Vinyl Wrap vs Paint

Vinyl Wrap vs Paint

For most of us, the overall looks of the car matter the most. Some even go further in investing more in the outlooks than upgrading the components to improve the vehicle’s overall performance. And even if you do not prioritize the looks that much, you can not just put less amount of importance into it.

When it comes to upgrading the looks of the four-wheeler, one of the most debatable topics is vinyl wrap vs paint. And chances are you are in a predicament among those two. Well, worry not because you just came to the right place. We are going to provide you in-depth information about both.

Hopefully, by the end of the article, you will leave by knowing all of the information that you were looking to get from a source like this.

What Exactly Is a Vinyl Wrap?

One thing we are most certain of is that you have a proper idea about car paints. However, most of us do not really know what vinyl wraps are. Well, this segment is going to focus on that part. There is a high chance that you have already seen cars boasting these. Yes, we are talking about the ones with eye-catching graphics.

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These will allow you to make your vehicle flashy. In fact, these will surely make your four-wheeler stand out in the traffic. There are plenty of different options. And the best part is that the cost will much lower than getting a custom paint job. That is not all. It offers higher flexibility than the custom paint job as well.

On that note, wraps are not always about flashy and psychedelic designs. There are solid color options available as well. And thanks to them being a bit more affordable than repainting, these are the new craze at the moment.

An Introduction to Automotive Painting

Vinyl Paint

As we said before, you are probably well aware of the automotive painting jobs. However, the idea might be a bit vague to some. Well, in short, the process is much similar to painting a solid object. First, the whole vehicle is stripped down to the bare metal. Then the damages are going to be fixed.

In the fixing process, underbody rust protection, dents, and chipped paints are going to be taken care of. Furthermore, the operator will handle the rest of the imperfections will be by applying filler. The filler will be mostly of plastic. However, some of the brands might add metal or lead to the formula.

After the filler is on the body, the glazing putties will come into play. This putty will get rid of the small flaws that might be on the body. Then, there will be a coat of primer on the surface, which topcoats will follow along. Usually, the painter will sand the top coating to remove any of the imperfections.

Finally, the painter will apply a finishing coat on the body using a multi-speed rotary buffer. That will add the shine and luster that all love on a newly painted vehicle. This final step will finish off the whole repainting process.

The Advantages of Vinyl Wrapping

Vinyl Wrap

Let us get into the important thing of the topic, which is the advantages. We would like to start off with the vinyl wrapping as it is getting popular day by day.

a) Pricing

As we have mentioned earlier, getting a custom vinyl wrapping is much cheaper than having a custom paint job. In fact, some of the instances will cost you a fraction of the price of custom painting.  That is why if you are on a budget and want to give your car a new outlook, vinyl wrapping might be the option for you!

b) Durability

It is a well-known fact that vinyl wrapping is carried by laminating the surface. This laminating makes the whole thing less susceptible to UV rays, which is one of the greatest enemies of paint. For that reason, vinyl will be less prone to fading. In addition to that, the vinyl wraps are generally thick.

Because of being reasonably thick, they will be less prone to chipping. In fact, some of the scratches will not be that noticeable on vinyl wrapping. Usually, a simple cleaning process can make the vinyl look brand new. And the best thing is that you will only require some soap and water.

c) Time

One of the major advantages that vinyl wrapping can offer is that it takes less amount of time. A complete makeover using vinyl is just a matter of few days. In comparison, a full repaint with high-end paint will take at least two weeks. Also, the labor will be less when compared to the painting as well.

d) Amount of Options

Thanks to the industry growing day by day, there are a ton of options when it comes to vinyl. Starting from matte to semi-matte to gloss to semi-gloss, all of the options are available for this. Also, most of the brands have achieved the ability to make the wrapping look like other materials, such as carbon fiber and leather.

e) Cost to Replace

Just the installation process, the disassembly process is reasonably less tedious. For that reason, if you are a person who wants to change the overall outlook of the car from time to time, wrapping would be the ideal choice for you. Also, it does not cost that much to get the wrappings replaced either.

f) Designs

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We already have mentioned that the wrappings will enable you to get unique designs on your car. In fact, we would go one step ahead and state that the sky is the limit for this.

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The Advantages of Automotive Painting

With the vinyl out of the way, let us focus on the second star of the show, which the automotive painting. And these are the advantages it can offer:

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i) Application Process

The application process relies on taking all of the dents and imperfections off the surface. And this is where this process shines at. For the wrapping, if there is an underlying imperfection, the installation will not be complete.

ii) Options

Like the wrapping, there is a multitude of options for the paint. You will find a wide selection of colors and wide varieties of finishes available for the paint.

iii) Skill

The skill required to repaint the vehicle is not that high when compared to wrapping. And most importantly, it will be easier to find a service center that can properly paint than a center that can properly wrap the car.

iv) Adhesion

For the application process, paints hold the ability to stick on the metals that are stripped down. On the other hand, the surface must be perfect for the wrapping to be properly in place.

v) Complete Makeover

Wrapping has its limits. You can not simply match the color of your trunk, engine bay, and door jambs with the wrapping. In comparison, it will be possible to get a complete matching makeover using paint.

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Final Words

When it comes to vinyl wrap vs. paint, you first need to consider the overall condition of your car. If it is in perfect shape and you want to save a bit on the overall cost, opt for the vinyl wrap. On the other hand, if the condition is not that well and there are imperfections on the surface, the paint would be ideal.

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