Snow Tires vs Studded Tires

Snow Tires vs Studded Tires

Winter can be an enjoyable season for several people. The snow and cold environment have the power to lift up your mood within an instant.

Unfortunately, when the weather gets extreme, you will encounter multiple problems like the heavy snow on the road. If you plan to go somewhere, you won’t be able to drive your vehicle properly.

But thanks to modern technology, there are powerful wheel components like snow and studded tires that can solve this situation. If you plan to use one of them on your vehicle, you must know about snow tires vs studded tires.

So, for your benefit, we have done some in-depth research and came up with information that will differentiate the tires according to their features. Without further ado, let’s get started.

What Is a Snow Tire?

A snow tire is specifically designed for ice and snow. The manufacturer had used a unique technology known as ‘Rubber compounding’, which allows the tire to flexibly move on different surfaces like wet, snowy, dry, and icy.

The tire design is unique to the regular one. If you look at the tread construction, you will notice big gaps, which increases the traction when you encounter ice and snow. This feature makes it easy for you when you have to stop, decelerate, or accelerate the car immediately.

Before they arrive in the market, all of them have to go through different factory tests, and the ones that have successfully passed were made available. Since you have to use it in winter, keep in mind that the tires will efficiently perform if the temperature is below 45 degrees Fahrenheit or 7 degrees Celsius.

What Is a Studded Tire?

Studded Tires

A studded tire comes with metal studs that are constructed in the thread. Not only is the metal is durable, but also it is powerful enough to cut through the snow or ice. Plus, this feature gives additional traction, making it easy for you to drive in this intense road condition.

These tires grip very well on icy and snowy roads, allowing them to move through it without any hassle. If you want to turn, brake, or accelerate your car, the process will go smoothly, and you won’t have to stress about sliding issues.

As it contains metal, there is a possibility that it will damage the surface that has no ice. Because of this issue, different states have imposed a restriction on its use when there is no winter. If there are no rules and regulations about this thing in your country, it is highly recommended that you avoid using it in other seasons.

Snow Tires vs Studded Tires

Here, we will talk about the difference between the tires. Please go through them and take notes wherever you find something important.

a) Noise on the Road

Yes, both tires make a sound on clear or dry roads, but studded tires are louder than snow tires. This is because the former contains metal studs that make an irritating noise when it comes to contact with dry surfaces. Unfortunately, it also damages the tire and road along the process.

If you prefer your tire to remain quiet all the time when you are driving on clean surfaces, then you should opt for snow tires without thinking twice. Plus, it won’t disturb others when you are on the road.

b) Longevity

Whether you select the snow or studded tires, their durability is not much if you compare them with the tires used for summer. Since these tires have to go through various extreme conditions, it tends to become weak with time.

The metal studs present in the studded tires wear down at a higher or lower rate like the one that happens in the case of the tread. This happens to make sure the tire evenly performs all the time.

When it comes to snow tires, you will notice that their performance gets weak after few seasons because the external part becomes soft, making it tough for you to move them on the snow.

As you can see, both the tires are vulnerable to harsh road surfaces. So, neither of them is in a favorable position over the other in this particular factor.

But the good thing is you can extend the tires’ durability if you maintain them properly. Moreover, the quality of this product plays an important in this specific aspect. So, make sure you purchase a high-quality one and be a step ahead of the problem.

c) Performance in Heavy Snow

Snow Tires

When it comes to performance in the heavy snow, the studded tires become the first pick for many people. Its tread patterns and metal studs provide a good amount of traction in snow, making it smooth and easy for you to drive in this critical road condition.

Surprisingly, snow tires also perform very well in this type of situation. Moreover, it keeps you and your car safe from harm because of its fantastic controlling and traction feature. If you encounter a road filled with heavy snow, it will be best that you opt for the studded tires without thinking twice.

d) Performance on Icy Roads

There can be a situation where the roads in front of you are icy but not snowy, and the tire that can get you out from this hassle is the studded one. With clever driving, you can easily get yourself out of this challenging situation without any issue.

On the other hand, the best snow tires for WRX also work pretty well, but it is best that you don’t use them for this road. Since it contains no metal studs, the tires can’t maintain their grip on icy roads.

e) Performance in Different Weather Conditions

There are several countries where you can’t expect the weather to be normal. You might look at the temperature and see that it is normal, but out of the blue, the sky gets darker, and after that, it starts raining.

Also, summer seasons become a big headache for people because they have to use specific summer tires to drive properly. It is clear that both snow and studded tires won’t be a good choice as these are mainly designed for icy or snowy roads.

Whether you have rainy or warm weather, these tires won’t perform up to the mark. This is because the tires have used soft rubber materials, which becomes weak when it gets exposed to high temperatures. Moreover, it won’t be able to maintain its grip on wet roads.

Fortunately, snow tires can be used in the autumn season. After you have mounted it on your vehicle, you won’t have to be tensed about changing it in this particular season. Plus, it is a favorite pick for several drivers in spring because of its marvelous performance.

f) Pricing

The prices are pretty much high for both tires, and you need to have a high budget to purchase them. Don’t compare its price with regular tires because these upgraded winter tires are designed very carefully and strategically. As a result, its cost price is higher than normal.

Also, you will need professionals’ help to install or remove the tires when the season is over. As skilled people will handle your tires, they will charge you some amount of money.

Snow Tires: Why Should You Pick It?

Bridgestone Blizzak WS80 Snow
  • Mighty Molecules A New Hydrophilic Coating Reacts To The Elements For Confident...
  • Optimized Construction New Cavity Shape Distributes Contact Pressure Uniformly...
  • Serious Tread Bite Particles Act Like Microscopic Studs Providing Confident Road...
  • MIGHTY MOLECULES - A new Hydrophilic Coating reacts to the elements for...
  • OPTIMIZED CONSTRUCTION - New Cavity Shape distributes contact pressure uniformly...

If you don’t want to make noise or create damages on the road, you should opt for snow tires. Thanks to its tread design, all the ice, snow, and slush can be easily driven away from the tire. This allows the tire to make a good grip on the road surface.

As it doesn’t have any metal parts, no countries have imposed restrictions on its use to particular places. Just make sure you don’t use it in the rainy or summer seasons, just to be on the safer side. During the off-season, you should store it in a secured spot.

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Studded Tires: Why Should You Pick It?

Sumitomo Ice Edge Studable
  • Certified with the RMA 3PMSF symbol for severe snow performance, the versatile...
  • Wide and Serrated tread channels enhances snow grip and speeds evacuation of...
  • Optimized 3D serrated siping pattern maximizes tread bite on winter road...
  • Triangular Center tread blocks expands tread contact footprint with road surface...
  • Optimized Stud Pin distribution for the maximum performance capability when...

If you want your tire to perform at its best on snowy or wet-iced roads, studded tires will be a safe choice for you. Thanks to its metal spikes, the wheels can efficiently turn into heavy snow.

This creates a safe environment for you on the road because of its increased traction. As it has the potential to damage the road because of the spikes, you should only use it in the winter seasons. After that, you should take it out and store it safely so that you can use it for the upcoming winter.

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Which One Is the Winner?

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As mentioned above, the snow and studded tires have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. It depends on your personal requirement and the kind of weather you have in your country at the end of the day.


These are all about snow tires vs studded tires. Please maintain the tires properly so that you can use them for a long period of time.

If you still have confusion, consult with a professional immediately. Don’t forget to share this beneficial article with your loved ones. Have a good day.

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