How to Remove a Tire from a Rim

How to Remove a Tire from a Rim?

How do you deal with a worn-out tire? Let’s face it; one cannot disengage that rim from the tire compound so easily.

Or else things would have been pretty weird during a drive. Now, we are in the DIY generation where we believe nothing is impossible. It is quite true!

The only problem is that some of us do not have those professional skills. That does not stop us from learning, and you never know when removing the tire on your own comes in handy.

You have to be devoted to the task, by the way. While you get the tools ready, we will elaborate on the steps comprehensible, even for a rookie! Time to gear up!

Things Required

You are not Iron Man with solid metal hands. So prep your garage with various tools before handling automobile-related repairs. Below are the things that a vehicle owner should always have. Pay attention!

A lubricant is like an ingredient in terms of repairing something. Undoubtedly, you are going to need some. The alternate solution is oil or dish soap from the kitchen.

Next, separate the crowbar, tire levers, or a pry bar from the rest. Do not forget removing the tire involves a valve core so have either a Schrader or Presta valve core remover.

If you do not have these, the old-school pliers will do! Now, get a knife/saw, a screwdriver, and you might want to keep a tape at bay.

Once you gather the tools, you are all ready for the procedure!

Removing the Tire from the Rim without a Machine

We will not waste any time getting down with the process. Prepare to be amazed!

1. Remove the Core Valve

The first step is to deflate the air inside the tire. You may have noticed a small valve core or a cap device to pump air. This time you will use the same thing to remove air.

Get that Presta or Schrader tool. Extract the valve core by inserting the tool into the core’s stem and begin twisting in the anticlockwise direction. Or obtain that familiar plier and do the same.

Twisting it will loosen the cap and ready to remove. Now let all the air out of the tire.

2. Remove the Tire Bead

This is the step where you will need full concentration as de-beading a tire can be intricate. We will tell you three ways to remove the bead off the rim.

Remember, this beaded edge is firmly stuck to the rim due to heavy-duty glue and steel cable. So you can expect to put some effort from your end.

  • Run over with a Car

You do not run over the whole tire; that would literally kill everything you have prepared! So be extra careful as you drive over the bead without touching the rim.

The rubber section will merely have to pop out. As a result, you might have to run over several times.

  • Putting Vehicle Weight

This method is for the experienced only! The user will have to raise the vehicle and let it press against the bead section.

First, set the tire under the jack and lower the vehicle weight over it with the suspension. We repeat, do not attempt this unless you know what you are doing. A supervisor must be present for a rookie DIY-er.

  • Cutting the Bead

The last method is to cut the bead using a knife. A regular blade will just go over the head – it will be useless.

So have a saw blade to do the job. Make sure it does not slip out of the seam. Let it veer alongside the rim without making contact with it.  Even a drywall knife is a great option to de-bead the rim.

Or you can simply purchase a bead breaker for future use. It operates on the bead removal quickly and efficiently without risking damage to the rim.

3. Lubrication

You will have to lubricate the entire rim edge for the next step. Greasing helps with prying and separating the tire from the rim. Therefore, be generous and apply as much lubrication as possible.

4. Separate the Rubber from the Rim

Now get that screwdriver and the pry bar to force down the rubber edge from the rim. We hope you laid the tire flat on the ground first, though!

Work your way through the whole diameter by jamming the pry bar and lift the bead above the rim. You will sweat and feel it like a lost cause, but you are almost there.

Keep moving with the pry bar and the screwdriver until the whole bead lip is above the rim.

Next, flip to the other side and follow the same procedure using grease and a screwdriver to pry open the rest of the bead diameter.

5. Disengage the Rim

At this point, you now know what to do to get that rim out of the loosened tire. Grab it and pull it out of its place effortlessly until free. The rim is then ready for the new tire!

Removing the Tire from the Rim with a Machine

How to Remove a Tire from a Rim with a Machine

If extreme manual work is something you despise, a tire removing machine is the way to solve the issue. You will still require a wooden surface, screwdriver, metal rod with a pointy tip, lubricant, valve core remover, pencil, etc.

1. Prepare the Machine

The machine will need an area where it can stand fixed and work on the removal. So set a platform using a concrete block or plywood. Drill the machine into either of them, and you are ready for the task.

Some people bolt the machine right on the garage floor, but that will require a different type of drill. Once you secure the tire remover on the platform/floor with bolts, it is time.

2. Remove the Valve Core

Once again, you begin by deflating the tire. Whether you use a plier or valve core removing tool is up to you.

The bottom line is the air cap/core valve should be out of the way. Only then can you move on to the next step.

3. Remove the Tire Bead

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There is a tiny triangular nub at the machine’s base where you lay the tire flat. Make sure the rim faces towards you.

Then focus on the wedge known as the arm to change the tire. Hook it to the rubber top and clamp the tire.

Now hold the rod with a pointy tip – the machine should have one. You can utilize any rod as long as it has one narrow end. This rod will guide you in de-beading.

Press the wedge down with force using the rod. It can be the hands or your feet, whichever you are comfortable with. You will eventually see the result without damaging the rim.

Follow the same method for the other side of the wheel. Keep pushing the arm down and resume exposing the rim completely.

Next, place the wheel on top of the machine that contains a spoke in the center. Secure the tire with a bracket piece that comes with the instrument. Finally, tighten the attachment via the top cap.

It will ensure tilt-free operation as you prep for the following procedure.

4. Lubrication

Applying lubrication is the best way to ease the removal step. Do not avoid this, or you might end up with a scratched and broken-edged rim.

So lubricate the rim edge diameter. You might need to use it again if you think necessary afterward.

5. Separate the Rubber from the Rim

Remember that pointy rod? Yes, bring it back in action. Use it to pry the tire bead and lift it over the rim. The spoke center will hold the tire steady and unmoving, so you can easily jam the rod’s pointed end and pull out the edge over the rim lip.

Keep working on it until it pops off. You might have to use your other hand to help consistently rotate the prying from the bottom section as well.

6. Free the Rim

Once you pry the whole tire upward, completely loose from the rim, check the bottom part.

There may be a few tight ends. However, you can get out of those by utilizing the rod to the lower section and lift the tread. All the grease you have used will come in handy when sliding the tire off the rim now.

Of course, do not forget to wear work gloves throughout the session for safety.

Final Words

Did you have a good time reading about how to remove a tire from a rim? There is no turning back once you succeed in this endeavor.

Be committed to the task, which means you cannot give up in the middle of the project and think of continuing the next day. Finish it right away, and you will smell the victory in the air!

Lastly, always take care of yourself when handling tools and machines. All the best!

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