the surface, the user can quickly accomplish the work. Hence, a quick sealing during the weekend is the best way to make use of the free time.

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About Turtle Wax Ice 

Turtle Wax Ice

Imagine a waxed vehicle blinding everyone momentarily with the shinning effect it has got going. Do not overthink it; Turtle Wax Ice products are ultimately the newest way to keep up with the car care technology.

The company produces multiple products, amongst which Ice wax offers the best pro-like results with easy application. Ask any car detailing staff member, and he/she will always give Ice wax praise.

So let us look at the features and see how they can help you own a vehicle as if you bought it yesterday!

Features of Turtle Wax Ice

Turtle Wax 50984 ICE
  • Seals the surface, providing durability and protection for months. Even after...
  • Infused with premium carnauba wax for brilliant shine
  • Transforms the exterior to a super hydrophobic surface that causes water to...
  • Reduces dry time after car washings. Safe for use on hot or cold surfaces, even...
  • Maintain flawless paint shine between washings

There is a myth that goes like this – waxing several times within a six-month period can cause a build-up. It may be true or not, but does it apply to Turtle Wax Ice?

i) Performance

Our favorite reason to choose this brand is the UV protection it ensures. The Ice wax offers incredible water beading as well. If you do not know what that means, think of the before and after performance evaluation.

Did the water pools/droplets on the paint surface create stains? The water beading superiority makes sure the liquids swiftly slide down instead of resting on the surface.

Therefore, you get a smooth and shiny finish that can last for many weeks. And no, the consistent application does not build up the wax!

ii) Versatility

You can apply the spray-on products on various surfaces, including hot paint or under direct sunlight. The formula delivers a non-staining effect which assures no discoloration on rubber or black trims.

iii) Eco-Friendly

Yes, all the products of Turtle Wax are bio-degradable. Consequently, they are not going to put the surrounding environment at risk.

iv) Ease of Use

How easier can it get with a spray, right? Apply it directly on the car exterior, or use a microfiber cloth.

Just remember that the applying techniques can vary on the type of paint the vehicle has.

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Which is Better?

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It is imminent and unavoidable. So here goes the final comparisons – in terms of their perks and lacks.

TopCoat F11 Advantages:

  • Versatile use
  • Seals micro-abrasions perfectly
  • Non-sticky
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quick and efficient
  • Ideal for both domestic and pro vehicle maintenance
  • Incredible hydrophobic result

TopCoat F11 Disadvantages:

  • Expensive

Turtle Wax Ice Advantages:

  • Impressive shine with a smooth finish
  • Non-staining formula
  • Easy and fast application by pro or domestic car owners
  • Long-lasting fresh look
  • Applicable on hot conditions
  • Superb protection again UV rays
  • Hydrophobic effect eliminates contaminant stains

Turtle Wax Ice Disadvantages:

  • Some might leave streaks
  • Most units do not always come with the pleasant scent

Final Words

There have been many claims regarding these two brands and their products. Of course, some are valid, while others are not.

We have simply stated the facts based on the customer reviews and official sites to get you closer to the verdict. Now it is in your hands to choose. Which one has won over your heart? Cheers!

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