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Technology allows us to do things that we could never do without the use of our tools. Simple machines such as levers and wheels allow us to manipulate and move very heavy objects that our bodies are incapable of lifting. Computers allow us to perform complex operations that our minds cannot compute without the aid of our machines.

In that same way, pneumatic power has, for a rather long time, allowed us to exert force on things that we could not otherwise exert. Pneumatic power is an efficient solution for many technological problems, including the use of modern tires that allow our automobiles to carry great weights over great distances at great speeds.

In order to maintain and fill objects that make use of compressed air, it is necessary to use air compressors. Air compressors are ingenious devices in their own right — they not only manipulate air, they in fact create the power of compressed air by using a generator or motor to turn the air that we breathe into a tool.

Once it compresses the air and holds it in its tank, and air compressor needs only release that air naturally in order to fill tires, clean work areas, or exert pressure on just about anything. Air compression allows us to harness easy to use, safe, and reliable energy wherever we have a compressor.

In industry, we need to use compressed air when we work in construction to run things such as nail guns. We also need to use air compressors in auto mechanics to clean spaces, perform simple tasks that require pneumatic force, and fill and maintain tires.

If we run or maintain large vehicles industrially, then we need to have compressors to allow us to keep those vehicles in working order. Anywhere that compressed air is used in industry, there is an air compressor.

What is an Industrial Air Compressor?

Industrial Air Compressor
What makes an industrial air compressor different than a portable compressor, for instance, in inflating car tires? Portable compressors are designed to be light, easy to use, safe, quiet, and most of all, be taken anywhere. These often run on electricity and can be plugged into power ports or cigarette lighters in cars, or can be connected directly to a running car battery.

Portable compressors are great for what they are designed for — filling tires on the go that are low on air. But these compressors are not nearly as powerful as industrial compressors.

Industrial compressors are larger, non-portable, heavy, often times loud, and slightly less user friendly than consumer grade portable compressors. These industrial compressors are designed to be used in industry to fill and maintain tires among other applications.

One of the things that industrial compressors can do is fill tires that portable compressors cannot. These industrial compressors are very powerful, and they are generally larger than portable compressors and run on gas rather than electric.

The use of combustion engines in these industrial compressors allows them to push out more air and thus fill tires that require more PSI. They also have large tanks capable of holding more compressed air, which means they need to refill themselves less often.

What are Industrial Air Compressors Used For?

Industrial air compressors are used in a variety of contexts. Most often, they can be seen in construction and auto mechanics or auto maintenance. They are used to maintain and clean heavy equipment, fill tires at auto shops, and powerful pneumatic nail guns. These industrial compressors are also used anywhere there is a need for pneumatic power in an industrial context.

Why Buy an Industrial Air Compressor?

If you run an auto shop, a large construction site, or if you maintain large equipment that requires you to use pneumatic power or fill large tires, then you need to buy an industrial air compressor. You likely already know that is the case if you are in one of those lines of business.

What you may not know is that not all tire inflator or air compressors are designed the same. Yes, all industrial air compressors will hold large amounts of compressed air. They are all powerful and will put out high levels of compressed air (high PSI). They are in general all run on gas.

But there are differences between them. Some of them are more powerful than others. Some of them are more reliable or long-lasting than others. Some of them cost more or less than others. Some of them have larger or smaller tanks than others.

If you are in one of the lines of work that often uses compressed air, you need an industrial air compressor. If you need an industrial air compressor, then you already most likely know that you do, but you may not have considered the fact that there are compressors out there that will make your life easier and ones that will make your life harder.

It is worth doing some research, reading reviews, to discern which compressor is right for you and your application. In general, you want to make sure you have a compressor that is powerful enough for your needs. This is of course paramount. But you also want to make sure that you don’t overbuy.

It is worth considering what you will be using your compressor for and being sure not to buy a compressor that is too large, too loud, too difficult to maintain, or (of course) too expensive for your needs. One mistake a lot of people make is not doing the right kind of research and not finding the product that truly suits their needs.

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Do You Need an Industrial Air Compressor?

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You may not know whether you need an industrial air compressor. Perhaps you don’t run a shop, but you do own a large vehicle that requires more PSI to fill its tires. You may not want to need to run to the tire store every time your tire is low.

In these cases, it is best to do some reading and find the product that is right for you. There is a range of industrial grade compressors out there; one of them will suit you.

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